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The compressed is not engagihg at all and the engine is not getting drawn down from idle. thank hillbilly
My a/c worked before I went through a big puddle
My 4Runner started overheating and I ended up having to replace the water pump. After that it ran fine for a week then started overheating again. Since then I have replaced the thermostat, taken thermaostst out and put back in several times, drained and refilled the radiator numerous times as well. I have taken the plugs out and they are all dry. Front heat is blowing cold but back heat works perfectly. The coolant s spilling into my overflow tank while I'm driving and m losing all my coolant. Thus my engine then overheats. What could be going on?...
My '99 Toyota 4Runner 4wd SR5 did not come with fog lights or the correct fog light compliment on the multi function stalk mounted on the left of the steering column. I bought OEM fog lights, had them installed by a Toyota dealership, and ordered the correct multi function stalk with the fog light adaptation. When the new part arrived the service mgr said the new stalk, which looks identical to the original except for fog light accommodation switch would not mount on the steering column although the electrical
connections on the switch corresponded fine. He did not know why the new stalk would not mount like the original one...he said the steering column would not allow it. So, basically, my steering column is different for non foglight set up than one that came from the factory with fog lights? That seems odd, especially since the stock OEM fog light wiring was in my 4Runner already.
Which side of the engine is cylinder 4 on? I know they are odd and even but I don't know which side is even, from the front of the car. 2005 4Runner.
Just put the car in reverse gear and it won't select any other gear but the gear lever is moving freely
I consider myself a back yard/shade tree mechanic. My question is this. I have heard some say yes and some say no. I have a 05 4runner, V6 engine. Next couples of weeks or so and it might be sooner. I am going to do a radiator flush. Should I use Toyota Anti Freeze or use a say top name brand.
my car does the exact same thing. word for word. what have you done to fix that?
I have checked the fuses for these parts. Still good. 2004 Toyota 4 runner
Usually headlughts will turn on after the car is warmed up (10-15 minutes). Sometimes they won’t come on at all
Still clicks with new starter. Won't start what else could it be
just put it in, have not driven car yet
Replaced air box,(potential stripped screw on the MAS) replaced MAS, ( Cleaned original and installed an aftermarket) Replaced TPS, replaced IAC, Replaced ECT, Replaced brake booster ( as per Dealer diagnosis) , checked vacuum lines for breaks. New plugs. No codes. Been to 4 shops, all the incorrect diagnosis. The problem is exactly the same and has not presented itself differently after each repair.
Runs fine on start up. As it approaches normal operating temperature, it will seem to lose power. If you come to a stop and accelerate it bogs down, back fires through the air box. Does the same thing if restarted after 30 minutes. Most noticeable at a complete stop, then acceleration. When the issue occurs , if you pull over and restart the vehicle it will return to normal operation
My 1995 Toyota 4runner sr5 3.0 liter v6 when the overdrive button is depressed on the automatic transmission shifting handle to shift into overdrive the check engine light will immediately or a short time after placed into overdrive. Just about the time I had first seen the CEL condition the speedometer stopped working( coincidence or not) ? Where or what can I do to further isolate this issue ?
The transmission light and track light on on
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