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Stops half the way down.
timing belt question
Just wanted to know if a 2” cat converter will work.....

Signal lights and ac will not turn on
Engine is 3.0 v6. I can hear clicking noises from the relays and what look like vacume solinoids
My vehicle is a 1sxt gen. 1985 Toyota 4Runner, 2.4L Manual. The truck will start, then die. I tested plugs and when it starts or I'm cranking, I get spark. When key returns to "ON" position after starting, I lose spark. I know that after starting and key returns to ON position, I should still have power to ignition, but I don't. How do I fix this?
AC not working. Want to get used parts.
Trac light wont go off tried gas cap procedure. Nothing work
I have a 2007 4Runner V6 2WD which runs perfectly great except that recently when stepping on the accelerator gradually between 30 to 35 mph only, the car starts jerking 3 or 4 times then back to smooth riding. If the accelerator is pushed steady, then it is normal. I also want to say that if I step on it and take off real fast, then no problem. Have you seen this problem before? I'm being told it could be misfiring, maybe the transmission, maybe the drive shaft, maybe and maybe and no one is 100% sure. Thank you!

My car has a little white smoke coming out of the tailpipe. The coolant is not low and there is no signs of coolant in the oil. I just did an oil change and it still looks brand new with no discoloration. I did a compression check on the number 3 cylinder and it came back with basically no compression. I changed the plug and plug wires and it still is doing the same thing. It honestly drives ok but I can feel the misfire vibration in my shifter. What else could this be? I was thinking it could be a gasket but not sure if there is a more simple solution before I dive into what will end up being a basic rebuild. Thanks.
And always passes smog had the hose put on and truck started losing gas mileage, had less power, gas smell, then 10 months later check engine light code p0420. Took hose off about a month ago and even though the air filter needs to be changed its already getting better mileage and the check engine light is off now. Did the hose being off cause the cat to go bad? (even tho it ran great and passed smog 3 times) and what did putting the hose back on (for the last ten months) do? or just coincidence and the check engine light would v'e come on eventually? and the fact that it isn't on now? I need to have it smogged and not sure what to do. This is a 2000 4runner sr5 4x4 v6 with 120k miles (105k when i bought it) iv'e owned for 4 yrs with no problems except had the starter replaced 1 yr ago. it doesn't leak / lose coolant or oil and the oil is very clean!!!
No weird noises. No funny driving. No codes. No bad fuses. No smells. No sudden or different circumstances that led to the lights.
sometimes I need to tie my rear tailgate in a partially closed position so I can carry large item(s) for short distances (less then 10 miles). Is there a way I can disable the alarm that sounds when the rear tail gate is open.
New battery &new starter it won't start right away. Light on the dash board was on.I just changed the battery $ stater few months ago and I don't have problems starting before. I need a few tried and shake the battery...... after a few try it start.
I changed the ignition switch an now it won't start,I got the key programed,I check for fuel and it's getting fuel,I check for sparkbut there was no spark
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