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My car won't start and the security light keeps coming on
I turn the heater on..n the air is only warm if u keep it on lowest fan speed. If u turn it up..the air is cold.
i have not found the fuel door release for the 2007 mercury mariner does it have one and where is it located
When i turn on my mercury mariner 2005 i get a display on the dash board emission system service
Just replaced the fuel pump, relay and battery still no start without ether. Cannot hear the pump come on, suspect driver module. Need to know where the fuel pump driver module is physically located.
this has just started and you cannot remove the key - car starts no problem - it is just you cannot remove the key
I have left the key in and in about 10 minutes can get key out
When starting it's a whiny noise, motor turns over very slowly. Dragging as if no power.we have a new battery and reset the fuel pump
Engine temperature is normal
Was showing code 455 and 457 codes, I replace the fuel door for a bad gasket and I replaced the purge valve on engine. 3.0 eng, I have been driving it and there is no codes yet but the only thing that it has not ran on the computer yet is evap . Still Waiting.
Not hearing no sounds rides great just showing fourwheel drive
Sometimes this makes the overhead lights/dome lights come on by themselves at random times, even when I'm driving. Mostly, it seems, when I come to a stop at light or stop sign. Also, and this is the main problem....I can't use my security system to lock my car. I can lock it down, but after a half hour or so, the security system seems to think my door has been opened and it sets off the alarm which is a real hassle for me as I live in an apartment and don't always hear it from inside. I get all kinds of complaints from neighbors about it continually going off as well as things i may have in my car are not secure enough if I keep it unlocked to keep it quiet
ondash next to mirror swich, has a blue light on it
Car was starting but had to hold the unlock button down real hard and turn it just right to start. Now it wont start but when u turn the key everything comes on.
Yesterday, I noticed that the blower was pulsing but blowing cold air. Today, the blower worked fine but was blowing warm air.
Every time I hit the unlock mechanism it will unlock for a second and then lock right back
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