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Started today no sounds to speak of starts fine runs in reverse neutral drive it dies
Experienced this 2 times car acting as if it wants to shut off since I repaired a Tonering that broke on the passenger side 2 weeks ago... My car never drove with any problems like that at all... When driving the car fills like it wants to shut off
I can only start vehicle with remote from outside of car with doors locked. Then unlock car, put key in ignition and turn forward.
it been running just fine till it stated dying out when I stop now it wont pick up speed pass 40phr ?
2006 Mercury Mariner has alarm going off when car is parked, locked with all doors closed. Ordered sensor for right rear door. How do I change it.
While on a road trip I had the spark plug in the #2 cylinder fail at 165,000 miles. No prior tune-up had been done, so I had all 6 plugs replaced, and for prevention the mechanic replaced the rear coils since the intake manifold was off.

Should I replace the front coils now as well so that the truck has all new plugs and coils?
lights radio all work, just not making a sound whrn try too start it
The MAP sensor and it started next day it's cranking without starting again what could be reason this started up again
Same engine as last question 2009 Mercury Mariner 3.0 v6
Code P2198
my reserve lights stay on when im in reverse and when im in drive
Turn the radio on and it sounds fine. Afte about 30 seconds to a minute I hear a faint helicopter noise in the background
Car runs fine, but won’t move some times when put into drive, done this once before an there was trash on O2 sensor from changing air filter, any suggestions?
noticed wet floorboard on the front driver side . Notice more wet after it rains. what is the cause and how to fix
Has two screens. One is ur milage and gear shifter indicated. The other window is for ur vehicle check and reset window. They are lit up but nothing else. No letters numbers nothing
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