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It looks like a shifting gear of a siluate of a man
Notice last week carpet wet on driver side under rubber matt just in middle of the carpet area not by the brake /gas paddles
Press ignition button and all I hear is a click sound
My car starts fine in the morning going to work and when leaving work, however, when I stop somewhere along the way even if it's for 5 minutes or an hour and try to restart the car, it turns over but quickly turns off. I have to quickly shift into gear to keep it going. Any help would be appreciated, I have extended warranty
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Worse when engine is hot
How long have you had this problem? One year
Break light and battery light went on
i have noticed the rear suspension sitting lower than the front ,tho the ride feels smooth, maybe because the way the car been driven hard ? is't a major problem , and how it can be fixed to factory stance ?
My car has 50000 miles and has been serviced every 3000 miles. Got service engine soon light and noticed the temperature was all the way up. Pulled over and had it towed back to town. Took it to Nissan dealer and they said the head gasket had blown and that the aluminum heads were probably warped cause the temp got up to 286 degrees. I had purchased an extended warranty when I bought the car and they sent a inspector to look at it and he wants engine torn down, dealer says it needs a engine. Don't know what to do ??
A few months ago, the car was serviced by the dealer and rotors, pads were replaced front and back with news ones.
I just purchased this used vehicle with the stipulation the drift would be fixed. Dealer performed alignment/balancing/tire rotation which did not resolve the drift to the right. They told me some cars just drift and deal with it. I love the car, but if they can not fix the problem, I will return the car. Is there something they are missing, or do they know the problem and think it will be to expensive to fix?
Rocks slightly on braking or accellerating. Can't see underneath I'd there's any bolts to twist. It in likely a simple loose floor mount, or worse?
Car is hesitant in pick up
Need to know car seems hesitant
alarm goes off while the car is in park or if you stop at a light but if you leave the key in the car while it's in park the alarm sounds stops also the park light comes on showing on the dash when you move the shift to drive the dealer said that I needed to replace the shifter actuator motor the cost was about $800.00
Engine gets hot and then cools off
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