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This is what I have done, I pulled out of a 1992 ford motorhome a good working e4od transmission that worked great. Had to tear down to replace the out put shaft to the short out put shaft for 1994 F-250 4x4 put it back together the same as I took it apart. Put it back in the truck took it for a short test drive goes in and out of forward and reverse smooth but at say 10 mph let off the gas peddle it shifts back to 1 gear on flat ground in drive or 2 gear. I don't no if I missed something in the valve body or did not get some thing in place right or could it be electrical or a computer problem
It got stuck and I think it might have got hot trying to get it out of the mud,someone told me it’s a module in the transmission???? Is there a way to figure out this problem without dumping a lot of money on different things that it might be?????
we have changed the ipr sensor , cam sensor,oil pressure senor ignition turns over but wont fire
I need front end and 2 doors same side. front clip maybe radiator,good bed would be nice everything to go with front end damage
Doesn’t stall, but surges during idle.
Was driving just fine, no issues. Stopped to get a bite to eat. Came back, started up the truck and it was sputtering. Turned it off then back on and was barely able to keep it idling (by playing with the gas pedal) flipped the switch to the other tank. No change. Turned it off. And then it wouldn't turn over. It turns over with starter fluid. Checked the fuses. All good. The relay clicks when you turn the key, but I couldn't hear the fuel pump come on (in the front or the back (gas tanks) . The only thing I didn't do was check the line to see if I was getting fuel pressure. Just didn't know how. I've never had two fuel pumps go out at the same time which leads me to believe that it's electrical. But I really dont have a clue. And yes I even banged on the gas tank. Lol. Not that I knew where to hit, but it did ease my frustrations abit. Getting it towed now, but any help would be greatly appreciated. (side note the engine size is 7.5 but it wouldn't give me that option) .
It is in gear and I want to get it out of gear.
we also bled the whole system but the pedal remains down? what is the problem
When I plugged in the cable correctly it didn't start. The battery works fine. But when I go to turn the motor on, it doesn't turn over.
Im driving and it doesnt react right wheni hit gas like a delay of power or somthing. Plus it sounds like its getting choked out but wont cut off by itself.
And i noticed black smoke and gas coming out my tailpipe
I just replaced the ignition control module and coil. I drove it to different locations for half a day and it ran fine and then it decided to not start again. I tried starting it again today, but it just continues to sound like it wants to start, but does not. Funds are low so I want to try and pinpoint the problem on my own instead of having to put out a ton of money to a mechanic. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.
I have 1997 F-250 4 wd, 8 cyl, dual gas taknks with a 351 Winsor motor that continues to stall or not start at all. This happens quite often and has to sit for several, if not more, hours and has to be cool outside in order for it to start again. It acts as though it is out of gas, but it is not
Had it taken to shop .. Drivable n changed out clutch pressure plate slave cylinder new line n new clutch master cylinder .. Got truck back n had no response on pedal .. Now it jumps when starting
diesil fuel is dripping from the rear corner of the rear tank what should I do?
My truck starts & stays on when idling but will shut off once I gas it or start to leave. After it shuts off it will start right back up. It's a 92 F250 diesel. Never had this problem before.
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