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I have noticed that while I am driving the sunroof opens and closes on its own. It doesn't appear to have any rhyme or reason. I also can no longer use the controls to open when I want to. Please help. I have searched forums and none are on Impalas, rather sunroofs in general (sunroof drains or crush sensor). The sunroof doesn't leak and doesn't appear to be off track. I am just concerned that one day it will open and won't close. Thank you!
My driver seat is slitly twisted and will not go forward all the way to get the back bolts out to remove and adjust nor will it go all the way back any suggestions to do it urself or what the cost may be to have it done like I said it only moves 1/4 of the way forward and back wards I'm a tall man and its my only vehicle right now????
All the lights come on the dash bored but won't start when trying to start it its like a click click noise but wont start
the car is turned off and air is turned off but air is still blowing air
my emission lamp is on the dash and while I was driving the low oil pressure flashed quickly and went away. I didn't even have enough time to read it
My 2011 impala shakes when accelerating. Engine is smooth runs smoothly only feel the bouncing when I accelerate, it's not in the steering wheel. I feel the bouncing in the car seat under my butt.
2003 Chevy Impala high idling we replaced tps and there is no codes. Also no vacuum leaks. We are at our wits end on this. Also how much will this cost to repair?
The horn just started doing this. What causes this to happen?
MONDAY: Car started drove 20 miles then noticed temp guage showed cold plus warning light showed "Engine Hot - Turn Off A/C. (The a/c wasn't on & the check engine soon light wasn't on). Turned off car & checked under hood. No obvious leaks, steam, smoke, hissing...everything looked fine. Drove another 200 miles all seem ok.
TUESDAY: Took to get computer checked for trouble codes...Nothing found but after they disconnected computer the temp gauge worked fine & warning light disappeared.
WED: Car ran fine for 50 miles with no engine overheating
THURSDAY: Ran fine for 30 miles then turned-off while driving & won't start / crank

Local repairman (questionable competence) states the engine locked-up, water pump leaking & I will need overhaul/new engine.
He also knows I'm not going to sink a lot of money into it & I think he is just wanting to get rid of me & charge me for diagnostic time
My AC is blowing hot air I think I need a evaporator core So can I put stop leak in it
The day after they changed the starter,we heard a clickig sound when using heater/air conditioner. Had actuator changed. Still making noise. Anybody know what it could be?
first time it came on,had the diagnostics machine hook up, found fluid running rich added a bottle of the fuel thing to gas, stayed off about a week, then came back on.

took to a garage, the mechanic he unhooked battery, checked wiring, light went off for a couple of hours then came back on, no noises present.
Loud clicking noise
Where the VVT solenoid located for a Chevy impala 2014?
I’m gonna flush and change the fluid myself I just want a parts list and amount of fluid I should purchase to do the job
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