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It makes a scraping noise and occurs overtime I enter or exit a driveway from the street. I've looked underneath and cannot see anything that is hanging down.
This car does not have a timing belt. Is serpentine belt a timing belt? The serpentine belt has been changed without my consent? Is this service needed at all? Thanks!
I fill up this 13 gallon tank when I am down to 1/4 tank. This should result in my adding roughly 7-8 gallons of gas, however, the pump always reads just a little over 5 gallons! So I've got more gas in my tank than the gauge represents??
cost to install block heater to keep engine warmer in winter on cold days and nights?
I hit a dog and it caused some damage to the front of my car. A few little dents, some scratches and a gap between the bumper and the edge of the grill. I also have some minor damage to the back bumper that occurred a few months ago. Would is be cheaper to get all repairs done at a regular repair shop, or at the Honda dealership ?
Intermittent issues with water leaking into car (possibly from roof or moon roof) to floor wells of both front seats
does the timing belt on the 2009 honda fit require changing
It suddenly stopped at traffic light, but the engine was still on, and the noise came out. I pushed the car to the side of road and waited. I restarted the engine, tried to open and close windows. Engine and battery both worked, but the car could not be driven. I won't move when drove what ever go forward or backward. However, it could move when I parked it.

What could be the problem? Transmission need to be replaced?
You can google "youtube honda hrv temperature knob" to see a video
PLEASE HELP; I am having a problem with the temp control knob in my 2017 Honda FIT. Less than 15 miles on the odometer and the car made a snapping sound when I turned the temp control knob (like a cable broke). I took it back to the dealer a week later (7/7/17) to have it repaired and they replaced the cable -- did not fix the problem - when I got in the car to leave, I turned the knob and it wouldn't return to the coldest setting. Left it over the weekend, went back to pick up car - dealer said they'd ordered/installed a new part, I knew immediately the problem wasn't fixed, the knob required EXTREME force to move. Went on vacation, took it back last Friday (7/21) left it - they could not fix it, were checking with Honda to see if there was a solution. PLEASE call Honda at 800-999-1009. The person dealing with my case [case # 06164139] is Marlinee - at extension 117755 (yes, a 6 digit extension). The dealer called to tell me that this is a problem that Honda is working on, they do not have a solution and I should come and pick up my car and they will call me when they have a solution.
As soon has you turn the car on the light come on stay on
Thanks...I checked my vehicle.scan also not computer box damaged.i change it and my mechanic said that the issue is now in the battery converter please explain.
Thank you for the answer
But still it was not fixed.It's now started but after 2 minutes stop.
My mechanic said that the issue is now in battery converter unit and he has to remove the engine to check it.please explain.Is it a big issue if I change battery conv unit
I was drive abt 250 km and day morning when I tried to start.but its won't start.I checked my battery it was good yet.60000 mileage and in the screen it was appeared as battery issue.please explain why it want start and give me a solution.this is auto vehicle.
only blow on high
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