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all the cabin lights have gone off automatically?
When I turn the ignition off in my 2005 Automatic Honda Fit car there is a sort of whirring/whining noise as the engine is shutting down why?? Also when I reverse the car when first starting there is a clicking noise and then it stops after the car has been running for a while.
The blinking red security system light on my 2007 Honda Fit Sport comes on when it is supposed to. It seems that it is now staying on indefinitely, until I unlock the car. Is this a problem?
I don't hear anything. It started in the past week.
My AC works some times. And my fan levels 1,2 and 3 basically dont blow air. 4 blows hard but usually warm air. Every once ina while it seems to kick in and work. We changed the filter and charged the AC. But same results.
I have a 2011 Honda Fit Sport. The driver side door lock is stuck. It won't lock or unlock manually, using the key, or using the auto lock switch. The auto switch will lock and unlock all the other doors and the hatch. The actuator seems to still have power. The lock is just stuck. So it may be the latch, or something else. I'm not particularly mechanically-inclined, so I haven't attempted to take the door apart and investigate myself. Either way, from what I understand, the actuator comes as part of an assembly with the latch and cable. This assembly for the 2011 Fit Sport costs around $240, with no aftermarket available. I have found the part used on eBay for around $50, but only for the 2009 or 2010 model. I can't find the 2011 used anywhere. Will either of these model years, 2009 or 2010, or any other model years, fit the 2011? They all seem to be year specific. Did Honda honestly change the front left driver side actuator-latch assembly each model year? I have been unable to find
it appears that the battery may be dead, don't know why. security system lock out?
I have about 120,000 highway miles, not having any issues currently.
Good battery no crank you can hear contact when you turn key to start
This shudders occurs at low speeds.when climbing speed bumps or climbing steep inclines at low car is 2006 Honda fit GD2(all wheel drive)
The alarm goes off when I leave the car with the window open. I live in a VERY hot area in CA and leaving the windows is necessary to let out some of the heat.
Hello, March 25, 2018
My Check engine just lit up and my car is having a gear problem, the D light is blinking none stop even when moved from D to any other gear
What would the cost be in CALIFORNIA to replace the catalytic converter on an 09 Honda Fit.

I know it is more in California because of the type of converter needed.

Thank you
2007 Honda Fit check engine light and batter goes on or off
When check engine light is off it drives fine. But most of the time it stays on. And it stalls
Car was not driven, just I put a little less than half a can to oil when trying to add oil when it was asking to fill.

Brand I added was KW "Instant-permanent cooling system STOP LEAK.
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