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I was drive abt 250 km and day morning when I tried to start.but its won't start.I checked my battery it was good yet.60000 mileage and in the screen it was appeared as battery issue.please explain why it want start and give me a solution.this is auto vehicle.

only blow on high

Car's emission control light comes on, car looses all power. been to dealership 3+ times, now tell me it's throttle body replace at cost of $1095.00. Is this an appropriate cost. Am retired, can't afford new car, can't afford this kind of $ for repair. Should I try some other mechanic?

Over head light will light up then go off too. I have had the car for a year and never had any problems (started about one month ago).

If I should go by the oil-life gauge in the dash, what percentage of life left requires an oil change?

I've been unable to find any damp spots or any signs of mildew

My headlight glass is smoggy and kind of yellowish

I think it might be related to my removed heat shield

Cracked 1 year ago, too damaged to repair

I can't find it near my radio

My car has 38,000 miles.

Yesterday leaving a parking lot was hard because my car got stuck, when finally I could I heard a noise like something deattached at the bottom( not the bumper)and is hanging out now, is something metallic touching the road

For some reason I noticed the scratch in my dasboard the plastic part. It looks like the paint got faded. What can use to remove the scratch and also to cover the paint? Please help. My car is still new so I just want to fix it right away

I filled up my tank about 80 miles into a trip when I noticed the tank staying on full. It still stayed on full over 60 miles later.

Purchased a new 2016 Honda Fit EX and the TPMS light came on 3 days (about the same temp as the day we bought the car). So we took the car in and asked them to check it out and to also check the accuracy of my tire pressure gauge (I thought I might be needing it). They adjusted the pressure in the tires. They said it was wrong (I thought that part of the delivery charge was to check that sort of thing, maybe not). So any way 4 days later the light came on again but it was a long holiday weekend when they opened in 3 days we took it in. They said it was due to the temperature change.

We have had the car at service with the TPMS light on 5 times in 6 weeks.

Each time the dealer says that it is because of the temperature change.

Is that true?

We live in Indiana.

Here is the temperature range and the maximum and minimum tire pressures (by the way we were not driving while at minimum temperature because that was in the middle of the night) for those days.

Min Max
21 - 30 (mean 26) sat 19 (Tires filled with temp at near 30 degrees)
22 = 48
41 - 52
44 - 53 tues
37 - 64 Wed
36 - 56 Thurs (Light came on with the temp around 40)

P2 = (P1*T2)/T1

30F = 272 Kelvin
22F = 267 Kelvin
64F = 291 Kelvin

Assume tires filled to 34PSI at 30 degree the range of pressures would be:

at 22F: = 33 * 267 / 272 == 32.4
at 53F: = 33 * 290.9 / 272 == 35.2

(Pressure range of 2.8 PSI)

So a minimum pressure of 32.4 (optimum 33 front).

A maximum pressure of 35.2.

So within 2.2 pounds and the light trips....

NOTE this is the worst temp variation.

So is this correct or is there a problem? What should I say to the dealer. Is there a leak. Should I take the tires somewhere else to have them checked.

The car is now 7 weeks old.

Accessory socket (cigarette lighter) and USB cable in upper glove compartment don't work. The fuse is OK. No disconnected wires. No mice chewing wires or anything. Was not overloaded. Only thing used is a Garmin GPS and an iPhone. Both work in other vehicles.

What is the size of brake discs for Honda FIT 1.5 Sport?

The computer works when accessed manually. Wire from A/c compressor was cut due to an accident. Wire now reattached but get no signal. Result is the compressor has to work twice as hard, drains gas, shorts out. Needs signal from computer. How though?

Had spark plugs replaced in December 2014, but just had them re-torqued at an auto shop. After "check engine" light came on, the shop charged me $400 for diagnostic, one replaced ignition coil, and torquing the spark plugs. Seemed a bit steep. The coil itself was 162.05.

I have a 2008 Honda Fit. Both back doors and the hatch are closed and will not open. They will lock and unlock but will not open.

I have a manual lever that slides from letting in outdoor air to changing to recirculated air. I know it is more efficient, on hot days, to let the car get a little cool and then start using recirculated air. This quite suddenly stopped working. Most repair blogs I've found talk about the A/C in general - which seems to be working.
I'm not experienced car repair person, but do have other repair experience. I am hesitant to spend tons of money on something that sounds like it should be simple.

Im on a road trip and my ac temp started to rise and the flow of air got weak. If my condenser is damaged, as I expect, what can I do to fix it?

Just happened yesterday. took to dealer. price was 1653.47 for the converter is this ok?

runs very bad after the acceleration, Engine light is flashing and trans stays in low gear until getting to high RPM. The last time this happened the traction control light came on.

There is a popping sound every time the fan cuts on.I had the spark plugs and oil changed yesterday. There was a popping sound before and it got worse after. Any idea what it is?

2008 honda fit. I was driving and while getting on the highway the car does whaaaaaaaa..revs high ... No response from transmission. I pull over and put it in sport mode ... Shifts perfectly until going into 4... The jut revs... I can manually shift to 5th and shifts fine... No previous slips or issues...

I was driving today. As I approached highway, car was going into 4th gear and and it just revs like someone put it in neutral. I can manually shift it to 5th in sport and all other gears are perfect...