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How to disconnect the anti-theif on a 98 Aurora Oldsmobile
when i start the car it well start all right and when i put on the brakes it wants to die. and rpms go down.
My 98 Auroua check engine light is on. Diagnostic says #6 clynder not firing. Can this be fixed as i desperately want to keep my car.
Battery constantly dies. Had lots diagnosed and no fix. Remember that car started with all kinds of electrical probs when remote key died. So, think a new key and reprogramming might solve prob?! REALLY HOPING! Need cheapest route...ideas? THK U
Can alternator be replaced without removing coolant or fan?
I put the key in and turn the ignition but nothing happens the security light blinks and i tried to do the reset program turning it on and waiting ten minutes..but it dont make no noise wen i turn the key in ignition.
car never over heated serpentine belt broke so I parked and it sat over night the next day I installed a new belt car wouldn't start after several minutes of attempting to stsrt it finally fired up but after a few minutes white smoke started pouring up fron the water pump area so I shut the car off and gave up after a few attempts of tryimg to start it car a 2001 oldsmobile auroura 3.5
Instructions on how to replace the harmonic balancer on my 01 olds aurora with 3.5
Believe losing fluid til a point when LOUD noise turning steering
It's not alternator if I disconnect the plug on battery volt light comes on but charges fine . When pluged in volt go up to 17 - 18 - 19 where is regulator located ? What's it look like?
turn key, hear click, not cranking, but battery is good, etc.
have oil leak.
Oil leaks out very fast, hard to see but area by water pump and down from there there is oil all over. Maybe leaked out 2 qts in less than 24 hours?!
My car was stolen and the police found my car the where not with it.
Everything works all the lights come on it just won't turn over and it was running fine when i shut it off
Does my car have a timing belt or a chain? Also, when should it be replaced?
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