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I have a 06 Dodge Charger 5.7L V8 Hemi. While driving in a matter of seconds the rpms drop and the engine and oil light come on then it either goes back to normal or it dies. If it dies I have to add oil to get it started even though it doesn't need it. It is throwing codes U0100, but P0700 is saved also. I took it to my dealership and they said my TCM maybe going out, but they aren't able to tell if anything else is wrong without me replacing that first. I don't have 1500 to fork out on a maybe though. Any suggestions??
Wil they put an air bag in the passenger side?
Rust into the body. Not surface rust
just started after I replaced alternator and starter
When u start it its nocking loud when u drive it it gets qiter
When I they to turn my car off it takes 15 to 30 minutes before the car cut off
my car in the summer heat time it would shut off at a light when i stop after im getting of the high way or when it runs to much so in this week i changed the ball joint on both side then changed the brakes and front tires and did allignmrnt now i took to meinkee to get the alligment and put the caliber on for some reason it didnt turn on and didnt want to go over 20mph .now idont now its another problem please some one help its a 2007 dodge charger .now on the side not a mechanic told me its leaking from the seal ?as well
Had the P01timing chain recall done on my 2009 Police Charger. it now has less power than it had before the repair. It otherwise runs good and has no codes, the dealer can't find the cause
I have a 4piston brembo brake on my dodge charger and would like to convert it to 6piston. do I need to buy the caliper only or the whole kit or what do I need?
Thank you.
whenever we put the car in park to turn off the care, we get the message "car not in park", and the car engine will not turn off. We have to keep pushing the button until it finally turns off.
I bought new calipers for my 2010 Dodge Charger and I understand its right rear, left rear, the front right and left when it comes to bleeding the breaks but is there a order for the calipers to be replaced? And am I suppose to do the bleed prices after all 4 calipers are replaces or every time I replace a caliper
Have code p0016 cam crank misalignment.
Replaced cam& crank sensors, timing chain, tensioner and changed oil. My cam crank difference is -1.2. now started at 24.
Tried relearn did not change.
It's not from the pressure or return line. The leak is from a line that runs from the middle of the rack to over by the where the steering shaft is. It doesn't look like that line is replaceable. Is it in fact non replaceable? Any chance to repair it another way? Leak is at the fitting in the middle of the rack.
just bought a brand new 2018 dodge charger and there is a lot of rust on the front suspension only and a little on the engine drive belt; is this normal?
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