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Ive been looking around to see if anyone else has has this issue with rpms and their car, i have a 2007 charger Hemi. When accelerating on a slight incline or decline, car will not accelerate, but when i press on the gas, rpms go up to 3. I have to pull over put tye car in park and start all over. Cant accelerate hard from a complete stop at a light or otheewise.sometimes when i accelerate rpms move and car struggles to shift, yhen shifts hard with a loud thud from the rear end, I see ppl say its a solenoid? Anyone have this problem or fixed it? Thanks.

Transmission not shifting. Auto zone did dianostic and the code is for transmission solenoid

I check all fuses but none of them are blow and change the light ball and nothing works but only my headlights do work

(2010 CHARGER SE 5.7

I paid for a diagnostic on the car I didn't receive any kind of report the check engine light was on the part was $155 and I was charged $523 in labor cost they did an OBD2 drive cycle relearn which was $143 does this seem correct to you

The key will fit in the door but it won't unlock it and my key fob is dead

Low oil pressure light came on after installing upper radiator coolant hose and engine revved up by itself. Car would not start after that.

Just got a new motor new 02 sensor and s new throttle body and the car cuts off when I stop at red lights and stop signs!! The etc light just blinks it doesn't stays on.

It's been doing it but it would reset itself when we turn the climate control off and turn it back on but now it won't work.

My horn does not work. When I set the alarm there is no sound or when the alarm goes off, the lights flash, but alarm sound does not activate.

I turn the radio on it lights up but there is no sound

Then turns car off. I have taken it to mechanic and put the computer on it said sits cylinder one mis firing I have changed all cylinders and spark plugs. Can you help me with this problem

It sounds like when you hold a typewriter key down

They broke my screen so I can't touch the screen no more but u can still see everything just can't touch it

The top of my dash is coming up. It is making the clips of the ac vents break so the vents are coming off. Wondering if anyone else has had this happen. I was hoping it was a recall but nope. My car is looking ugly and making me sad. I will need to replace it but i need to find the part and figure out how to do it.

I've been having problems with having to get it jumped off. It was like my car just cut off smooth with no jerking.

Pump doesn't make any noise. All relays and fuses are good.

as i go it turns on the awd service light and the red warning slowing the car to min speed and sound terrible any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

I tried both switches. Rolls down fine. Slamming the door with the window button in the up position to shake motor. Nothing works and it 2/3rd's of the way down.

My driver side window was working just fine when I went to roll it back up it would not go up all other windows out working just fine what can I do to get it up?

And my cars struggling to get power I can hear the transmission pushing .happened after my car died now can only start it with a 1000 volt jumper box . And sometimes need a jump also from another vehicle. Is there anything I can do?? Help

Want to know how do i fix my problem?

When I turn all the way to the side my car turns off, the tire seems very low out of nowhere. I can't accelerate anywhere as fast as I normally can, the noise is very consistent with me accelerating, as I'm pressing on the pedal it is hitting it multiple times a second very loudly if I'm going fast.

I was just wondering if it is a fuse problem it's mechanic told me I need a whole new head unit

Air intake is low to the ground and driving through any amount of water can cause water to enter and hydro lock the engine.

All the segments light up on the gearshift indicator and transmission will not shift until gearshift is put back in park and then back to drive.

Camshaft and Crank Misalignment. Possible Oil Control Soleniod Malfunction, may have missing oil screen.

Car started idling rough and squealing noise when you start to turn the steering and loss of running power

Do I have to look up the vin # or can I tell by other things?

When I hit the button to sync my cell with the bluetooth of the car, it says "It does not have Uconnect". I also have satellite radio so if that works shouldn't I be able to use my bluetooth in the car?