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i am looking to buy this car and dont know any other details
When i try to start the car there is a clicking in the trunk by the battery and it won't crank over or try to start
car died while driveing now wont start
I have this dodge charger that i just bought but the horn doenst sound at all? Am looking at the book to see wheres the fuse for the hornare but thiers none ! Can any one help me out? Wheres located or what could it be thanks in advance !
New battery. New starter. Smoke coming from bottom of engine. Burning smell. Car won’t start
If I start my car with the key, then walk away, can somebody take it?
My car wont blow hot or cold air, or any air at all when i turn on the fan. Cant defrost windows either. Ive changed the blower motor, blower motor resistor, and checked fuses and still nothing seems to work.
cranks over but wont start
Engine temperature is 203 , with the ac on, should the fan kick off and on or stay on completely?
why is it on and how long does it take to fix it ?
The air conditioning,fan nor heat is working in my 2009 dodge charger. Nothing happens when you turn the knobs and a.c. button does not light up. Help
is there a recall on 2009 Dodge Charger ignition switch
Car wouldn't start.I could hear the left fuel pump kick.Replaced the fuel relay fuse and car ran well for a month.
Car shook while running in park and cut off.Car would not start again.
Replaced left and right fuel pump and fuel relay fuse.Car will not make a sound.
antifreeze leaking from back of the motor
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