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Headlights cut off going down st, dashboard light comes on when open door and stays on after I park. Last. it starts sometimes

This is a 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz auto

slowing down to turn, or stop, engine seems like car has died---hitting gas peddle hard make car go forward again

First time this has happened

I received an error message on the NAV screen of my C350 stating that the anti theft lock has been activated. It won't let me use the NAV or the Sirius radio or anything on that screen. I don't know how to get it off as I didn't do anything to turn it on. Please help!!

the car drove and park came back out nd it won't start,the lights came on with key in ignition but won't start.

out of the blue all instruments in the panel that controls interior lights and remotes have stopped working. Issue started first with the remote buttons and then progressed to the interior lights as well.

how do I replace the actuator motor for up/down steering column adjustment?

My mechanic gave my car a tune up did he have to register it in my car computer because now the check engine light is on

Changed Front tires once already. Car has 50K miles.
Have Pirellis P-Zero Nero.

i'm not the only one whose c350 has run out of gas due to the gas gauge being wrong! why is this? how much to fix it? why is it not a recall? it is dangerous to suddenly run out of gas when your car tells you you have 100 miles worth of fuel left, and the gauge is above 1/4 tank. anyone?

nothing happens when key is turned

I am able to adjust the up & down direction of the low beam headlight but Not the side to side. Currently my low beams are shinning more towards the sidewalk and not straight forward. How do i get that corrected ??

My entire radio system is not working at all. It's just not powering on at all. The FM/AM radio, CD chagner, Satellite radio and car Bluetooth are being affected. No power at all to either of this. I checked the fuses but the are all good. I heard there could be a fuse behind the radio itself but I wanted to ask your opinion on this before I get into that big mess.

To be mentioned this happened after I had to jump the car due to the wife leaving the air fan on in the car overnight and drained the battery.

i don't see it in the trunk or the front

I did not use the car for 5 days. Just had my A service done 10 days ago. Today, it wont start. All internal and external lights go on, including radio when key is in ignition, but no sound from engine, only light click sound. This never happened before.
It still has the original battery (5.5 years old). I did not try to jump it yet but some friends suggest it might be the starter issue. I do not want to buy a new battery until I figure out what is the main issue.
Thanks for all suggestions and help.

Drove to the store, when I tried to restart, nothing, interior lights come can lock and unlock the doors, key in the ignition nothing, can anyone help?

when entering into a hole slow i can hear the body of the vehicle twisting causing a noise by the dors i sent the vehicle twice by the company and it came back the same.

the headlight does not come back on immediately, it's done this 3 times and now I'm having difficulty trying to jump start it!

I had an electric ignition swich put in 5 months ago.

I have a 12volt supply all the time weather vehicle is locked unlocked running or not running this is draining my battery any ideas?

Blower Motor will not come on to blow the heat out.

SRS appears and the engine goes off, it happens twice

the engine go off on its own while warming the car in the morning or while trying to climb a bump.

Engine going off while warming the car in the morning or while on slow motion like trying to climb a bump. It happened about three times.

I have an iPhone 5 and i cannot figure out how to add contacts to my phone book in the car. Back in 07' when i bought this 08' car, the cell phone technology allowed me to send contacts from my phone to the car phone book using Bluetooth. Cant do it now. Anyone know of any new developments?