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When in drive position and you press gas pedal, it feels as though something is grabbing the brakes causing the vehichle to make a rough rubbing noise and drag to stop
How much is the battery for the radio. My radio turns of for 8 seconds . Trying to find out how it would cost . It is a annoying. Thank you
This happen 2-3 times, and the second time of trying it started after the third time this happened, turn over and no start, no nothing
I have changed the sump that holds the driving shaft and front suspensions, still, I feel the vibration while driving or stationary
My radio comes on by itself after I turn it off. Now it's been hard to start in the morning. It' won't turn on and it seems like my new battery is dead. What is it?mercedes benz c350 2009
I was changing cabin filter, when removing screws that hold panel under the glove box an alarm starting sounding in the car. I tried using remote to shut it off but it would not work. Radio turns on and all it's functions work, but hear no sound on speakers regardless of how much I try turning it up. I've checked the fuses, there were none blown. What could it be? I am now trying to disconnect the battery for a while to see if I can get it to reset. I did a reset on the radio head unit and that changed nothing. I believe it's the amp or fiber optics problems, maybe?
I have changed 3 different type of brain box and seem they didnt fix the right one please where can i get a good one that will work with the car well
Headlights cut off going down st, dashboard light comes on when open door and stays on after I park. Last. it starts sometimes
This is a 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz auto
slowing down to turn, or stop, engine seems like car has died---hitting gas peddle hard make car go forward again
First time this has happened
I received an error message on the NAV screen of my C350 stating that the anti theft lock has been activated. It won't let me use the NAV or the Sirius radio or anything on that screen. I don't know how to get it off as I didn't do anything to turn it on. Please help!!
the car drove and park came back out nd it won't start,the lights came on with key in ignition but won't start.
out of the blue all instruments in the panel that controls interior lights and remotes have stopped working. Issue started first with the remote buttons and then progressed to the interior lights as well.
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