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I need a Volvo Certify shop. thank you
The mechanics also found metal shavings in the motor... the car runs perfectly. The noise is just a little nerve racking.
The sunroof will not open properly
my cover for the headlight washer cover broke
A/C takes 5-10 to blow cold air. System is fully charged and works fine after 5 - 10 minutes
park assist isnt working properly
I have a Volvo XC90 awd 2004 T6 or T8. The transmission fluid was recently changed cause it was over 178000 miles and I just had the oil changed and all fluids checked, which I keep up with regularly. My vehicle was running great except their was a leak in the radiator so I was having to put coolant in it more frequently so, I just had the radiator replaced and a coolant system flush and their was also a hole in my power steering fluid hose cause it was rubbing up against the belt so I also had that repaired. Now my ac isn't working right. It blows cold air when it wants to but it won't blow cold for long. It still blows air but it is very hot air except today when I turned my vehicle and ac on it wouldn't blow any air out at all yet all the buttons work. So we added freeon to my vehicle and it didn't fix the problem. Also, after I turned my vehicle off and back on, when it wouldn't blow any air before, the ac started working again blowing cold but only for a few minutes and it started blowing hot again. Please help me!!!!
Plugged in gps and blew a fuse.changed it,worked for 3 fuse blown but not working
The disc makes it not run right it will run for a sec and then you have to start it over take disc and do it again how much to fix
Seeing fluid on garage floor, but oil pressure and brake fluid look fine- what could it be??
Where is locate the Power steering filter
I have a bent piston rod how much would it normally cost
My heat doesn't work and the water only leaks under the driver side slowly while I'm driving
Just had 90k m check at 88k 3 days ago, car would jolt when accelerating after having been stopped, muffler rusted thr apparently too on the same day! Bought in 2014 at 70k m pd $15k
2.5 L 5cylinder 2006 Volvo XC 90 drives fine at times but loses power at other times and shuts off. Can wait about 30 seconds truck restarts and the process begins again. Found water in floors after large amount of rain. Truck had this issue before rain occurred. Codes P0089 and P0087
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