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Why won't my cd player accept cd's? It just reads error.
It won't to die when it's idling
Torque specs for valve cover, intake manifold, and the one that’s right under the intake manifold that starts with a “P”, thank you
Headlight washer on XC90 2007 dont working ?
And The fuses is ok
My x90 has the battery in the back i disconnect it by my management light still on
The light was first on and off but is now permanently on. Also, in slow traffic, the braking system makes some grinding sound.
Problem started today. Abs light comes on. Brake failure stop safely message comes on. Dash goes blank, transmission slips after.
Can a bad transmission filter cause my 04 volvo xc90 to not move in drive
It will go in reverse ...but will not move in drive
Does a 2016 Volvo XC90 primarily use front or rear braking? They are saying that my rear brake pads need to be replaced at 20,000 miles
When going up hills the Volvo seems to flood out at times. Also when you go around a good curve and pull out of it, it seems to flood out at times. Seems to happen when changing gears. If I baby it and keep my foot steady on the gas pedal, it might not flood out. If it gets bad, I pull over, turn it off and restart and it goes ok. Check engine light comes on and stays for a few days and then goes off. In the last month the mechanic (not Volvo) has replaced dual fuel pumps and sending units, fuel filter, fuel module ($388.00)and one more fuel thing that I don't have name of that was $76. At times we do smell gas but mileage is still average. None of it has helped. We are going on $1500 already. It's been a great car up to now. Hate to give up on it since we've probably put more into it than it's worth. We live in the country in WV or we have lots of hills but not great traffic and no Volvo dealers near.
see i've a problem first with the gas pedal nex thing was a no start it all i buy a used computer same part #s but a din't work so i put back the old computer and din't work eder so i put the scanner and a gime a code U0073 something about pcm comiunicaton with the modules. See the car crank normali but a wont start
The indicator mileage put a sign tranmittion motor is low..but does not appear often .what it means
At 30 mph there's a humming or or a brrrrr noise coming from underneath the car it gets faster as the rpms increase and when I lift my foot of the gas pedal it is still there
when the truck changes gears from 1st to 2nd, it feels like someone has hit me from behind. (jerks really hard)
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