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Traction control light and stability light are on. Now it just up and stopped. Wife came out of work and it wouldn't start, even had someone come with a jumperbox and it still wouldn't start. Charged the battery back up to 14.3 Volts and still won't start. Loses power to the ignition when you try to start it.

and wire. But mine doesnt have them.

recently replaced pvc valve/vaccum leak. does not show any codes when checked

One day I was driving my car, working perfectly fine. I turned it off. For about 3
20 minutes, I tried to turn it back on it wouldn't start. It kept making an repetitive clicking sound while my engine light was on. About an hour later I got an jump it I was good to go for about a couple days. Then same thing happened to me but this time I waited about an hour and it caught and started working, but my battery light came on. But I went to autozone and they tested battery, starter, and alternator.

I want to replace the donut with a regular size spare but don't know if it will fit on rim or in trunk.

I put gas in the car turned the car on now it's reading low ram

I had lost the bolt

I put gas in I left the car running, the next morning I had a check engine light

Engine runs but tends to die when gets hotter outside

I have to keep my foot on the brake and gas at stop lights to keep the car running.

I bought the 2014 cruze used and it doesn't have navigation and I would like to install the factory navigation if it is possible.

had battery tested at autozone and was told it was 99%. it has run good since we cleaned the terminals. three days later it is back to wanting a jump. what is going on?

Driver side only passenger side still working.

I had rodent wiring damage and the dealership is saying it isn't caused by the damage to the battery wiring harness. What is the price of the radio components. It is a mylink radio w/o navigation or camera. The dealership is claiming the radio continues to blow fuses.

every time you get in has different reading

no lights are coming on u just hear the fan on high. reservoir and water pump are new. check thermostat and it works. dealership says it possibly the gasket but no white smoke from exaust

When I get a jump it starts up.


USB music player stopped working, the system does not detect the player when connect through the USB port but the player works fine when I connect it through the audio jack

Stop at ,,stop light toook few. Seconds to go and. Get up to ,speed but got in. Certain town didn't do it no more

My car shakes when I am going faster than 65MPH

My car tries to start longer than normal in the morning

Car shifts harder between first and second gear.

My touch screen radio freezes.

Is this a recall that happens with several Chevys?

They do not come on nor light up when I press the button.

My car will sometimes have up to a 3 second delay when I step on the gas. It is extremely dangerous and operating in busy traffic is almost impossible. If I just gradually push on the pedal it will slowly accelerate per normal. But if I want to quickly accelerate theres a serious 2-3 second delay. Can this be fixed?

On my a/c and heat, the blower motor operates at the same setting on speeds 1-3. When I switch it to 4, the fan finally picks up in speed. What could it be?

When I first got the car, the trunk release button worked just fine on the trunk itself. Now when I press it, it does nothing and I have to use the remote. What can i do?

Headlights work sometimes