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When the car is started it runs good then the oil in the car gets sucked into the exhaust
when you stop the car and pull the hand brake the car still roll over.
The car wasn't making any noises and there were no warning lights coming on. One day it's fine and now it just won't turn over. I have only had this car for one month and am frustrated.
When I turn the air conditioning on in my 2013 chevy cruze it only blows warm air from the vents on the driver side and cold air from the vents on the passenger side. I replaced the passenger compartment air filter and it still does the same thing. It just started doing it this week.
I have a 2013 chevy cruze was running perfect then both catalytic converters was damaged and clogged.Gotten replaced,check engine light was off then came on a couple days later,took it to get scanned And was my catalytic converters? is there any way ot might be a sensor to disconnect,i already have car unplugged from battery
Volume on radio went out and will not come back on.
Car overheated and mechanics changed thermostat and was fine. Next morning car won’t start at all.
For 2month now my car ebgine light on an now the engine light start to blink...what could be the gas cap is on rite
I change my water pump 2days prior
My car got to hot so I turned it off for a min started it and wont start and makes a bad sound.
I don't trust the dealer, so will not even bother asking them. But the invoice said they performed recall # 14417 on my 2012 Cruze
first i was getting obdII code p0299 but then took it to get smogged and they said my monitors are not ready for the o2 sensor but how can I fix it.
My fuel evap canister got knocked off, can I run without it till the weekend?
I have a 2015 Chevy Cruze,have owned this car for the last 8 months. For the last 2 months, I have experienced random radio blackouts (disconnecting/lost of power), stability traction &brake lights randomly comes on, and most importantly the lost of power steering. It has been to 2 different local Chevy dealerships, and a local auto repair shop. The car has sat with the repair shops for several days at a time, and all have not been able to diagnose or fix this problem. The first Chevy service center applied dielectric grease on the connectors of the BCM, a week I was experiencing the same problem. All 3 repair shops stated the problem is intermittent, and they see some BCM codes but can't fix it because the problem is intermittent. Each of repair shops told me they can't properly diagnose this problem until it is permanent . I drive everyday in fear, tightly gripping the steering wheel due ue to the constant loss of power steering. Please help
been recently having power problems. yesterday I was went on a 100 mile trip, power acting funny. about half way on return trip engine light came on, but no power problems. light checked today and power no working, code check P0299. are there some things I can check before buying a turbo unit? I have seen several on line listings for poor turbo units. some notes about oil & air filter replacements?
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