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I change the brake rotor about 6 month a go I use the Zimmerman brand and original brakes pads but like 2 weeks a go I start feeling just a liter vibration when press the brakes what should I do
my car sits really low and the message I get is that car is rising but it does not lift. I sits low in ht rear.
Ayer car heats up and idles I hear a tapping /?ticking from engine. Cost of repair? Must it be repaired? Danger of ignoring?
the warning throttle image is lit up on my dashboard. I have not noticed any difference in the performance of the vehicle. Just need to know what part of the vehicle is considered defective when that warning appears.
Lost some transmission fluid and to replenish 1 or two quarts
Car has had this problem from new! Now it has 8400 miles on it.
Dealer changed transmission mounts, muffler bushings, and finally lowered the RPM from about 650 to 550.
Vibration at idle seems better, but now there is a resonating sound through out the car! While stopping I also feel a rough idle when I am about to come to a full stop.
Please advice.....
I saw some geen-ish, soap-ish liquid on the garage floor next to the let front wheel of my car. No other spill under the car. Should I be concerned driving it?
CAR TO LOW. The repair shop replaced the compressor and relay that was burnt out on first trip. Second trip replaced a fuse , Car runs ok for 2-3 days the red light again. What is the solution to the problem?
Tell me why I should or SHOULD NOT buy this car as opposed to any other used car out there today.

Thank you.

(Please disregard to year and model in the title. There was no selection choice available for this particular 1986 car.)
Maintenance service B, what should be done?
Every now and then the car lags while driving and when I come to a stop with the car in gear it will not go forward. I have to put the trans. in neutral and restart the engine then it runs fine for a period of days then it happens again.
The battery of my Mercedes E550 2011 was down and after recharging it the instrument cluster is not working anymore. Can it be that a fuse is disonnected? How can i fix this?
started at top, replaced with alignment bolt, removed others and tire still wont come off!!!
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