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The check hybrid system light is on now. What does that mean
The check engine light came on on my 2011 ct200h Monday. I took it to the dealership and the code that came up was p0301, misfire cylinder one. They replaced the engine coil and spark plugs. 2 days after the light came on again. Took it back and the same code came up. I’m working all weekend and didn’t have time to leave my car, and need my car to get to work. I plan on bringing it back Monday am. Any recommendations? I paid $500 for the coil and new plugs, which seems overpriced to me. Anything I can do in the meantime? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
When I turn the air or heat on , the fan makes a lot of noise and shuts off
I have to get a new hybrid pack, the car still runs, when I turn on the heater/ air system the heater/ air system goes off, is that because of the hybrid pack?
Pre-purchase inspection (done twice) did not reveal this as a problem. New tires were put on the vehicle after the 2nd inspection, so I wonder if there is a balance issue. The light remains on at all times. The online forums have not been very helpful, as the reasons for why this light remains on are all over the map.
Word lock on the screen
My puppy chewed through my passenger side seatbelt. I'm working on getting estimates. What's a reasonable expectation?
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