Mercedes-Benz CLK320 Questions

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I am turn it off few time then it may crank ,but I tried turn car off in drive thru when all this first stared and the car wouldn't turn off when turning switch to off ???
Passenger side parking light is working
Is this a manufacture defect and is it a recalll item? 2nd occurrence in 2 months.
What seems to make the problem better or worse? when I use wipers. Rarely in AZ. But last 2 times.
How long have you had this problem? Last couple of months.
Not all the time, sputtering problem went away about a month ago but now seems to be returning slowly
Does back headrest up have anything to do with the top not wanting to go down?
I just purchased a car am I have issues with the convertible top going up and down. One night when I try to use it I noticed there is hydraulic fluid and it appears that one of the lines have broken. However, I have experienced issues with it going up-and-down.
The tip of my key is Broke
It's done this before but always started after it sat for about45 minutes.recently replaced crankshaft positioning sensor
Rolling fast, slow, over a small bump, over a large bump, into a dip, does not matter.
The convertible top will not let down
Gas gauge stays on empty. Have replaced tank.
1000,000 miles
This is supposedly bad and affecting the alarm system. after replacing the back up battery, can I adjust the alarm system?

After parking car, I push key fob to lock car/set alarm and the lights flash and flash, once until the battery died. Are the back up battery and alarm battery one in the same?
it will not line up with the back window, unless I put the window down and let it back up then it will line
and which fuse goes in it?
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