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Horn would self actuate then the fuse blew. No power at horn with new fuse. I need the relay location please.
problem is always. horn won't work. All relays and fuses are okay. The connection on steering wheel is the problem . It will not connect and the horn is unplugged at that point because it would constantly blow
well my oil pressure gage reads 40 psi idling cold and about 22psi hot, but always reads 40psi driving is this normal. if not what should my gage read

How long have you had this problem? Just this morning, no activity since
Tumblers were wore out so replaced lock cylinder including keys. Now it will start but only runs for about 4 seconds and turns off. Does this each time. No diagnostic codes known
I'm having an issue with the vent temp the a/c at idle is 60 deg. but when driving around 40 mph the temp comes down to around 50 deg. it never runs at 40 deg. why is that
car never overheated
where is thermostat and how do I check if fan is working
belt is loose --all pulleys spin freely except for tensioner which is locked
After checking we got a coding from the machine check that says..P0440.
The engine blew and it did then same thing. Replaced the engine and it continues to surge and stall unless you catch it and pump the gas pedal? Fuel filter, crud in tank?
Need to see the timing marks trying to put chain in
I was in a accident and my A frame is shot
I have a 1997 Buick skylark and I'm having problems figuring out why do my car shuts down after it runs for a's not the alternator I got it tested twice..then when my car shuts down I get a boost off with the booster cables it crank right up then when I take the cables off the car shut down and go dead again it's something not keeping my battery charged do u have any clue whats the problem
I know that my heater core is the reason my car is overheating i just can't find anything that tells me where its located so i can fix it.
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