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Fan control dial would not blow air through vents when turn dial to "on".
Hear A/C click "on" when hit button but no A/C, This would happen intermmitly but
now "no air at all" be it (fresh air, heat, A/C......NOTHING BLOWING THROUGH VENTS

2004 Honda Civic EX
I just want to know if this is true about it blowing the bottom end out and to find out if its worth keeping with that many miles
I wanted to know why when I put my car in Reverse it reverses, when I put my car in neutral it rolls, but for some reason when I put it in drive the car starts fine when I press the gas it revs but it doesn't move forward. What are the possibilities that can be wrong with it?
Replace thermostat and still overheats
2004 Honda Civic EX, no prior mechanical 
issues 110,000 miles&now 117,000 miles has shown hot by temperature 
gauge(sometimes above H) but very infrequently Never overheats or runs poorly.Replaced 
timing belt&water pump@105,000.I replaced 
spark plugs after it started happening. I brought it to a mechanic 
immediately 1 year ago when I first noticed this happening who drove it for a 
week and couldn't reproduce it.Fluid wasn't missing and he replaced 
thermostat since he had no other ideas.Ever since it has happened 
sporadically and intermittently.Sometimes months between instances.My 
driving is predominantly long trips of 2+ hours weekly at least&it runs fine 
and rarely shows hot.When does usually at end of trip, a few times early. When hot, driving hard or revving engine doesn't seem to make it any worse.

The 1 time I tried revving engine MIGHT temporarily helped.Heat or AC doesn't seem to help or hurt I don't think.With heat I THINK it sometimesblows cooler than I would expect
I tried Charging it and it worked for a few minutes. Then I seen where the freon was coming out. I got out of the car and u could hear it leaking.
When replacing spark plugs in a 2012 Civic, is it necessary to use motorvac fuel injection cleaning? Is there any benefit in this? The car has 103k miles (mostly highway) and runs great.
Iv just got new link bars put in but still making nocking noises when going over a ditch or bumps enyone know wzt it cud be ..
When my car is in gear as I get to mid range rpm my tranny area is growling. Goes away as I shift to next gear and will start growling as I accelerate but once I’m in the high rpm range it sounds like it revs that noise away. Not sure if it my tranny or clutch?
Replaced the coolant but it just blows warm air
What does code 20 mean on d16y8 motor in a 98 civic??
Want to replace damaged hubcaps
My air conditioner wont come on at all.
This problem started to happen about 2 weeks ago after I swapped out my starter it was good for about 3 days then I felt it lose power and then it stalled on me when i came to a stop and i tried to accelerate it shut off like if it choking. Then my check engine light came on so I scanned the code and it came up as a bad mass airflow sensor so I swapped it out but I'm still getting the same problem.
2008 Honda Civic Coupe EX. Recently installed a new battery and alternator. Recently the car randomly will crank but not start. I will wait a few minutes and try again and it will start. Yesterday, it finally did not start at all and after several attempts with no start I had my car towed. After some brief research I believe it is either the ignition switch, starter relay or starter. Any ideas?
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