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iwhen i start my car the horn sounds 3times quickly....need this to stop
Water went inside car during hurricane Harvey it will start but won't move no water in oil engines ok do you think it's the transmission when you put in gear does nothing or maybe one of the computers that is on passenger side foot area on the left side cause it looks pretty corroded. I'm trying to get an estimate so I can receive some kind of help and there asking for estimate can you possible help please.
It hit hard and made an aggressive noise. Not a smooth bump. I had the shocks replaced on the front end with (I think) KBG shocks. I was told ball joints and bearings were all good. The CV boot was replaced, front rotter also replaced and the engine mount at the transmission was also replaced. There was no change and it still hit hard on bumps. A mechanic friend also confirmed the stiff ride. I took it back and the shocks were replaced with Monroe shocks on the front end. Still no change and hits hard. The mechanic said he looked at everything else and it looked good. I do notice a vibration when backing up on cold days so maybe the passenger side engine mount is bad? Again the mechanic also checked that and said it was ok. This is frustrating. I know its a 2006 but should it ride smooth at bumps with a good / new suspension? What is missing?
would not crank over even though battery was good ?
would buzz when turning the key, then after a pause and try again would start up normally
now buzzing and will not start, battery fully charged
front end and back making a lot of noise especially when driving over bumps

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? About 4weeks
where is the neutral/park sensor located on this car?
I need radio code
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Pod new battery
How long have you had this problem? 3 day
I was really curious
1994 Honda Civic. Below the engine and surrounding parts up front are coated with thick oil and dirt. We have a light drip seems to be coming from the left side "passengers side" of engine area. I'm not car savvy so I don't know what parts Im looking at so I took some simple green and a tooth brush and hot hose water to clean all the seams and bolts where the oil is accumulating. I'm hoping that after we drive the car and place some cardboard under the engine we will find the leak. What would be the most likely leak coming from the left side you think?
When my 1997 Honda civic LX is running in park after about 5 minutes the rpms will drop and then rise back up to around 2500. It will continue to do that over and over until I shut it off.

What seems to make the problem better or worse? injectors can be turned by hand
How long have you had this problem? everysince he replaced valvecover gaskets
I have a manual transmission. I got to take off and the car hesitates badly. Almost got in a wreck Bc of it. Losing almost 10mpg. Did a tune up...plugs, ignition coils, battery even! Changed, checked fluids.....what next?
Hi,we have 2002 1.6 civic 5 door,the r/f brake pipe burst so had that repaired then bled but still soft pedal when engine running normal pedal when engine off,normal pedal when blank one flex pipe off both sides but as soon as both are open it's back to the floor
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