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Car has 115000 miles on
just started with light goes on for a second when starting car /runs great/ but oil is leaking/do not from where. put cardboard under car and seen oil was leakin
Compressor clutch is engaging. Gauge on the refrigerant can goes into the red.
Well I have a bad alternator and the battery dies sometimes and it’s brand new. Will unplugging it while not in use last a while? I need it today and it’s important.
No puedo escuchar el radio stereo me mi carro .......
What could be the problem
It starts but won't drive and when in gear it makes loud awful noise. This started after the wheel baring damaged.what is the problem?
I have a Honda Civic Type R (2004), on which I recently put my other set of wheels with summer tires.
After that, the car started pulling considerably randomly left or right, I have to forcefully keep it straight otherwise the car would steer into the other lanes. With the other set of wheels and winter tires, I did not have this problem on the same roads.
I have checked tire pressure, swapped the front ones with the rear but the problems still persists.

I have also changed front brake pads recently, which were rubbing a bit in the first few hundred kms, but I doubt they would cause the pulling, since the car was steering perfectly with the previous set of wheels.

Is it possible that different sets of wheels need different front end alignment or could there be some other problem?

Thank you for your answer!
I have replaced fuses, window motors, relays, switch panel controls and checked for power going to controls. All checked out good. Power locks quit working at the same time.
I notice this while car is warming up. I have a 2005 Honda civic
It was a rainy day and floods.I had to drive through it .it causes damage to the fender liner.but the loudest clinking noise starts and some metal pieces fall out along with some greasy little marbles. Now my car won't starts it just doesn't go.what is the problem?

I am hearing this quiet hum as I drive as well as when I take my foot off the gas and decelerate with or without the brakes engaged. I do not notice any difference in sound with the turning of the wheel and have not noticed any issue with acceleration. Is this a natural hum or should I be concerned? It sounds different than the natural acceleration sound.
ive replave the bulbs but i dont know whats the next step to diagnose the problem. please i need some help
Honda civic fd 2007
Engine will not pickup speed run ruf check enigen light flashing no acelarate
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