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So the knocking begins when I turn the car on or I give it gas but when I put it in r, D4,D3,D2, or ,D1 it stops doing it I've checked the lifters in the Pistons I don't want to have to replace the whole engine

Starts up and when shut off it won't start again so far it happen twice.. key turns but engine won't come on.. the Honda dealership check the battery, starter and alternator.. a intermittently short some where. The dash lights also flicker at night while traveling.. this was noticed after the car was purchased and yet the dealership claims there's no problem..

I did not add water while engine was still hot but when I put a new head gasket on and timing belt it started and ran good for a few hours the oil is clean the water stays full it does not run hot or anything but it all of a sudden started sputtering and got worse and worse the more I drove it and it dies out if I don't hold my foot on the gas pedal

Should I change the coils as well,or is it something to do with front end? What could that be?

Car has a hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Already checked the solenoids which work correctly. Atf is fine.what else should I do to fix this problem. No codes as of yet. Just puchased the car for my daughter. Just changed the timing belt, water pump, air conditioning compressor, accumulator\dryer, and expansion valve. After all was replaced and put back on the road is when the hard shift started. Answers please.

I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ex.
Error codes are:

I need to get an oxygen sensor but I am not sure upstream or downstream? Also, I searched oxygen sensor on autozone and the prices ranged from under 100 to over 250. How do I know what I need?

My daughters car was brought brand new off the lot and the car called for 0w but for some reason my daughter was told to use 10w 30 and I thought that is a little heavy for a Civic. She used Mobil 1 extended performance that could be changed every 15000 miles but I think she has only changed the oil a few times. Can I switch to Mobil 1 extended performance 5w 30 or should I just stick with 10w 30. Her car is now overdue for a oil change and black sludge is all over the dipstick when you pull it out. Sometimes when you accelerate the car will start shaking for about 2 seconds and then start driving normal again and there are times that it will shake and then jump but the jumping only happens every now and then. What could be wrong and what do I do about the sludge build up?

Hi, have a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid that seems not to be shifting out of second into third. It's a automatic trans . Takes for ever to build up speed and can't pass anyone, to afraid to get on the highway, dont no if it's I- vtec motor or is there a shifting solenoid valve I can clean ?

My check engine light comes on often and then usually goes off on its own because I need a new catalytic converter but since it's over 14 years old it's not necessary repair. But now the engine seems to be running very loudly and especially when I accelerate. I had a whole new system put in 17 months ago, so I don't think that it's that it's a different sound

I had a re-manufactured transmission installed and they also replaced a transmission mount. After that , there was vibration at idle and the sound from under the hood was very loud. Vibration progressed to also in reverse and when started up. Now it does it intermitantly while driving, sometimes heavy vibration sometimes milder.

I am having trouble with the carburetor of my car. I sent the carburetor to a factory to fix it. I got the carburetor back from the factory. I do not know what to connect the fuel cut off solenoid to because I can not find the guy who took off the carburetor. The solenoid has 2 wires and I think it connects to a thing that has 1 wire. I do not know what the thing connects to. The wire of the solenoid goes to the left of the engine if I am facing the engine from the front. I think the thing connects to a wire and this wire connects to the computer and oxygen sensor. I tried start the car when the solenoid was not connected to any thing. The car started but the idle was about 6000. I thought the car would not start if the solenoid was not connected to the car. Thank you for any answers. Kurt Stocklmeir

The brake, system steering, VSA light wont go out and the battery keeps going dead. After jumping the battery the lights still are on. Is this something a local mech. can fix? I don't have a lot of money!

Ainti theft is on what is the code

We had the motor replaced just barely, and it kicked on the check engine light kicked on, and got a code read and it says that it was a exhaust deficiency or something somewhere, how do we tell what it is and what to replace? It does it whenever it's on, it vibrates B's jfmthe time. worse with the ac on, think the code we got for it doesn't

ive done a multitude of tests and replaced the compressor on my 2004 Honda civic lx. I have narrowed it down to the relay switch not getting power at the 30 pin (compressor relay under hood). I have a 2003 civic lx (AC Works) and compared all of the tests with the 04 and #30 isn't getting power. I don't know the exact verbiage of the numbers but that is the number on the relay. on the #30 with keys out of the car, it shows zero volts, but when I start the car and call for AC, 12 volts show up on #30. This doesn't happen on my 04. #30 feeds the compressor and since it is dead, the compressor never kicks on. Can you tell me what else to troubleshoot. I am a novice and pretty pleased I got to this point. Thank you

Is makes the knocking noise when I turn it on and makes it when accelerating. It doesn't stop. It's loud. What could it be? It almost sounds like a fan hitting something. The car drives great though.

car is making a knocking noise and the engine light is on. will only drive a short distance before car stalls, was told the crankshaft is damaged and engine would need replaced.

The stock plastic arm on my 2014 Civic looks a lot more sturdy than the complete replacement arms sold at auto parts stores. And it's obviously only the rubber insert that wears. Thanks for your help.

When I'm driving my car it just shuts off sometimes for no reason and it's not the battery it's not the starter I have a Honda civic ex v-texh motor couple 1.6L engine I just wanna know why it keeps doing that and when I start my car the RPM's Rev over the one and jumps up and down until it heats up why is that

I recently purchased a Used Honda Civic 2006 I noticed there was some anti freezer leaking and took the car with mechanic. He said there is a crack on engine that I will need to replace new engine I cant belive this is happening I always thought Hondas were great cars. I think Honda should take care of this matter I shouldn't be paying for something I did not cause I am disappointed there should be a recall on this I see to many complains.

My srs keeps the seat belt lite on I want to get an estimat on the cost to repair the srs problem

Green wire that supplies power window has power per the technican

I accidentally started my car with one spark plug out and now it just turns over but wont start.

The car just stopped running. Can't get it started. Plenty of crank and strong battery. It turns over well starts and maybe runs for three seconds the stops. So far I have replaced the fuel pump, and the camshaft sensor. Still won't start. Any ideas/

I'm interested in learning if a magic eraser will cause damage to my car either on the interior or exterior. I haven't been able to find any information through Google searches on the ingredient lists, etc. Mostly just things "debunking" the ingredients. Anyone know if the magic eraser will damage paint or interior? Thanks in advance!

I have the coupe and only the driver's door doesn't work. Switch for drivers door is noticeably broken - it wobbles.

My IMA light is on. The car starts and goes just fine. But randomly as I'm driving down the road it acts like it has been knocked into neutral. It will not go as I press the gas it just revs up and I have to pull over and shut it off to go again. I can't find a mechanic near me that will even try to work on a hybrid and the closest Honda dealer is more than 40 miles away. There's no way to drive the car that far. Any suggestions on what the problem is or how to fix it?

Would the problem be the speed sensor or something else?

I have an oil leak as well.