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problem happens every time we drive it. if you wait 15 minutes it will start and go through the same thing again
2012 Hyundai Sonora turbo. I refueled my car and drove 30 miles. When I started my car back it struggled to start I have put in HEET and a fuel injection cleaner and runs better but still struggles when restarting Lose of power was at first till I put in the cleaner. Now just struggles to start every time unless I run a great distance. I have below half a tank Should I get high octane fuel and see if that helps or is there something else going on. I priced fuel pump and it’s 600. Don’t want to replace if that’s not the problem. Are there any recalls on this vehicle that may cause thisr is there something
Service manager recommended it; I took vehicle in because dash light for check engine malfunction light came on. The manager said that Hyundai doesn't recommend it at this time but they do.

I bought this car in May, 2012 and have driven only 25,942 miles.
My hyundai is having handbrake trouble.mechanic has changed the handbrake shoes and discs and has tensioner the wont hold on hill.havent changed the cables.could that be the problem..Thank you
I rarely drive my daughter’s 2013 Hyundai Sonata unless I’m having something repaired. I recently drove it a few miles and I noticed a dull sounding knock coming from the front right suspension area. A friend told me it sounded like rack and pinion problem but wasn’t sure. Ideas? The brake fluid level was roughly half full. Thanks,
the wire seem to have a break in it so how can i release hood
There is no problem I just want to know if replacement of the filter is required or not.
My airbag light comes on for 6 seconds when I start the car then briefly shuts off, then comes back on and stays on?
1999 sonata speedometer works intermittently how can i fix it
Took it home and I started looking up anything that could be wrong with the car. I found that the crankshaft sensor was a big candidate so I hanged that. It was a pain but got it. Hopefully that would start the car it didn’t. So on to the next step. Next I replaced the fuel pump making sure that wasn’t a huge problem and it wasn’t. After some further brainstorming I decided to change the spark plugs and the coil pack and my god did it need it. I thought I had solved the problem but another fail. I’m running out of ideas does anyone know what the problem can be.
Looks like antifreeze but my antifrezze is full warning light says Invertant coolant
2010 SE Sonata
Used quality parts and Hyundai belt, still makes high whining noise. What other issues in relation to this could it be. Hyundai garage changed out head gasket and oil was let drain into alternator causing it to go bad.
Changed out alternator and belt, still makes high whiny noise after about 15-20 miles. Battery is good on checks.
my car engine is over heated it is problem of water leakage so how much i pay for repair it?
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