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Replace coils , tune up , oil change , fuel pump , master cylinder , valve cover seals . But my car is still idiling rough I think I may have a vacuum leak . But how do I figure it out ? And if so how do I fix it ?
my question is there awat i may have accidently turned off lights and how to fix it
Where is the fuel filter at
Is this a fuse, or could it be
Hesitates in drive. Will shift freely but will not engage reverse
The average temperature in the last week has been 30 degrees in Decatur, Ga. Several mornings in the low teens. The white exhaust continues even after warming car for 15 min. Once the exhaust does discipate there is water on bed of pipes upon placing your finger inside. There are no noises or found leaks.

2015 Hyundai Sonata Sport dual Exhaust
My cruise control set button and my right and left brakes light lights quit working. So far I have replaced the stop light switch and the center brake light is working. The 15 Amp fuse for the brake lights is good, as are the right and left brake light bulbs. The on and off switch for the cruise control on the left side of the steering wheel is working. What do I do next to correct the problem? I thought that maybe I should replace the cruise control set button. What do you think?
105 K miles, no noise or problems no information in the owners manual
If I have driven my car for a half hour more and I put it in park or shut it off and I try to start it again and drive it will not engage in to drive. It will act like it's in neutral. Would you know why?
Car is running rough check engine light flashing
When turned off check engine light on solid car runs better but when drive a little it starts flashing and car runs rough again?
Timing belt broke, my son has taken the car apart to fix it, however the harmonic balancer is seized on, we can get it off in order to put the new timing belt on. Please advise with ideas, we have tried wd40, impact wrench, crow bar. Nothing. All the parts on the car are original.
My heat doesn't work because my ac light doesnt turn off. How Wilk Ibe Able To Turn My Ac Light Off?
First, the car is a 2018 Hyundai Sonata, but that was not an option.
The issue is that someone hit the side of my car. There is a line, approximately 11 inches, that need to be repaired or simply painted. I wanted to know if there is a cost for spot painting to match the white color of my car, and if not, an estimate to have the full right side of the car painted. Thanks. Toni
HyundI 2002 speedometer is not working when the car is running
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