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replaced it twice, is there a fuse that controlls just the passenger side on my 2004 CLK500
First starts fine after using for awhile when I go to start again about 20 minutes later it fires but wont start (clicking sound for about 90 seconds) if left for 30 minuets then it will start up, why is this?
I cannot find transmission tube. Only oil tube that my car has.
2006 clk500 where is the transmission filler tube
Where can I take it to get checked out
My hood will not go down w the error message I get on my odometer saying "please close trunk partition"
The warning lights work as normal but the engine will not crank first time. Sometimes it stalls after start or shortly after driving away. Runs fine while it is driving. No codes or malfunctions. Problem is worse when hot outside.
The check engine coolant indicator is on. How do I add coolant?
the headlights were working and now they are not the drivers side went first and then the passenger side
I can not get to the settings to have seat automatic reset on entry and exit or set time delay on lights.
even when i used the climit control the air still not coming out the center air outlet. we change the pump that pump fluid in the car.
Dash lights and all
Radio can be turned back on without restarting by hitting gage power button
Battery light came on visit workstation. wouldnt crank 2 hrs later cranked, died while driving and lights went out and slowly car eventually stop driving at normal speed to a stop. Only occurred yesterday for the first time.
work no alarm used the other remote nothing got new batteries nothing I'm trying to find out what is wrong and how can I fix did something get accidently get turned of or what
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