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I have a 2002 Chrysler Voyager. When the van is turned on it will not move in any gear. However, when the van is turned of but in revirse, neutrual, or drive it will move if pushed or pulled. I have noticed that when I try to start the van that it will click but not seem to connect. If I remove the key and try it again it starts with no problem. It also does not seem to have a problem shifting into gears.
engine over heats
Have replaced camshaft and crankshaft sensors but no help! Van turns over but won't start! Ran fine before this. Except the horn and cruise control didn't work!
my check engine light is on
The code P0442 CAME UP. I would like to know if it's an easy self fix or do I need a mechanic?
This is the 1st time.
Had it tested and ask if key is on and would be hot battery and good starter as well but motor want spin all I get is clicking in the relay box
So my 99 voyager wont start. It cranks over just fine, but wont start. And when it cranks over there is a knock in the motor. Any answers or ideas?
Looking for lock code for my 2000 Crysler Voyge.
Car wont start as it is locked and red fight informing me code lock is on :(
I can not find out how to unlock it as I did not think i turned it on :( Hhhheeelllppp please :)
Some consumers shuts down together after a short trip's driving. Front washer motor, front wiper motor, radio and side window hoist. Stopping the engine and starting again, everything is OK for a short while. What's happening.
It was running perfict thin one day quit and fludded somethin aful
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