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This problem happens when it wants to like I started the car at 12 today went to start it at 1400 it wouldn't start . Turns over but just doesn't start
What is causing my 2002 vow golfs epc light to come on also car is dying randomly? Car is automatic.
The gearbox when I put in 5th gear and leave the pedal there's a rattling noise from the gearbox even when I clutch the noise goes off and when I leave the clutch the rattle noise comes back
I have 1.6ltr 2004 vw golf and car was running fine then just started to run like on 2 or 3 cyl still idealed didn't stall but just running crap just want to no if it could be a spark plug ,lead ,coil or could it be something else thanks
Rected passange side stearing system by hittiing a curb in "first gear" in a school zone. Passanger front side rim split 1/3 of the way through, bent control arm, & tyrod of rack amd pinion. Changed it all out. Replased strut tower mounts as well.
3 months after crashing i started her up & drove my car. The stearing was very difficult (no oil in the rack & pinion).> All gears worked with the exception of reverse.
Now 5 months after the crash i had my golf gl front end 'İN' the air went through the gears just fine, INCLUDING revers.
Put the golf on the ground & just to see when through the gears, & again she was fine. Turned the key over, car starts.... won't engage non of the gears.
Also, the frywheel is engaged. But the transmission is fine.
Thank you for any help.

Does anyone know what else I should replace?!? Please let me know asap!! Thanks in advance!
The car will sometimes try to start all on it's own too. For example, I had my car locked just after driving it and I head my car alarm going off so I unlocked the car and opened the door and seen that the radio was on and the gauge cluster was lit up. The ignition was in the off position and the keys were out of it but it acted like it was in accessory mode. Please help me! This car is becoming a disaster!!!
when I tried to start it to go to work several hours later, it wouldn't start. This has happened in the past, but starts after sitting overnight.
My car was leaking water from the thermostat housing I replaced it now The thermostat gage temperature needle is marking 230 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing what is causing it
my car find it difficult to climb through an incline road or a hill when i put on the AC. i have never worked on the Ac b4
after changing the gearbox from automatic to manual it starts then cuts but it is cranking
Call Miamisburg is stuck on on the dash it shows a car with the key inside and it flashes at me how do I get this to disable the locking the doors 3 times and a lot of them is not disabling it and my remote pad is not working properly could that be the root of all evil itself
I replaced the ECU from a donor car. It was a wreck.. Now I have an air bag light on the instrument cluster. I could take the cluster out (again) and put tape or paint over the LED, but wondered if there was a way to switch it off..
I noticed about 3 weeks from now when i got a triangle that doesn't want to turn off on my dash.
When diagnosed also it showed clutch torque sensor,could it be the cause and how can it be fixed?
What would the likely cause be? I have tested voltage (gets 5 volts). I thought it was supposed to receive 12, but when I supply it with 12, I get a different code indicating voltage too high. Disconnected that wire and we're back to the original P0030 code. What should I check next?
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