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I have a Volkswagen Polo 6N Petrol 1.4 8v 60cv from 1997 with 168 000KM.

One problem is with the engine. Something odd starts to happen when driving on hot days. For some reason, when the car starts to reach the normal temperature it starts to lose power. This is more noticeable when accelerating. I can associate this loss of power with the engine reaching normal temperature for this reason: the car has no thermostat. In winter, when temperatures are near 0º C, the car runs constantly cold and drives smoothly and with all the power. The same thing happens during summer right after a cold start, it starts well but loses power when it gets to normal temperature.

Also, I obtained the following error code from the car:
00524 - Knock Sensor 1 (G61)
31-00 - Open or Short to Ground
Readiness: N/A

I’m looking for any advice you can give related to this problem I’m facing.

Thank you in advance.

Following water ingress into passenger compartment the electric windows, sunroof and boot will no longer open.
The boot can be opened manually using the key.
The engine warning light stays on even though the car seems to run OK except for occasional cutting out.
I have a 2011 Volkswagen Golf base 2.5 liter four door hatch back. The sun roof drains seem to be clogged somewhere and I can't figure out where the drains exit the car.
My radiator cooling fan no work unless the AC is on.relays ok new temp sensor.
oil dripping onto floor
My car battery is 2 months old and it has died on me twice now. It will die overnight or after a full day of not using it. I charged with a battery charger and it said it was at 80 percent when I stopped and the next morning it was completely dead. My friend said it might be a bad grounder but it just dies so quickly. It's a 1.8t.
I've got a v5 golf and I'm have problems with it starting and think it could be the fuel pump not 100% but I've got to start some where

Today 07:34 PMIzzyrae008
I have a 2006 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 manual 5 SPEED transmission and my only concern with my car is that at 60mph the RPMs are exactly at 3000 and exactly at 1000 when idling but to me it seems to be a little too high, would anybody be able to let me know if this is normal or not and if so how could I fix this problem? Thank you in advance
OB2 codes are 6470, 1378, 1674, 1325
sometimes is no start e.g.1x from 50 starts. No noise, no action, only lights instrument lamps. Acu voltage is ok. Both start keys have the simillar effect.
it is more like the ignition has locked, because it does not even give on.
So car won't start. Put in new stafter and it just clicks battery is new as well. It runs if we push start it since it is a manual transmission. I tried reseting the computer also by touching the positive and negative terminals together when the battery wasn't hooked up.
I know the rear breaks has gone
This problem happens when it wants to like I started the car at 12 today went to start it at 1400 it wouldn't start . Turns over but just doesn't start
What is causing my 2002 vow golfs epc light to come on also car is dying randomly? Car is automatic.
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