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I observed that my Suzuki Swift (Beetle) steering wheel not returning to centre after turning into the left side.

So after inspecting in the garage, they replaced lower arms and links and aligned the wheels. After two days, the exact same issue came again. Again I went to the same garage and they have suspected that sound came from the rack and they replaced it with recondition rack.But still, the issue is there. Also, now wheel touching the underarm when trying turn fully. The turning angle of the wheel is different (I can turn the steering wheel 1 and 3/4 for one side but for other side, it is 1 and 1/4).

Garage mechanics couldn't find the reason for these issues (Maybe all these issues happening because of the wheel touching the underarm when turning fully.)Tyre size is 85/60R15. I checked with the Agent and size is OK.

My waterpump, radiator, radiator fan is ok. Thermostat have been removed. But my car still overheat. I think it is not because of the head gaskets because no water kick back from the radiator. Please help me
Why you think and how can i try and fix that
i can close the door with remote or manually, but it will automatically re-open in seconds
Hey dose any one know how to adjust valves step by step in suzuki swift 1986 G13A motor, there is so much info on net about it but cant find for my car. please help.thanks

Hey guys I need to adjust valves on my Suzuki Swift 1.3 1986 any one know whats the gap on intake and exhaust. ? thanks
Hi all I'm trying to adjust valves whats the gap on intake and exhaust. please help thanks
I was driving through a curvy road at night.

Then engine stopped half way through a curve no sputter no bucking just stopped.

It was making a kind of burr-hum noise, kind of like a pulse jet engine makes. The noise would start every time I tried to start the engine for a couple of minutes afterword. It stopped doing it and now cranks normal but wont start.

It also gave of a smell I cant identify, not wires, oil or exhaust.

It show engine code 34 and 51.

Any ideas?
If we reduce the arm length where tie rod is conneccted, is it reduce the turning radius?
When I turn on the lights the light is bright like the high beams are on but when I turn on the high beams it dims almost out?
fuel pump becomes inop when turn signal activated
Brake lights not working properly, I've checked the bulbs, not the issue, also lights do come on occasionally. Need to Change the switch, however finding it difficult to reach. What is the best and easiest way to replace, and is there a video to help guide me. ....
it will pop out of second when slowing down
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