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replacing to install trailer hitch
we are trying to change the filter and my husbank took out the glove compartment and we cant find it
I have noticed the my 2017 Lincoln MKC back tail light will flash intermittently while the car is locked?
If I leave my phob in my pocket when I retire for the night the headlights on my MKC go on and off all night. Now my MKC is parked right outside my bedroom window, Lincoln say this is normal? But not according to the manual
The bliss on my MKC works intermittently if two cars pass one after the other with a couple of car lengths between them, the bliss system goes of and does not pick up any more cars until the MKC comes to a stop

No error codes have shown up
I am restoring a 1971 lincoln con. and there is a wire plug/pigtail on the front of the differential housing. I can't get any info on what this is for, and if I can disreguard or bypass it. Thanks.
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