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I have an o1 is300 I recently changed valve cover gasket, spark plugs and wires, I replaced all the vaccum lines on the throttle body, plugged everything back in go to fire the car up and it's misfiring, cylinder 1,3,6 one of the coils was sparking outside of the insulator so I replaced it. Still misfiring, cleaned the maf sensor very well, still misfiring I give up..
For a 2001 Lexus Is300 is there only LED high beam/DRL bulbs? Or are there also Low and high beam LED bulbs ? Because only found high beam LED headlight bulbs
What is radiator capacity on 2002 Lexus IS300
it happens after driving a few miles, no liquid comes out. Starting to smell coolant
What should I do next . ?
Back passenger tire
I am having a problem with my IS300. Yesterday, I passed a vehicle (mail truck) and car went into passing gear, after coming out of passing, my battery light came on and started blinking as well as my check engine light. The car was running very rough but made it home. Put the battery on charge and it was going dead. Car has a new alternator purchased 5 months ago and new battery 6 months ago. After battery charged, cranked car and still running rough but now the traction off and check egine light are both blinking. Any suggestions on what the problem could be?? Please help!!
I would get an oil change at the Lexus dealership. The oil light would come on after a few weeks to a month. No leaking of oil anywhere.
How much cost to replace the dash?And the accurator
my ? is would p0402,p0402 and p0406 effect doing a smog check on my car
I would like to find out everything wrong with this vehicle to make an inform decision to keep or get rid of it. It has a check engine light on code p0440, tire rod ends to replace inner front. Flush brake system w/abs, struts etc. I need help. The vehicle was bought 8/2014. It has 181,000 miles on it.
What could be the problem because I'm buying and don't want to spend money on it just got it
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