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have new battery
alternator is working properly
have changed blown fuses both under hood as well as under steering wheel
at a lose as to what might cause this
My car used to run so quietly and smooth now it has a hiss or whine to it and inside the car the ride is very noisy. I miss my quiet ride.
2010 Pontiac Vibe stopped running while driving. It made grinding noises. Mechanic says it's either crankcase or transmission failure and probably not worth fixing. Could it be pcm and how can you know? Thanks
Fuel pressure and volume
Has good fuel pressure but don’t know what volume should be.runs good at idle.about 50 psi fuel pressure.
I was driving jyust shut pff now wonr go in gear has a weak batterety what can i do iy is stuck in road
How do I know if it's the starter or some thing else also my gas tank every time I fill gas I can only pump a few liters before the pump stop and I have to start again this time only holding the pump trigger partial way
Is there a specific clutch assembly for my 2008 Pontiac Vibe 1.8 liter Vin #5Y2SL65858Z403285..
Had new clutch installed 6 months ago..Mechanic used generic clutch from AutoZone.. Now burned out and slipping badly.. I have read various internet reports on exact clutch replacements (?), but need info on specific manufacterer and model type..

thank you,
Jim Parkevich
The code that comes up on my 05 vibe is something about a relay or a ground.We had to jump it because of faulty alternator and battery so I could drive it home replaced the alt and batt now it will only crank no start not even with a jump or ether
changed manifold and replaced one motor mount, vibrates thru whole front now except when in park
Well when it turns the ignition over we hear nothing no lights no sound it's dead we try and jump it and it doesn't turn over at all nothing no lights we try to charge it and nothing happens it's just dead I'm just wondering if it's the ignition switch I don't have any way of testing to see if there's juice going to that or coming out of that but it's a brand new battery and it was installed about 2 weeks ago and it was running fine
any tips for proper install of this weatherstripping?
When I drive the car the loose heat shield bangs up against the exhaust pipe producing a hollow drum sound. I went under my car and saw that the bolt that originally held the shield tightly to my car's underside broke off from the bracket on the gas tank strap.
My 08 Vibe was t- boned and I want to repair it I can the passenger side doors
when turning on the heater control the cooling fan turns on but not the blower motor and there is no heat
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