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when turning on the heater control the cooling fan turns on but not the blower motor and there is no heat
2005 Pontiac Vibe. Fan control is stuck on one setting, and it will not move to defrost setting.
Turn switch on engine won’t start while turning over
Suddenly vsc off sigan showing &same time engine and slip sigan is coming too
There is no sound at all - no click or anything when I try to start my car. The key fob does not work as well
The “x1000 RPM” is reaching up to 3 when driving. Is this normal or should I be concern? I brought it from an auction in August. The odometer was already at 208,000. My next oil check is 11/17
When I lock my doors with my key fob the car only flashes the lights and doesn't beep. Have been looking all over the internet and car manual but haven't found anything. Please help!
Spun a rod bearing and broke the connecting rod. Can I just replace that one rod? Or do I have to replace all 4.
When I push the button to turn on the cruise control, the light turns on, but when I let go it turns back off again.. How do I fix this?
Went to store vibe was running great stopped at store shut of car, went back to leave store car would not turn over makes winning sound and dash board goes blank when you turn over key.
Speedometer and odometer not working properly.
Sometimes I need to hold/pump the brakes to get it to start, sometimes I need to give it gas, and sometimes it starts right up. I have tried fuel injector cleaner, and there has been no difference.
Can't find the overdrive button car is making funny noise when I stop.
Is front wheel drive different?
These are the CEL codes
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