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The front of the transmission is leaking severely. It just pours transmission fluid from it. The leak is on the bottom passenger side and there are no cracks. I was told it's most likely a bad gasget. How much is it going to cost to get it fixed?

The maintenance info indicators for Oil and Filter Change, available through the Navigation Screen is not updating, after an Oil and Filter Change. Attempted to Reset, but no success.

Every 100 miles

My roof on my z will not go all the way down so, I can lock it.

Hello friends. im on my fourth clutch, 3rd flywheel and pressure plate, 2 master cylinders, and a slave cylinder 4 months ago. First off, I don't beat the car. At all. The last 4 years I have been riddled with clutch and clutch kit issues. Currently the Z is on a rollback to be serviced by a Nissan tech that is trustworthy and family friend. Tow truck driver told me since my z is lowered, low pro's, intake, it is affecting the engineering and I need a stronger, heavy duty clutch and components. Is this true, and on a moderate budget, what parts are recommended. Thank you z friends

Engine just turNed off while I was driving.

Car acts as if timing belt is busted into and only bottom is turning

Just got the car I haven't been racing it when I got it second was fine now that's its gotten colder out it seems like it doesn't want to shift to second when I drive for a bit its fine. I'm just hoping it doesn't need a rebuild. I don't have the money for that. Sometimes it shifts into second with no noise others its kind of has a clunk noise. Please tell me if I should take it somewhere.

350z with a Bose system I have cds stuck in cd player it will not reject or play them how do I reset or remove cds?

if I use my heat or air my check engine light comes on . code 430

whenever i rev up over 5k rpm, my car just turns off and I can't start it till next day . It just cranking but no start.

Over heated this motor so decided to replace complete motor, This motor came with all the wiring. Will I need to have the motor and computer synced at a dealership. I know on newer vehicles replacing almost anything including the radio you must take it to a dealer to have it synced. What about a motor replacement?

Hi, I have about 112,000 on my car. I started hearing clicking noise when I turned my wheel when I'm at stop or driving very slow so I went to a shop and checked out what the problem is by lifting the car in the air.

I found out that the front lower control arm bushing and Tie Rod bushing are all worn off. All 4 of them. So 2 each side (Left and Right). Right side bushings are totally worn off now so whenever I stop or accelerate I hear loud noise from the right side. Steering got a little more heavy.

I was told that it will cost $136 for the labor work. Thing is... I live in Southern California in Orange County. I don't really know good mechanic who I could trust and has reasonable pricing.

What will be the best option for me at this situation? I'm not rich I'm 22 year old so I would appreciate it so much if you could provide me with different options as to how I can go about this.

2005 350z 143000 A couple months ago I was driving and the gas pedal just went to the floor . I had to coast to pullover and turn the ignition several times to get the engine to start again. It did it a couple months layer now it wont reve at all. . It wont rev in drive,neutral or reverse. If its place in park the engine will rev about 2000 rpms. I replaced the throttle body and the throttle the position sensor . I have changed the mass air flow sensor . I changed gas pedals to see if that was that problem also but it didnt help.. I took it to the dealership they said they traced it to my ecu. When they installed it the engine gave them the same problem . It wouldn't rev. Im wondering anyone else have this problem

2005 350Z with 67,000 miles. Cost seem excessive

need the readiness codes to reset for emissions testing in the morning.

at idle oil pressure drops to 25psi at 40 mph oil pressure is at 50psi what is normal

While changing spark plugs noted oilon one of the plugs on the left side of my 2005 nissan 350Z

I do not have a navagation unit but I do have the compartment and the door is all scratched up I have a new one and would like toknow have to replace compartment.

Tried fuel injectors and whatever else dealership has tried, but they don't know. car recall on fuel hose, but they won't replace it. Need an answer asap, if possible.
Have their "technicians" with Nissan corporate working on it, but they have had it 8 weeks and I need it back.