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I took 350Z to Nissan service department. It were dismissed as transmissions failing
i cant start my 350z roadster,conv. 3.5
Just notice spots on garage floor
Mainly Slippage
There is such a vary in pricing in high flow cats not sure which is the best value for money as I don’t want to bet ripped off
I had the oil changed and the oil pan replaced and now the oil light is on and the oil sensor is not working the shop doesn't know how to fix it the light and the sensor worked when I brought it to them
I had this done at a shop and they don't seem to know what the problem is or how to fix it it was not doing this when I brought it in
My clutch s*** the bed. Completely. Needed full replacement. The mechanic is now telling me I need my flywheel replaced, and the part is gonna cost me another thousand. I’m calling bull crap. I did some research through Z1 motorsports and found a mid weight flywheel for $348. Mech is telling me he can put it in but it takes away the %100 guarantee and if something goes wrong they won’t cover it. I wanna throw in the cheaper flywheel, and I know it’s not a piece of crap. From what I’m seeing online it’s better quality than stock/factory flywheels that are also running for around 1k. Should I put it in myself and say screw the Mech?
What would the labor cost be and where can I arrange to have this work done
What does it cost to replace top for 350 Nissan regarding top and have put on by mechanic
press eject and intake bottom still will not open
The car been parked in the garage for about a month, it have been started in all that time, The battery is completed dead, I tried to enter the car to open the hood and charged the battery but the door wont open with the remote or by using the keys, I need to get in the car to open the hood and charge the battery, help please.
i changed my fuel pump on my nissan 350z and before i change it, it was still good and running but after i change it and put it back together it just crank turn over than just shut off and seem like sensor not reading any fuel to my car not sure why.
I replaced my Bose 6 disk OEM CD player in my 2009 350Z with a (brand new) Bose 6 disk OEM CD player with cassette from a 2005 350Z. Now my stereo steering wheel controls don't work. Both players have identical plug-ins on the back of each unit. They both have the same pin location with each plug. Both units work off of steering wheel controls. Why won't my steering wheel control work for this new unit? All manual controls work fine on the unit but I've lost the steering wheel control function?
The car has been parked for a while and the battery has gone dead. Due to a problem with the door handle the key will not unlock it either. Is there anyway to get the hood up in order to get the battery charged without being able to open the car door, or is the another way to get the car door open?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing at this time
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