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The car has been parked for a while and the battery has gone dead. Due to a problem with the door handle the key will not unlock it either. Is there anyway to get the hood up in order to get the battery charged without being able to open the car door, or is the another way to get the car door open?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? nothing at this time
What's your recommendation for motor oil and where is the best place to look for interior replacement parts for interior of my 2004. Thanks
Haven't picked up vehicle yet, Thursday , Z350 6cyl.
Top goes down but after you keep hitting down button, no unusual noises. New top installed. Considering purchasing car from private person, says only thing he's done is replace top.
The front of the transmission is leaking severely. It just pours transmission fluid from it. The leak is on the bottom passenger side and there are no cracks. I was told it's most likely a bad gasget. How much is it going to cost to get it fixed?
The maintenance info indicators for Oil and Filter Change, available through the Navigation Screen is not updating, after an Oil and Filter Change. Attempted to Reset, but no success.
Every 100 miles
My roof on my z will not go all the way down so, I can lock it.
Hello friends. im on my fourth clutch, 3rd flywheel and pressure plate, 2 master cylinders, and a slave cylinder 4 months ago. First off, I don't beat the car. At all. The last 4 years I have been riddled with clutch and clutch kit issues. Currently the Z is on a rollback to be serviced by a Nissan tech that is trustworthy and family friend. Tow truck driver told me since my z is lowered, low pro's, intake, it is affecting the engineering and I need a stronger, heavy duty clutch and components. Is this true, and on a moderate budget, what parts are recommended. Thank you z friends
Engine just turNed off while I was driving.
Car acts as if timing belt is busted into and only bottom is turning
Just got the car I haven't been racing it when I got it second was fine now that's its gotten colder out it seems like it doesn't want to shift to second when I drive for a bit its fine. I'm just hoping it doesn't need a rebuild. I don't have the money for that. Sometimes it shifts into second with no noise others its kind of has a clunk noise. Please tell me if I should take it somewhere.
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