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When I flip the switch to go from low beams to high beams, it won't switch. The brights come on when I pull the switch forward, but when I let go they go back to low beams.
My car key could not open my car today so I asked lock smith to open it. After that the trunk is locked and the violet is red
Once I start my Xtype Jaguar, (after a lot of early morning attempts) there’s an intermittent “gurgling” sound with, what sounds like a miss in the engine, that is emitted from the intake throats. It’s like there’s a choke-like flap somewhere in the engine, that has a broken spring & it’s flapping loosely??? Can anyone help?
the heater is not getting to the correct heat also , there is plenty of water in the car with ant`freeze .
I’m asking this question because, when my car is cold (early mornings) it refuses to start, and it seems like it needs a choke to assist it, because it eventually does start and once it gets warm it’s perfect & starts perfectly
after driving for 20-40 mins the top radiator hose pops off. the coolant seems to stop circulating, not sure, but the hose gets hard. 2002 Jaguar x-type 2.5
after closing the trunk I noticed that the emergency release tab was broken and now trunk won't open, it makes a sound like the actuator is still working but won't open
It started up once in a while but now cranks but won’t start. It is a 2003 Jaguar X-Type. I had this problem almost a year ago but haven’t had time to work on it until now. I recharged the battery before trying to start it. The last time I drove it, the engine stopped on me but I was able to restart it and get it home. Thank you!
This car was given to me it runs but will not move in any gear. When you shift back to park it grinds or clicks on the park pin. Is it the transfer case transmission or both?? I understand this is a common problem for these cars. Please help.
When I turn it on.. Let it run.. Few minutes it would get hot... But when I start driving it cools down... And gauge goes back to normal
i have removed splash plate from under engine jacked car but could not see locking plate?
Cruise not available lite on car turns but won’t start I hear whoosh noice in throttle body like it try to start and I let it sit for three weeks in the cold.
I had the car towed home and when it got home it worked. But then stopped working again
Just want my heat back, it’s cold outside.
jaguar x type 2007- plugs and core packs were changed and battery was recharged and car will not staying running unless foot is on gas
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