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Just want my heat back, it’s cold outside.
jaguar x type 2007- plugs and core packs were changed and battery was recharged and car will not staying running unless foot is on gas
Slowed down then stopped driving while in gear. Now will not shift at all. Clutch changed reverse not working then got iy fixed and it worked for a week then did the same thing again not going in gear at all.
So my father bought the car not to long ago and we noticed that the drivers door doesn't open from the inside. It also doesn't lock, but the door opens just fine from the outside. What is wrong with it? Can it be fixed or do I need to replace it completely?
Car won't turn over. New battery. New starter were put in 1 month ago.
The car was bought in Japan and the waveingth is only up to 89.9 on fm. I need more, at least up to 106? I need to reset to get more coverage.
The ABS light came on about on 1 week ago. The sensor was changed then the next day the light came back on,.
I brought it back to the repair shop , they can't figure it out if the ABS sensor wiring is the defectice. Or the sensor wiring that ABS is connected needs changing.
They are not sure
I replaced the battery a few days ago. Now when I drive it the car beeps like something is wrong but when I press the brakes it stops beeping. It only beeps when I drive and stops when I brake. What does this mean?
How long have you had this problem? Just noticed it today
Should i khange both upstream& dwn?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? It happens n park& @ lightz
How long have you had this problem? A few weekz

What seems to make the problem better or worse? we tried to drive the car after having it stored for over 2 years, it want go in park and you have to turn the car off in Neutral to then it goes in park, my mech thinks the car has been drugged across something
How long have you had this problem? just started
I have always had a problem adding gas it keeps cutting off at the pump i have to pump very slow that I could deal with but now my gas gage isnt working and I cant get it to take more that $7 a week when driving the same used to take $20+ I have read the float sticks?? Is that hard to fix
I get this console message that reads
Boot Open
The headlight adjuster tabs break on every owner i have talked to and your headlights point to the ground and you have no visibility or way to adjust them without replacing your whole headlight assembly for about $1,000.. How is Ford getting away with this if they are not responsible for their faulty products?
side. All other doors work.
The car jerk when driving
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