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Just stopped yesterday. Never had a car heater go out before. Only blows cold. Seat heaters work fine.
2012 Armada with climate control blows cool air unless set at 90. At 90 it is max hot blowing out.
The heater and defrost in my Nissan Armada 2011 blows only cold air and the rear heater blows hot air as it should
Does my ac need to be flushed?
The wheels on my truck feel like they are going to slip and flip my truck over. Also when I turn sometimes I hear a screeching sound.
It s coming from the back and the front. The front happens when I am just sitting idle after a drive. The back happens when I have the rear control until on for the ac/heat. And sometimes out side the car I hear a whistling sound coming from the back of the car.
the heat is not working properly no matter what temp you set it at...then when you try to turn it off it still keeps blowing in cold air in the floorboard
How long have you had this problem? since we bought it last year
The Service Engine Soon Light just came on, I have had vehicle service about 2000 miles ago.
Battery goes low even when we turn the ac on then

The gage goes to half then to low need help
I have heard a thumping sound once about a month ago, but the air conditioner was working. It would only work on high. Today, I felt a little air on my feet, but other wise it doesn't blow or cool the car now.
The rear AC motor does not run
My car ticks like a loud clock when idling.
Currently, my car is making a strange ticking sound and I don't know why.
Please help me
My car is making a ticking sound.- Usertesting
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