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nissan micra dicel 2012
my speedometer doesn't work
I accidentally ran over something and now the rear of my vehicle is an inch or two lower than it was. Wanting to know if I can raise it somehow or if something needs to be fixed. I looked under vehicle but didn't notice any signs of damage. No noises or leaks though. Any ideas?
All lights come on when the key is turned and it sounds like it’s trying to turn over, we’ve also confirmed that it isn’t the safety switch or the chip in the keys
Instead running over 65mph the speed is reading down .
Hearing grinding metal against medal noises and the left rear tire is bowing out - not aligned
I haven’t driven armada in months cause wouldn’t start. Fixed that which was sensor and now my navigation, radio and my air won’t work. My air is blowing but can’t turn it off or anything. Radio won’t come on and nav. Screen is black
Does after market o2 sensor works on a 05 Nissan armada
When the vehicle is started up after sitting for awhile smoke comes out exhaust
the lights will not come on when door is open or key fob is engaged, the other lights work (instrument panel, climate control knobs and entertainment console all work
Does the evaporative emission vapor vent tube affect passing smog test?
when I turn the heater temp the air stays cold even at 88 degrees. it ran warm for the last two days but was blowing cold air. before that it has been touch and go if working. just started like in the last few weeks.
My Armada won't start or turn over. Oil was reading high then next day won't start
The engine fails to start it sometimes starts and fail other times 2005 Nissan Armada 5.6 I need the camshaft sensor location
Display is climate control off also the sensor for judging distance went out at the same time.
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