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I have a 2001 Sunfire SE 2.2. It overheated and I seen small amount of a light white smoke from the 3rd plug. No abnormal smoke from the exhaust. It does look like oil was leaking from valve cover. I had got the new plugs, wires, and coil packs before this happened. Seems the fan also does not want to turn on without messing with the fuse. It does not seem to want to stay on either. I have not pulled the plugs yet, but there is a lot of grime build up around all the plugs. Nothing looks bad with the valves. I did get a new gasket. I would assume this may all be related but I'm an IT guy not a mechanic. Trying to research this I found nothing with this exact issue. It seemed to run fine before I repaired a broken vacuum line (the one with the evap service port, not sure part names was co next to) and this fixed the check engine light. Also reattach the cruise control throttle cable and Coolent level sensor, both unplugged when I bought the car. This happened the next day. Thoughts?
They key goes partially in but not all they way in. It won’t turn at all.
Since the crew fell out the ground connector underneath the battery tray.The horn ,windshield wipers,,lights want come the correct way.
The clutch pedal has no resistance. When I looked under at the inside firewall there is a broken plastic piece and a cable/rod that somehow is connected to the clutch. It won;t go into gear.
it really cold that night, north wind bout 18 mph, wind chill was 7degrees. got in car and started it and the horn started blowing and wouldn't shut off, didn't know where fuse box was so i unhooked a battery cable, found fuse box and removed fuse. a month has gone by and i went to put fuse back in and horn still blows.
It shifts to drive but doesn’t move forward
The engine lite is always on when car running and had repairs but still on .
There is coolant all over the front of the car ? Can't tell where it might be leaking the temperature gauge didn't really say it was that hot ?
It happens every time you drive the car. No noises no vibration be no leaks. You're driving down the road and the oil and battery lights come on. Then while that happens the car cuts off. I hear nothing from the mother.
I told you that the oiland battery lights come while driving down the road. It cuts off all the time. No leaks no noises at all. My husband is asking you these questions so he can fix this car and all we ask is for help.
It's for a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire
What are the distances and heights to accurately Aline headlights
Once back key wont go forward. Tried hold steering wheel to left cltch and brake depressed. Trans in eutral
Does 2003 pontiac sunfire have a timing chain or belt?
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