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Does 2003 pontiac sunfire have a timing chain or belt?
At first it was just slipping and I turned the corner and it acted like it didn't want to turn. Then it wouldn't change gears at all. I tried manipulating the levers and that wouldn't work it feels as if the shifter has no response.

checked both bulbs they are good
How can I get to the bolts holding the window glass in the regulator with it all the way down? Metal of door is blocking & I can't get it to budge up at all.
RPM is high, but the engine isn't revving. In park and off it's sitting at 4-500rpm. Is it just the gauge? Where do I find the stick to check transmission fluid??
How long have you had this problem? Today
Dashboard light abs?
The fan for the a/c rattled loud an it blew cold air ,an it just quit. I checked the fuses an it wasnt burnt. An my liter stopped to an it was working fine
I had the dashboard out and the bulb or led works
Turn on headlights and they flash on and off then don't work, you can hear a clicking when there flashing, I have to use high beams they seem to work fine.
It runs fine with no battery problems if you let it set the battery goes down
My car is a 99 Sunfire GT 2Dr 2.4 my shifter moves freely when I press the break but the car want change out of gear I checked the bushings it's still attached but not sure about the cable cord. My car starts up everything works but want come out of Neutral when I shift gears. It just started today. How much would that cost to be fix in I order my parts for both today. Thanks again for your advice.
The car just jerked and the check engine light the abs light came on now it won't shift
I need a transmission for my 2004 Pontiac Grand Am 2.2 L eng 5 speed what vehicals are compatible
I have to drive my car with and automatic in 2nd gear because if I got it in drive it reaches 30 and dropped back down to 20 even with my foot still on the pedal and all it does is rev up the engine, what could be wroung??? And I need my car asap for girlfriend to go to work, me to school, and my daughter to doctors and ect... please help
they have not come back on. Ihave blinker lights all controls on level lights are working on dash. nothing to light up on mph, rpm, or fuel
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