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I was going to add some ac coolant this summer but when I hooked it up the gauhe said it was over charging so I didn't put any in. I have no heat and no air conditioning but the blower fan is blowing air out.
dealership says I need with 112,000 miles
Lights just went out recently. I checked all fuses and relays. The main two brake lights are working, just not the third up top of hatch. New bulbs.
I tried to buy a Intermediate shaft for a Acura MDX . Rock auto is who I like to get parts from.Is there a specific store that i can get Acura parts from
Does this hurt to drive the car
it started last week and is getting worse
will not program
My husband had put a different battery one that was from a different Acura into my 2008 Acura and when he did something happened it give out a spark and now nothing on my car will work no lights go on when the key is in the ignition. Help please.
My car turn on the anti-theft sistem everytime the outside temperature its to cold. Why? And what can i do?
The lights and radio comes on but engine won't start the battery is new and the starter is fine and the car can be cranked from starter this is the first problem I've had with it and all fuses look good
came in shop as usual no move hot converter clutch worn out filter clogged does sound like a computer problem
Positive battery cable is corroted
Heating & air condition system,rear passenger fender Tru kdoor replacement rear window how much to fix.
I need to find a replacement Oil Pan for my 94 Legend Coupe 6 Speed
Wiper motor need to replace?
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