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When i press the code in it does nothing

green key light does not show.

where would I find information?
Thank you

I thought if the master cylinder failed, either 2-front or 2-rear would not receive the brake fluid. but only one?
I understand that bleeding the master
of any possible air in the lines or anything else.

No other info

I replaced the radio which did not solve the problem. I suspect that there may be a defective amplifier between the windshield antenna and the radio. I'm unable to find any associated part number or complete connection diagram online.

My 2002 Acura Rl will sometimes not crank shortly after I have tun
Turned it off. the engine turns over normally but will not start. It will
Start after a few minutes. Any ideas of the problem.
Thanks, Mike wilkinson. Car has 212,000 miles. Thanks, Mike

To drain coolant from system

I try changing fuse but I don't know what the right one is I try looking at the panel but it doesn't say

If the auto fan is turned off, the whir sound disappears. Is there a resolve for this?

Please help me out, I tried calling the offices but they're closed

The car idles at lights and stop signs and accelerates up to speed fine but every time when I try to maintain 30 or 40 mph, for example, the car cuts out then lunges. Barely felt it Wednesday then a little more yesterday but today is much worse. Like a fuel filter issue or cracked spark plug wire?

I'm replacing gas filter and would like to correct procedure.

Something is wrong with the transmission

Smog the code was453

I'm trying to schedule a repair service and selected the service I needed. When I go to the estimate details tab and add on services it only gives me the price for the one "timing belt" and not all the extras to go along with that. When I go to book a shop it's asking me to pay for just the one and not everything included. Make sense?

how about the 6 cylinder?

I changed my battery an now its saying I need a code

Is the oil cooler the same in these 2 vehicles? I just want to know if they are compatible before I order the part. Thank you.

The diagnostic code reads p11607

No power to radio or nav screen

light comes on while driving not when car is first started

I'm looking at a salvaged 2016 Acura ILX sedan with some front damage. Ad says it needs new pins to ecu and the car will work but currently doesnt start because of it. Should I purchase? Is it an easy fix? What type of repair man can fix the car? How much would it cost?

This message appears when attempting to use GPS system.

Should I put straight water in now to make up for not mixing it prior to putting it in?

who can do this why did thios happen howmuch will it cost

I changed out my battery as well as the starter and replaced my thermostat. When I try to start the car all it does is crank but no turn over. You can hear the engine trying spin but no turn over.

Don't know how to remove old studs

When they had the car up, they suddenly noticed it needed new tie rod pads? Does this sound real? Are they just ripping us off?

Does it need to be done