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Horn blows when interior is hot--80 Degrees
Dealer says I need the rear oil seal replaced.
Before trying to start headlight started blinking then go out even with a jump still won’t start just clicking is it the battery
Inspection reading cattilac converter banks 1 and 2 are clogged.
Just bought this 2011 MDX and the comfort button just flashes when pushed. I also read that Sport or Comfort should appear on the display for a few seconds when in "S" Sport and that also doesn't seem to happen. Cannot find an answer for this anywhere online.
My Acura randomly started leaking transmission fluid yesterday & today the D light started blinking & the car was sputtering when pulling off, it reads a code P0780 can someone please help me figure out what’s the problem
My engine rattles when starting and excelerating. This has gotten worse and now the car doesnt start at all. But the rattle is even louder now. What is the problem?
Car won’t start but it sounds like it’s trying to turn over. The battery is good and it has gas. What should I do?
I am thinking of buying a sophisticated obd2 reader. Can I get mode 6 data from my 1999 tl if the reader is capable of providing this information from a supported car?
I have minor issues with the rubber drying out and shrinkage.
2007 tsx with 65000km
Hi anyone. My car is dying mid motion at any speed. Help I cannot afford to keep fixing an unknown problem
Should I But Or Not
Good day. I need info to know where to buy side steeping boards(running boards) for a 2012 Acura ZDX. Thanks
I have a Acura RL 2005 and my ac doesn't work, I've replaced the compressor and still no ac. I Only get warm air. We've checked the fuse and there's no problem. Not sure if it's a electrical problem. Thanks in advance!
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