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On the happened once.

Traction light comes on the engine light flashes what does that mean

my traction light keeps coming on and then this red light starts to flash

i want to drive without seat belt on

It doesn't slip just won't go into drive tranny fluid is clean no sign of metal or burnt fluid

I seem to notice it happening when I stop or put the care in park

Was driving and didnt notice it ran hot until the beep on my car came on and steam and water spewed. I was told I blew a head gasket and my reservoir had a hole in it.

plugs wont work

SUV. Has about 86000 miles don't know if spark plugs have ever been changed. Had vehicle since February of 2016.

My cars in the driveway for a week when I went to drive it again the battery was dead put it on a charger it started up fine but when I started it up the dashboard would not work including the speedometer, gas gauge everything in the dashboard tried to disconnect the negative cable and positive and touch up the 30 seconds that did not work either. Radio and AC stuff work fine

This is all the time not just when stopped or just when driving.

Diver windo and radio not working

I left the key in the ignition and when I returned the battery was dead, I used a jump box to get the car bak running but now my air conditioning is not working.

new tires balanced 2 times. very noisy - scratching type noise. Suspect Front wheel hub?

The screen got broke can just the screen be replaced

replaced the cars battery 3 times.
new key fabs and batterys in them.
have to jump start car intermittently, dash says key not detected

While driving idling

I have to actually turn off lights to keep battery from draining. Sensor light never goes off.

Started 3/5/17 stays on heat no matter what setting

I have dual zone in the front and the back has their own system as well. The dealer I bought this from checked the system when it was 75 degrees outside so of course it was blowing warm but not near as hot as the driver side.

fasten seat belt light, brake light, esp,bas, abs are on, door lock will not engage pushing button on arm rest

I'm trying to replace my power steering high pressure hose, I need to know where the end of it is. I took the end off at the pump, but where does it end?

how do I fix the sound that's not working on my radio? Is it just a bad fuse?

Why does the remote start on our 2011 dodge journey start the vehicle then it stops 10 seconds later?

Yesterday me engine light came up i checked the gas cup all good , what it can be ?

Front air works fine back one doesn't

observed steam coming from under car, and coolant leak at rear center of engine...cannot see origin of leak.

Upon accelerating on highway, steam was noticed coming from underneath the car...arriving home I noticed temp elevated, and coolant loss under right rear side of engine compartment onto suspension.

I removed the blend motors and checked them and rotated the dampers manual still did not help. There are three on the passenger side.any advice

Less than 1,000 miles. Has happened twice. Once in driveway with almost no slope on it. 2nd time while parked at bank, rolled backwards across 5 lane highway with 2 kids in car. A man was able to jump into it, stopped it, confirmed it was in park. No one injured, but car was damaged as it hit several things. Dealer can't duplicate issue and so far refused to fix.