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It’s been going off lately by itself at all hrs of the day or night . I’m not sure as to why it keeps going off on its own
I have a 2011 dodge journey sxt. It has dual climate controls for driver and passenger. When I put the AC on I can only get the drivers side to blow cold air the passenger side blows warm to hot air. Rad was replaced. Has anyone had this issue before and what can be done?
Is it necessary to run the automatic ABS bleed during a standard brake fluid change on a vehicle equipped with a continental MK25e, or is this step only required when bleeding the break system for air removal purposes?
They said my car may need a dual pressure oil pump replaced as well as the oil pressure circuit sensor. They also said oil pressure is very high . Is this a dealer paid for fix and if not how much is it
My small boy was playing with the radio after that all the chanel was lost and still the cd working normal
Went and got my van inspected. I went to drive off the radio screen froze for a sec and went black. Now the screen stays black and won't turn back on. The DVD screen in the back also stays black. I checked for radio fuse, reset the IOD fuse, and reset the battery. Radio off message comes on the cluster when you turn the van on. Not sure where to go from here.
Only during very Cold weather starting cold engine I hear a short metallic sound coming from starter or (sounds like dry engine no oil protecting something) then engine starts fine.
The fuse keeps arcing what would cause it.
Dual controlled air and heat .When you have air or heat on, the left vents have warm to hot air blowing while the right vents has cold air coming out.
The front Air won't blow out but the back seat vents work perfectly!!
Took it to a shop mechanic can’t find anything wrong?
Everything checks out fine still no power until it’s jumped! So I bring it home. Shut it off and hear just barely a motor or something running when I locked the doors? So I unlocked them and just curious leave it unlocked over night! Next morning
It started right up! Is that weird or what? So what needs done? I cannot just leave it unlocked! Any reason for this problem that won’t cost me a fortune???
A sensor on intake manifold causes the engine light to come on. The oil change place put some kind of device on it and it came up with a sensor on the intake manifold is the problem. It seems as though the 2010 Dodge Journey should have better gas mileage.

Could the failing intake manifold sensor be the cause of less gas mileage than what is specified?
The car overheating all the time if driven for a while or engine running
Car is parked and turned off and the horn blows, lights flash and stays blowing off and on for several minutes
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