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Not sure where my traction control switch is on 2017 Dodge Journey crossroads
No heat passenger side, replaced blend door actuator. Still no heat. Any suggestions? Think of flushing heater core
Used the Aux cord last night to listen to music off phone and then when it was unplugged the radio would not switch it back out of the aux mode. Cd's work but not radio!
Why would it blink
how do I open the remote for key to change dead battery
So I have a Dodge Journey 2010, first the horn would not stop blowing, we took the fuse out. Now it won’t start, so we jumped it. Let it run. Thinking there was no issues, until we tried to open the door and nothing, the emergency key won’t open the door. So now I can’t get in to yo do anything
I was told the blower door was stuck....where is that located and is it an easy fix.....2010 dodge journey
The third brake light will not work
I have a oil in my coolant but I do not have any coolant in my oil what could it be none of the fluids are milky except the coolant
Back up lightsnot working
I was told that my evaoorator is likely leaking as I have no air Conditioniing either.
Blows hot on drivers side cold on Pass.
While in running time, the AC fan is starts working automatically. Then I pressed OFF button and again after a couple of minute it starts automatically. Mine is a brand new Dodge Journey 2017 and this complaint starts just two days ago. Am I eligible for repair under warranty if I go to the dealer ?
I have a 2011 Dodge Journey i have replace the battery and alternator and it want stay charged what could it be
All I can see is the temperature control it won't even turn off from the power button.
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