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I had the rear windshield replaced and now have no radio reception so I’m wondering if the glass tech didn’t reconnect the antenna
I had rear windshield replaced and now hav no reception need help please
I haven't been able to find a solution or info on if the blower is the problem or it could be another issue. I replace the blower with a OE part, using the old regulator, which seemed to be fine. Now I have barely any heat and not all the time, though the AC if working fine. The blower is also much less powerful than the original blower. Please help
my ignition switch is not turning and my alarm light are flashing what the problem
Then ESP light (steady) comes on while sitting, engine running. I shut down for 2 hours. Then ALL is back to normal!!! What's going on?
OBDII Monitors Not Ready - Secondary Air System. How do I fix this issue? Do I need to replace the SAS pump and relay valve for the Smog test to pass?
Whenever I need to get my car moving quickly it makes a hard sort of noise coming from up under the car beneath the drivers feet. Its not the engine its either the catalytic converter or back pressure from the turbo I think. Anybody else have this issue?
What could be the problem car was hit and radiator could be licking can you suggest something
It takes a good 4-5 trys just to start up my car. I just got it a little while back. Engine seems to be fine still dont know whats wrong with it. Any help would be great.
The heater ac just blows on low speed. Thanks
When I start the start it vibrates when I step on the gas the entire car jerks.
About half or more of the time now my driver door when I get out and close it or get in and close it and let the close-assist feature suck it shut, it takes 5-10 seconds for it to respond and then pull the door shut. What could be causing this?
I don't know if it matters but my car is equipped with keyless-go. Anyways, I think it is common on this car or any S-Class, but there are two buttons underneath the lip on the back of the trunk/above the license plate. The button that opens the trunk doesn't usually work. I will push it once and it will A) open fully B)open partially and I will have to push the button once more or C)it will open 1cm, push it again and it will open to 1in, push it a third time and it will open fully or D)it will open 1cm, push it again and it opens to 1in, push it again it opens 2in, push it a fourth time and it opens all the way. I have a problem with all of the buttons on my door handles as far as they don't work correctly either. Is this just an overall issue with my keyless-go system or is it something else?
Since I have had my car (100,128mi and currently at 113,800mi) the lights behind the door handles on the passenger side of the car do not work. All other lighting such as behind the passenger door handles as well as the foot wells work. I did research a while back but forgot what I read but I was sure this meant there was a larger underlying issue. Any similar stories or know what may be going on other than "replace the bulbs, take it to the shop"?
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