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I was driving my hunda pilot 2006 and it stopped while on motion without giving any signs, the car had to be tolled away right what could be the problem/s and part of the engine should be checked no noise nor leaks car was Working perfectly .....thank you
I have a Toyota sequoia 2001, I began hearing a louder noise from radiator fan after replacing it. I also replaced the fan clutch and the fan bracket.
Faulty electrical issue. Car will just cut off and go dead especially when It rains. This was reported to Honda as a safety concern but no one ever followed up with the complaint. This should have been a recall. Car will just cut off and steering wheel locks. Happens anytime anywhere and exacerbated when it rains. This is dangerous. I reported many years ago to Honda but they never responded probably because it would Involve a recall
The dealer is saying the Intake Manifold needs to be removed and holes "drilled" out to fully address the problem. Seem pretty dramatic to me.
Yellow engine light was on for about 7-8 days about three weeks ago then turned off by itself, now temp gauge says it's overheating when I am stopped for more than 4-5 minutes.
Hi, I’m reading that there are several year models having water coming in too, seems that it “may” be coming in behind mud flaps (body seal) ?? Please help, I’m tired of going thru tons of wet towels. I own 2 2005 Honda Pilots, only mine is leaking.
New breaks on 2013 Honda Pilot still sounds like metal to metal scrub but only when at slow to stop when light pressure applied to break pedal. Can only hear it if pressing break pedal....
2005 Honda pilot blinking d light car drives fine what is the cause of the d light blinking
I'm thinking about buying an RV Travel Trailer. It's one of those tear drop shapes. If the reason for the maximum towing weight is wind resistance, could I go up to 4,500 lbs for this shape trailer?
Had an oil change on Monday. On Tuesday a trouble light came on indicating that the oil pressure switch was damaged
Just started:
Engine revs without touching gas pedal / Engine revs repeatedly on its own during idle.
Honda Pilot 2017, 1,400 miles on it.
Tonight the gas pump would not go in all the way. Stuck out of the tank 2". Therefore, pump shut off before filling tank.
battery good - maybe problem with security system - all fuses good
2007 Honda Pilot I am hearing a "clunk" coming from the rear back passenger side of the car when I go over a bump or braking.
Emission light flashing and vsa light staying on. Jerks when I take of from a stop. Check gas cap and that was not the problem. What could be wrong and is it safe to drive for a couple of days?
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