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I replaced bulb, fuse and light/signal combination switch and still doesn't work

What seems to make the problem better or worse? It runs then after a few minutes it'cut off but will restart after five minutes and run
How long have you had this problem? It just started today
My front right tire has locked up on me 3 times while driving. I took it to the mechanice and he replaced the brake pads, caliper, rotor and brakes lines. After all that it happened twice again. The mechanic thinks it's the ABS control module . I'm worried he is guessing which is costing me a lot of money. I'm wondering why he wasn't able to figure this out before replacing everything else? What could be causing this?
What seems to make the problem better or worse? occurs when driving
How long have you had this problem? 3 times now
Slow to accelerate when driving. Mechanic claimed it was a bad Pressure Sensor? Said it was a common part for Pilots and that I needed a new one
Car rolled into my headlight breaking it what's the average cost of repair ?
regular maint
It want start
The front passenger window just clicks, but will not go up or down.
Driver side airbag light indicator is on... was told cable at the airbag needs replaced.
When I put in park it does flash,I have checked fluids they are ok so what do I need to do?
When I turn on the ac you can hear the fan kick on but nothing happens. When I turn on the heat nothing happens at all.
Front heat and air works fine
air cond. not working won't blow cold air
The faster the car the less the noise.
vtm-4 and engine lights are on.
noise on passenger side of engine when starting in morning and engine is cold,when it warms up the noise goes away.
It happens when it doesn't rain. I'm constantly sucking water out of my carpets with a shop vac. I've had it in and drainage tubes were blown out to correct any possible clogging.
just started hearing tapping noise,on mornings. now getting louder it seems, like its a diesel engine when starting up. was low on oil just little. Don't see no codes or anything
My over head map lights both work when I manually push them on. When I open front doors they do not come on but the other overhead lights do come on. This makes no sense to me as it affects both sides, and only when a door is opened, but both work when manually turned on. And yet, the other overheads work either way.
Its making loud noises on passenger side under the hood. It also stalled on us once. We drove it to a store, put it in park, but as soon as we put it in any gear it would just stall. Anyone have any clue what this could be? Hoping just a bad tensioner
On the third (top) brake light cover, I have a small piece that sticks out of the main molded peice. This piece broke off and it has a small spring in it. What is this piece for? The brake light still work fine, and wondering if it was some type of option.
Knock sensor malfunction
Code P0325
Is there any electrical connection to both problems? Thank you, Jack
Most of the time I hear a weird noise coming from the passenger side dash, I am sure it is the heat/ac as when I play with the temp the noise changes. What gives?
The power door locks lock and unlock themselves constantly while I'm driving. My remote opens and close all the doors except the driver's side door.doors started locking every time I hit 10 mph if I just recently gone below that same speed. In stop and go traffic it is very irritating. Honda should recalled because is very dangerous driving with children in the back while the doors open and close
Temperature gauge goes high and than causes engine light to turn on. Heat also does not work and smells hot.
This is a general question and not one specific to my particular automobile.
Recently had 3rd and 4th gears pressure sensors replaced. Now cruise control does not turn on/set speed.
replaced alternator, battery is new, its charging fine. The only problem is battery light keeps blinking on and off. Checked for loose cables, corrosion anything, there is nothing. Could it be a fuse or a fuseable cable the problem? Or will the system reset its self?
we had vibration in steering while and went back to dealer where purchased
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