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One owner 2004 Honda Pilot AWD with almost 118,000 miles, regular maintenance at dealership. No leaks on driveway, no problem with steering - but after a recent timing belt replacement and brake job I was told by the mechanic there was a steering gear leak and it would be $2,000 to fix it.
Recently the ignition locked along with the steering wheel, took out key tumbler and removed bad tumblres,(wife had me watch YouTube)apart the key turns , but reinstalled it is completely locked, I do not know were to proceed? Battery, fuses, remotes all check fine
I greatly appreciate your time to read the following car symptoms I'm having. Recently in the last week my 2013 Honda Pilot EX-L 4wd with around 56k miles now out of warranty started to intermittently make noises from the rear driver side power door lock when car got around 10mph. This happened while both increasing speed or decreasing speed, but always around 10mph. Today that same rear passenger door will lock with the remote and interior power door switches, but won't unlock with remote or power door switches. The lock does function properly when switched manually and the door opens.

Is it likely just the rear driver side actuator or something more like the multiplex? All other power door locks are currently functioning as expected. Only the power door lock on rear driver side is acting up. The car has never had any aftermarket enhancements, but I did have to get new battery at 39k miles due to bad cell in original battery. I'm also original owner and car is garage kept.
My left headlight won't come on,but the bright will.I changed the bulb and the fuse seems fine,but might it be something in the electrical system.
Debris keeps building up in the fan casing which causes the air not to work correctly. How to fix it so it doesn’t have to be cleaned out every couple of months.
I over filled the oil. By about 70 percend. The manual states this could damage the engine.
I have noticed a shudder in my 2003 Honda Pilot when I put my brakes on going 30 to 40mp. It is also occasionally feeling like it goes into cruise control. I have never used cruise control on this car. I took it to a Pep Boys and they just said I need new rotors. I really know it has to be something else. And yes they ran the diognastic and nothing showed up. To tell you the truth no codes have ever came up on this car and I believe that is just another way to get money for nothing.

It just came up on the screen and wont go off.
I was driving my hunda pilot 2006 and it stopped while on motion without giving any signs, the car had to be tolled away right what could be the problem/s and part of the engine should be checked no noise nor leaks car was Working perfectly .....thank you
I have a Toyota sequoia 2001, I began hearing a louder noise from radiator fan after replacing it. I also replaced the fan clutch and the fan bracket.
Faulty electrical issue. Car will just cut off and go dead especially when It rains. This was reported to Honda as a safety concern but no one ever followed up with the complaint. This should have been a recall. Car will just cut off and steering wheel locks. Happens anytime anywhere and exacerbated when it rains. This is dangerous. I reported many years ago to Honda but they never responded probably because it would Involve a recall
The dealer is saying the Intake Manifold needs to be removed and holes "drilled" out to fully address the problem. Seem pretty dramatic to me.
Yellow engine light was on for about 7-8 days about three weeks ago then turned off by itself, now temp gauge says it's overheating when I am stopped for more than 4-5 minutes.
Hi, I’m reading that there are several year models having water coming in too, seems that it “may” be coming in behind mud flaps (body seal) ?? Please help, I’m tired of going thru tons of wet towels. I own 2 2005 Honda Pilots, only mine is leaking.
New breaks on 2013 Honda Pilot still sounds like metal to metal scrub but only when at slow to stop when light pressure applied to break pedal. Can only hear it if pressing break pedal....
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