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Main fan runs but two aux fans do not always run
Dash lights come on, fan blows, power windows work, but no crank. Then it will always mysteriously works later... Some times minutes, some times hours. Suggestions on possible problem? Sometimes week can use it for weeks with no problem, other times will not crank when attempting to start several times in a given week.
This is a 5 speed automatic transmission,first 4 gears mechanical with the 5th (OD) gear electronically engaged.Fluid is up and looks great.Tested for codes and have none.Tested micro switch in shift lever (a well known problem),tested good.Checked and cleaned all fuses and cleaned their fuse box contacts.Climbed underneath and did not find any hanging wires.
When you spray gas directly into the carb, it will keep running. there is no pressure there.
It's been sitting for a few years however I covered all the basics to get it running, fluids, battery etc, haven't replaced any parts yet except for the battery, the issue I'm having is that it starts and runs fine until it warms up then just stalls out any information would be helpful. I'm leaning towards a sensor issue but this model doesn't seem to have many.
is this an electrical or is it a haudrolic prblem, the fuses are ok
What do you suggest I do. Brought it to Mercedes dealership. They could not figure it out. Let the car sit for a while starts right up. Afraid to use the car if I have to shut engin. HELP
The car also has hard start problems and spongy brakes.The stalling problem occurs most at high speed when decelerating.The car runs fine otherwise.It does not leak oil or any other fluids.
mid day. gages or normal. mornings and nights just fine
Engine starts then shuts off is this a serious problem and what's the cause
On occasions for example every second or third time my engine will not turn over immediately. When i turn on the ignition some time the radio will not turn on and all the light on the dash come on. Then i will go back to start and try again. some time the radio will turn on and the engine will start. sometimes this could take for or five attempts. any ideas?
It's coming from underneath, between the first and second pipe on the rear 3 piece section,on the engine side. I've had some recent sudden and intermittent overheating problems. Sometimes car runs great but other times it acts like the air/ fuel mixture is off so it is very sluggish on initial acceleration. Sometimes coolant light comes on intermittently when it's not even overheating or losing any coolant?? New plugs, wires, distributor, rotor, radiator reservoir cap, gas cap, air filter, and ??? 92 300sl-24 auto.
was running great parked for a week would not start. replaced distributor cap and rotor, cam and crank position sensors. ecm and ezl checked all fuses has correct fuel pressure showed code for oxygen sensor which was also replaced along with ignition switch. mechanic has gave up on vehicle

Oil Pressure is fine when driving but at idle red light comes on I do not hear and noise that would indicate low oil press. (Rattling in valve train) Just gauge drops and light turns on.
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