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Strong fuel smell in trunk. Shop replaced fuel filter & fuel cylinoid now after I put gas in tank & car has been started a hand full of times, fuel gauge registers empty & fuel light is on. Fuel gauge has always worked until then. HELP!
The rear noise isnt terrible but annoying like riding on snow tires.
well i changed the plastic coolant tube that sits under the throotle and next to the injectors and fuelrail right onder the intake uits a plastis tube that has coolant water run through it and i might of pulled a sensor knockwire off caquse its hangin.i changed around the relays and forgot what color went wouldnt start so i got a jumpstart from someone and it cranked but no start .now it wont cranl but it lights uip the gauges doors lights and all but wont crank now just lights up. what did i do short out the car???can u help me please to get it running its definately electrical not mechanical problem a backyard mechanic told me can someone help???ive tried a new battery also and somethin is draining the battery overnight cause the battery goes dead
The coupe has windows that when the car has both doors closed the wondows shoot up so nothing gets in and when one door is opened the wondows shoot down less than and inch. The light for the doors wont go off unless i turn it off manualy and both doors are closing and clicking but the passenger door panel falls off and isnt completly on but im sure i have it on when i close my doors.
When set on coldest temp, left footwell blows cold air and right footwell hot air. Could it be the Transformer or the heater valve?
I was driving and could hardly see the lights seem to dim when I checked it they where fine
Its hard to steering some times please help
I drive a BMW 318i coupe two door and my passenger side window was playing up a little and today I put it down a little bit but now it just wont go back up or go down. When I press the up button it makes a small click sound but no motor noise and I also noticed that the lights dim in the car when I try and put it up, but it just wont budge! I would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out this problem! Thank you.
My 94 BMW 318is has been experiencing a rough ride for the last month. Every time I go over big bumps, -- clanking noises, kind of Iike a few wrenches bouncing around in a tool box -- come from my right rear tire. A softer hissing sound happens over smaller bumping like someone tapping a cymbal being lightly hit.

I went to one mechanic and got quoted 500$. I'm going to two other shops tomorrow. For other quotes.

Would it be good to buy my own parts to make it cheaper? Is the servicing what costs so much? The parts seem relatively cheap?
never a problem starting it, ususly starts right up..I jumped a expedition the other day,still ran fine,no issues..last couple of days the radio would go out a few seconds at a time,no today I hit a small patch of ice the anit break system and the whole dash came on then w/I seconds everything turned off,wont do NOTHING NOW..NOT EVEN CRANK!!
Upon inspection of my vehicle, it was noticed that there are 2 holes underneath the car on both sides, in the exact same place up front. One person says they USED to be "pressure points" for auto lift, placed there by BMW and that there are actually 4 or were. I have been told that there are actually 3 holes and one space still covered and that it isnt really something to be concerned with. Another person says that BMW would have NEVER done that. Can someone PLEASE tell me what they are and am I over re-acting?
I have recently purchased an E36 (1993 318iS) and am in the midst of fixing things wrong with it. Like others I have read about, my panel "works" at will. The check engine light comes on and I BELIEVE the gas and temp gauges actually work (when they not stuck), but I cant see the mileage or the tripometer unless sun hits it the right way. Aside from some minor things I have found, the car runs beautifully and I'm TRYING to keep her that way, please help
iv had a smell dash fire , and i thank the resezter or morgel got hot hot , and it got my wiring on my closter and some of my wiring honest so iv got to pull the dash to find out all the damanage..
what is it called? who sells it? I don't even want to know why it's there, or what its purpose is, but it's a big vacuum leak.
maybe this site isn't for this...
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