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my husband thought he could replace the transmission fluid and drained it out how does he replace it

car is starting but electronic shut down after car starts

First it started that I could not open trunk manually or electronically. Now the roof won't open saying partition open.

The kind of screw holds the obd port cover on my 2005 mbps silk 350 this cover is located under the drivers side near the hood release

"62325 1.00 short test, found stored fault in audio gateway for open. in most ring, frequency of 84. open reported at radio with integrated CD changer. AFter reset, problem did not occur during testing. If issue persists, will need to start with replacing the radio headunit."

The above codes came on when it was misfiring (which i explained to them is random).I took it to the shop, and they found other codes (I'm is a 2006). After looking at their codes, they found the bumble flap to be loose. They repaired these..and i was hoping it fixed my problem. They felt it would possible fix the problem. They did switch the coil to another circuit without a misfire or new code..which is no surprise since the misfire is random. Am I being unreasonable in my frustration that I paid out 1,400 to have the tumble flap replaced, (because it was loose) and still having to take it back, and now paying for a stupid coil replacement?! (He showed them the misfire codes, and explained this was when the engine was running)

When I put the key in and turn it to the first position all the lights and gauges come on and ,sometimes, when I start the car all the guages die and I lose the ability to use my blinker,windows, ac, tach or speedo read. When I shut off the car and restart it they will work again. What is causing this and how an I fix it?

Just stop working.I checked the fuses , seems ok . Any suggestions?

Replace seal on front end - between transmission and motor due to oil leak

I got a 2005 SLK 350 and they put to much oil in the car it started smoking when i first started it in the mornings and than it started leaking oil. Now i have drained the oil down but still leaking.

so the sat nav screen in my car has gone white with horizontal rows of black it still plays the music but if you mess with the volume it will shut off and turn on and off then on and off with no music!i heard it may be the ground wire any helps i want to diagnose and fix it if possible! thank you!

Had to jump car off to get it out of garage and took to a shop to recharge battery. Thought problem was the loop for the electrical would not let audio come on when weak battery. Audio worked before battery ran down. I understand there are fuses, particularly one behind radio, could that be the problem. I have checked the fuses in the interior compartment of car and in the engine and they have connectivity. The fuses are not the color the chart states they should be, but that may just be my vision or color perception; I know they have connectivity at the location the chart states is for audio. Any answers

I have replaced the batteries in the smart key but can only operate the top from inside the car

The MB dealer I am considering purchasing a CPO car from told me that the brake pads have 6 mm remaining. However, during the pre-purchase inspection by an independent certified foreign car mechanic, the mechanic said that the rear brake pads have 30% remaining and the front pads have only 20% remaining, and that a new set of brakes will be needed fairly soon. The dealer responded by saying that the brake pads had to have at least 50% remaining in order for the car to be Certified about one month ago. How many millimeters do new brake pads for that car have? I was also told that if I just change the pads without the rotors, it is almost a sure thing that squeaks will develop when braking. Can the brake pads be changed without having new rotors (and sensors) installed as well?

Can anybody help me please i have slk350 model 2005 my navigation does not on only i see mercedes logo and it switch off again.
i tried changing new battery but still same only it works in 1 way . i relug the batery it works but when i switch ff the car the next day it does not work unless i replug the battery can anybody help me please

I want to make sure my little dog won't hit the dashboard

what is the problem

This has happened 3 times, each time I can park the car and the next time I start it and drive, the AC will blow cold air. This time it has not corrected itself. What should I start looking at to correct this?

why car did not start after battery boost

already changed filter odor still there. I think the flush should be under the mfg warranty they say it is not.

I've owned the vehicle for about six months, and took it to the dealer before it went out of warranty. I reported that I had intermittently detected a very strong, obnoxious odor in the passenger cabin of the car. Kind of a chemical odor - bad enough to burn my eyes at times. I've not been able to determine a particular condition that seems to produce the situation. And the dealer was unable to find a cause. But it still is happening. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't know if emissions are leaking into the car from the engine compartment or there is some electrical problem. I need help.

is there a battery in the trunk of the SLK 350, If so where is it at ? I was told by my Mercedes Dealer there is one fro accessories