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It will start sumtimes and then others it want

I ordered a new key from BMW but they were unable to program it (and of course they want me to make a costly service appointment). Could the transmitter receiver be bad? Is there a fuse for said item?
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

car disp[lay keeps going on and off also does the the passenger light oring

It was in a accident but it was just repaired its condensation in the light fixture

2 years ago the dealership replaced condensor, compressor etc.. A/C worked good for 2 years althought havent used it accessively in the past summer seasons. I recently added R134A , autozone. 44dollar can w/pressure gauge.. The a/c came on cold for only two days, then started blowing hot air again.checked climate settings and its ok

I have checked the fuses and disconnected the battery several times but the top will not go down. The navigation screen says "top not locked". We used the allen wrench and manually tried to lock/unlock to no avail.

I was told that they needed to put an expandable pipe in ?

It won't pass emissions so I need to LOCATE/REPAIR to 3 bad sensors.

Turn over??

Listed as runs great

a allen wrench but i still get error message , Top does not go up or down , Is there a way to reset it

last year weird messages would pop up steering stability, a picture of window, radio would like pop and turn off. Dealer said it was battery, then alternator, then battery wasnt registerd. I couldnt afford anymore so I drive it. Parked for winter, and just drove again, got tramsmission warniing, then window picture, then radio popped then it came back on. All messages go away and never come back on after I turn car on. Delaer says its a main computer, thats hard to get to and costs about 3000 totoal to repair and reset all things...I dont trust anyone anymore. I didint know this car was so expensive to fix, and now think I have to sell> I feel screwed by dealer...

after which I need to jump the car off to start it again.

2004 BMW 645 ci Transmission Malfunction light comes on and stays on, car still drivable but with reduced acceleration, took to BMW and they said I need a new strike plate but if that don't work we will try something else. can't enjoy this car because of the faulty symbol keep coming on. scared to drive out of town. Any advice, thanks

but car still drivable but reduces acceleration.

whenever i drive the car for a bit.ill switch off as you do and then when i restart the car the steering wheel isnt straight.and gets worse everytime i start the car until i switch the car off for about 40 mins then it resets it

then da battery goes dead n car shuts down then wen i jump started it turns on and starts working again until it does it whenever it wants to again,the wipers wont turn off now nor da windows nor steering wheel buttons work nor da inside lights

Do I put the charger on the battery and if so should I disconnect it or do I charge it throught the the connector under the hood.

this error came up a few times while driving

what will cause the car to have a little blue smoke only now and a stand still .the car saids I have high only does it at taking of from a idle at a light

It only happens on occasion and only when I happen to be idle at an intersection longer than usual and even then not always. Let's say 4-5 times in the past month. The dealer claims its Valve seals that need replacement. Another guy says if that was the case it was be constant although he needs to investigate it further. The car has 125 kms and sounds/ looks perfect

It does not work the first time I try to start the car.. But when I wait 15 to 20 minutes it will start up.. What's the problem??