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If I am at a stop light too long it will overheat.

the car cranks good runs good but when you put it in drive and give it gas it tries to die and starts spitting and sputtering if you feed more gas you can get it to go but has began using a lot more gas to

just installed a new radiator.

This problem started last summer but subsidied when cooler weather came. This summer it has gotten progressively worse and now Service Engine Soon light is on. It has no issue starting, and does not idle poorly, or erratically.
It doesn't seem matter what speed i am going. I did discover if i use cruise control , the issue no longer exist

When I turn on my car for the first time of the day, I can drive it for about 5 mins, then I start seeing the RPMS slowly start to bounce up. The longer I drive, and more the meter bounces until the RPM meter is going completely crazy. While this is happening, my car is jerking, and struggling to accelerate, idles roughly, and misfires when driving. It can't even go over 40 mph by this time. It even gets so bad that the car starts to stall, and even struggles to start. But when it cools back down, it starts with NO problems. I've gotten check engine codes, and it's telling me that the O2 sensor was bad..changed that. In fact, changed that, spark plugs, wires, coil packs, throttle body sensor, tested the MAF, passed, and changed the cam shaft position sensor. The same exact problem is happening. I'm running out of options. Definitely would appreciate the help!

it is a 4 cyl

The symbol just appeared today. I cannot find a reference to this in the manual

The map sensor was broken off after an accident. What is the process to do a cycle drive so when replaced it will go off?

i check there just 1 fan working from 2
that happen on the Ac mode working

my lighter plug will not work for a lighter, charger, ect.
ive replaced the fuse with the old and new ports. ive touched the wires together and it wont even power it up for a second. what else could be wrong?

I'm trying to locate my pcv valve and it's not located on top. I can't seem to see it.

After losing my drivers rear tire in traffic, I put the spare tire on and noticed the blinkers, brake lights and fuel gauge don't work. Flashers do, everything else works. everything. Im hoping a common ground wire. Tire did not roll under rear of montero.

The floor is wet and I'm always putting in antifreeze every other day

There are 2 antenna wires coming from car and only one hole in my aftermarket stereo.
There are also 2 extra plugs that i have nowhere to plug in

My finger doesn't fit in between the tire and rear knuckle so I'm not sure if there's different knuckles do bigger rims or what. Please help me and Thank You.

So the battery died, which isn't unusual considering my sound system is slightly draining my battery somewhere. Went to jump start the car and as soon as I take off the jumper cables, it dies. So I figure its the alternator. Replaced the alternator, now the car still won't stay running AND my radio is now dead. Kind of at a loss here I'm not sure what happened

Stoped 3 times to fill gas tank and died got 5 gallons of gas pumped and died all 3 times, never happened before. At 9000 miles oh shit handle feel off. Notice as well gas and trunk leavers are extremely loose, mounting screw was backed almost all the way out hanging on by one thread.

Went the light come on on the dash sometime the engine die And sometime the engine light disappear in like three or four seconds and continue like normal but then do it again, I don't know but I feel is the computer because the computer is make a little sound like click

Valve cover gasket replacement . Would you use a molded rubber gasket?

So about 4 months ago my A.C. stopped blowing cold air. We put coolant and no luck, and it didn't leak either. Now, if I turn on the A.C. the battery light will turn on and the car turns off. Any suggestions on what could be wrong ?

I took into the emission test center. The tech wouldn't listen to me and put it on dynameter to test. As soon as the test was complete and he turned it off, it died and wouldn't start up. We had to push it out of the station. Waited 20 minutes and it started, so I got home. But now it turns over, but won't stay running.

Tengo liquen por el tapón no tienen rosca gracias

can died - i'm told it needs: crankshaft, all kinds of stuff and I received an estimate for 7,000$ dollars!!!

lleve al auto a ponerle las pastilla nuevas de los fenos y cuando salio tiene las luces de ANTI LOCK y TCL encendida, cuando loenciendo en la mañana estan apagadas y despues de caminar unas millas ambas se encienden

It was bogging out if you would step in it real quick. I replaced maf sensor for that and it doesn't bog anymore but I was getting engine light replaced gas cap it went awa y then the light again this time the O2 sensor. What's next fuel pressure regulator? I had the throttle body and injectors cleaned out with the pressurized solvent. New plugs and plug wires. New battery optima. Any ideas seems like hard to diagnose

While driving and listening to radio, it cuts out and phone is displayed, then returns to radio mode. I believe car is not Bluetooth ready

My car is hard to start after refueling. Doesn't matter if I fill it up or just a few gallons.

It will take a few tries for me to get it fully started. I do hear a few seconds of rr rrr rrr and then the car just dies(?) I will have to re-do this several times or like today, I pushed the key to the max and made the rr rrr rrr noise lasted a few seconds longer and the car finally started.

No check engine light is on. Though there's a PENDING P0455 Gross leak code.

The mechanic changed the purge valve and the problem still persists

could it be the transmission module

They also said they have a brick underneath the tire so it doesn't move what could be wrong with it and roughly how much would it be to get fixed

Noise in rear end