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I'm trying to install an aux cable to my mitsubishi galant 2008. I recently learned that holding down the CD button is a good way to check if your car is aux capable. I did that but nothing came up, can i install a new radio that is aux capable? or is my car in general not capable?

I checked the box and i saw that the pin all the way at the corner was 10 pin connector.

Thank you
I took my 2003 Mitsubishi in for regular maintenance last week. When I got it back the Multi Center Display (clock) would not work. Is it a fuse, battery or other problem or is there a way to restart the display. On this model the display operates a clock and compass. I don't use the compass. The CD player is working.
The rear doors of my Mitsubishi Radar Radar 2008 will not been opened. How I can fix it?
I would just like to know where and how to find the turn signal flasher relay the manual isn’t much help in my opinion
I have a 2004 Mitsubishi Outlander 2.4 and it doesn't pass the smog check because the EGR is not ready but everything else does pass. My engine light is not turned on either. The mechanic replaced the egr, cleaned up the area and told me to drive it. I've been trying to reset it for over a month with no luck and is extremely frustrating. What can I do??? My car runs perfectly fine.
No power when shifting
Hi, I have a 2015 Mitsubishi outlander sport es. i want to use Castrol Transmax CVT transmission fluid instead of CVT -J4 that Mitsubishi recommends. Is that ok?
no problems. just looking into larger capacity fuel tank for vehicle
Wires ripped out of plug need to know where the wires go back to
changed out the fan blower and the resister and now theres no power to the ac/heater controlls
I’m driving a 1999 Mitsubishi Galant and I can’t get it out of park. I’ve tried looking for a shift interlock override button but can’t seem to find one anywhere. Not on the the shifter itself or near the dash or steering wheel. All taillights and break lights are working properly. Can’t seem to figure this out. Any ideas of how I can get it out of park or do I need to pay for tow company to get me to a mechanic?
button to open gas cap door doesn't work. can i manually release door from the trunk?
endeavor built 10/04 that has fuel but no spark
It has no immobilizer system on it (do to build date), all fuses are good , have good reading from crank & cam sensors . it just turns over does not fire at all even if you give it a bit of gas. It has no spark . It had a hard start some times here and there but I kind of blamed it on water in the gas because it was so cold out and it went a way . after I did vale cover gaskets & intake gaskets it stared right up and then died 3 sec. later and now it does not even try to fire . I have fuel but no spark
Can hear and tell motor is running but wind not lined up something
hi ive been given a 98 vr4 single turbo,its been sitting for a number of years,the dash and lights do there thing,but it wont kick over,the alarm makes no noise and thinking maybe a demobilizer active,how can i know or find out
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