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We replaced the bulb, also when we put the turn signals on the flasher blink inside the car. The lights to light up the dashboard went out. We checked the fuses they are good.
Thanks Alex and Pushrod for previous response. An Exact answer to this last question will be Suffice. Thanks again
Autozone could not tell me is this Sensor located on Driver side or Passenger. May you please clear this up for me. I don’t have the time, money, or energy left for anymore mistakes. Thanks again for your Prior response. Very helpful.
I wasted money replacing the Wrong Sensor I desperately need to Make Sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks
Replaced fuel pump and engine will turn over but won't start
my key fob will not work as I have three keys that will run my 08 mit. raider none of the three will work (and yes there are new batteries in all three) wondering where location of remote entry is located !!!
I removed the fuel line from the fuel rail to check fuel supply, no fuel. I also tested the electrical connection at the fuel pump and their is no power getting to the fuel pump. I checked all fuses and they seem to be good. Any suggestions ?

Idle fine just when trying to drive won't pick up speed
This started a couple days ago. I hear it mainly in the back.
I'll be driving for about 30 or 40 minutes and my car will be running fine then the rpms go to 0 and all the dash lights come on then my car won't start unless I sit for 5 minutes then it will start up again but it will do the same thing it has a brand new battery starter fuel pump and filter
New timing belt new water pump new sencer won't start
I have a 2001 mitizubshi mirage it has 95,000 miles on it when should I replace the timing belt
I was driving down the road and it was like it popped in neutral. In all gears no traction. It just revs up
why dont i have spark at my injectors on my 2002 mitsubishi lancer
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