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I replced the clutch and now 1st and 2nd seem to be reversed car takes off fine in second but sluggish in 1st bogs down when you switch from 1st to 2nd
Replaced with new battery in key fob (its a remote start) and still not starting. Drove car this morning, went to leave for lunch and saw the warning message and it won't start.

Is there something else I need to do once I change the battery? A reset button or something like that possibly?
The Fosgate media/navigation radio will cut out after two minutes. No sound. Tried everything.
But will come back on if I turn the engine off then on but again for only a few minutes. Anyone know why??
After about 30 miles of driving the on and off lights for the traction control come on, if i pull over turn my vehical off and back on they go off but come back on after a few minutes of driving, if i leave it off for about a hour or so they do not come back on till after about 30 milez of driving again
the 4wheel drive icon is flashing & I have seen it leaking over time but don't know where to add the fluid
Can't get starter off.
put the transfer case in 4 high and know it wont shift to awd
I have replaced all spark plugs,wires,coil pacs,fuel injectors,cam sensor, crank sensor and still have a p300 code,plus a cam sensor fault code no one can figure out was wrong with it it's been doing it for months and had it to 2 shops already and I can't drive it because don't want to hurt other parts in engine and make more problems I have spent $650 on it already no leaks no noises motor runs strong until it kicks the first time then the service engine light comes on again don't understand what is wrong with it could it be the catalytic converter or something else that has to do with fuel or air mixture because of the p300 code not sure why the cam sensor fault code is on also the sensor is brand new really getting frustrated with this car because paying for it and can't drive it really sucks but I like the car just want it to run like it should so I can drive it
i turn on the car i forgot i unhook the battery so i went to hook up the battery-- i hook up the positive first then when i tryed to hook up the negative i heard this clicking noise so i stop then i tryed again heard the noise again and stop--then i remember my car was on i turn it off then hook up the battery but when i went to start the car up i noticed the clock time was wrong in the clock got dimmer when i tryed to start it, i could tell it would start but i didnt start it.... do you think I damage anything?????
The air conditioner makes a hissing sound, like air being let out of a balloon.
It was checked and re gassed but it happened again after 10 days. No leaks were found and the system was all out of gas. If it's not a leak what is it?
the heater blows out cold air and is making a buzzing sound when I turn the heater on
I bought this car from someone they said they replaced the clutch I found out the slave cylinder was leaking so I put a new one in it and proceeded to bleed the system it also has a new master cylinder for the clutch but it still will not go anywhere and it goes In all gears but it will not move the car will not move it will move if I Revit up real high it will move just a little
Car will not say anything replaced starter and Battery still nothing turned on the switch and jumped the starter and the car started thinking wire or fuse
changing the valve cover gasket now, and sealing the timing belt cover back with some rtv. Ticking was loud all the time but would change up as if it was a bearing issue in the transmission. still trying to pin point
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