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Radiator fan not turning on. Fuse is good.Fan runs if connected to battery.
Feels like the tranny is slipping but when i come to a stop its idling but no pedal power .
I ran over one of the orange cones . I think it damaged my oil pan cuz there is oil everywhere and my oil light can on insteadly
Someone else said he thinks its my transmission
Check engine light came on changed sensor drove fine for 20 miles or so then light came back on and not shifting again. What is the problem?
Something is wrong with my ac... it works on 1,2,and 3 but doesn't on the 4th one. Before that every now and then it would blow out smoke, not heavy but light for like 15secs every now and then. Does anyone know what's wrong?
The cold air was working about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The weather has turned warm and I can not feel any cold air even when set on 60.
It feels as though it's not catching gears and it's it is jerking and Bucking in between gears when it's not revving high and not changing gears
When I try to start the car it won't start with the keyless remote when I push the break and hit the start button
I have reset several times but eventually the airbag dashboard light keeps blinking
I got it change two days ago and the car has been running more sluggishly ever since. They are trying to sell me a fuel system cleaning service. I am suspicious.
My Cube has approx. 40 K miles. At my last oil change performed by Nissan. The tech noted motor mounts showing wear. Is this a problem with the Cube?
this will be the 3rd one in 120414 miles. is it worth the money to fix the transmission and perform the 120000 service at 700.00 dollars
We have brought our vehicle to 2 different dealerships. On neither occasion was the leak fixed. We wound up w a total bill> $360, essentially for freon. What recourse do I have?
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