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Loss of power will occur. Then some time after car sits (12 hrs) it drives normally. I have Gen 2 Stillen intakes installed.
The light does not turn on anymore, and when it stopped working, my trunk does not open with the remote either. I want a referral to a place that can fix the electrical problem and that won't rape me for money, I'm a single Mom and just want someone honest.
Rims and am now getting all kinds of warning lights and the speedo does not function
I put c5 rims on my z and now I am showing a bunch of warning lights after removing the bolt on the front two disk breaks
The trunk used to open completely when you pressed the trunk release button in the back above the license plate. Now, it just makes a clicking sound and the trunk stays locked. Any ideas?
I accidently ran over a curb. The underside of the bottom panel below the door on the passenger side is all scratched up and has been pulled away from the body.
So I bought a 09 370z Touring non sport 6 speed Manual transmission. I bought it with 87K miles. CARFAX is clean and car is in somewhat good condition. Everything is dry underneath and no sign of leaks other than the Passenger side floor is soaked. After reading forums it sounds like I MAY have a clogged drain or tube. Would that or something related to this keep the service light on? I got the oil changed and full service done. Just didn't do filters. The engine light is still on and it's annoying the crap out of me. Any ideas?
window opens slightly when you open door but will not auto up when I close door, window goes down more every time you open then close door , just not back up. Removed door panel and disconnected window harness to inspect speaker, unit worked properly before I did this, up and down switches on driver and passenger side both work correctly
Nothing working on car, I jumped car this morning and not even the radio turned on. Car is only 7 weeks old and not sure what happened. Thought it was the battery but charging didn't work.
No warning lights on this bad gas?
Every now and the there is a thump sound when switching from park to reverse the emergency brake is pulled up after backing car is put into drive. Then shifting from park to reverse CLUNK 19970 miles on the car
2010 370z nismo
Contacted dealership, Nissan stated aware of problem, do not have a solution. While I was there they stated another 370z had same problem , could not fix. Offloaded a new 370z from delivery truck, same problem. Drove a 2014 370z no problem, very smooth. They have a trade in 2012 370z, same problem in front end. I stated it appears the problem has been around for awhile and nothing been done?
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