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I took the car in for a service and I still get same message. BMW shops cant find the problem.
From bottom of engine consuming alot of oil mechanic says I need crankshaft have spent over 8thousand on repairs car is worse now than when I 1st took it in
I have an 09 BMW m6 , g power super chargers, I noticed I'm seeing light/gray smoke coming from the exhaust at various time. I got the 2 crankcase valves change due to this issue, but still seeing smoke after it was done, is this normal? Also, do these type of vehicles drink oil like crazy?
I was just driving the car the other day with no issues. Long story short, my electrical parts such as the ecu and trans computer got wet, so did the passenger floor. I don't really want to go into detail how this happened, but yet it was my stupid mistake. So I did my best to dry all the connections and everything. After this i reconnected my battery and tried to start the car. It started but now it had all the lights on. Traction, yellow brake light, engine light, red trans dong, and few other things. After this my car stopped going into gear. My friend was able to reset a few things with his computer and finally the car shifter lit up red. So i was able to shift into R, N, and D. But when i try to drive, it kind of grinds and says "Clutch Adoption Active". I cant drive the car now. Also if i shut the car off it doesn't start back up. I have to disconnect the battery and reattach it and it will start again. Has anyone ever had this issue before? Is my trans computer bad? Do i just have to reset my trans software? I have a few errors for SMG on the Solus Pro scanner. And my INPA cant connect to my trans computer. If i try to do the adoption it comes up with an error. My battery is only showing 12.8v so i put it on the charge.
I have a distinct clunking noise from the rear differential especially in the drive mode of the smg. After coming to a complete stop, the transmission is slow to engage first gear upon acceleration and again experience a loud clunk and slam into gear.

I have had the BMW rear end bulletin lubrication fluid replacement performed but no difference.
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