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hot weather causes plastic door panel to stick at bottom, can't open door from inside or outside
I have a problem with my Van . I have a message Service Vehicle Soon on my info center .I understand this is a BCM Code had it retrieved says battery current sensor which I replaced prior to the code so I replaced it again . No luck so now I'm trouble shooting the connector which is a 3 wire 1 is current sensor voltage is 10.3 the second is current sensor low voltage which is .17 to .19 which I am told is out of spec should be .23 to .25 and the 3rd wire is current sensor signal which is 10.3 volts . I need some background on what the voltages should be or help determining what the problem is
When passenger door opens the radio stops but when drivers door everything continues to play or run
Every time it gets over 75 degrees my air conditioner blows hot air

Oil pressure word warning ....
....comes on sometimes usually when going up long foot hill grade. Loss of power. Downshift to 3 then 2 - no problem. Van is loaded about 700# cargo + one driver + one overweight cat.

Power steering fluid leak...
Started out as pinhole. Now I’m refilling daily. Makes groaning sound turning left but not right. It’s gotten louder. Van wasn’t happy not being driven 2 weeks at a time, twice, in 6 week period. Steering wheel hard to turn when more fluid needed.

Yellow engine light kicks on if going up long foothill grade. Overheats. Then will reset itself when back on the flats again. OnStar has said Its an emissions issue. Gas cap was replaced a couple months ago. Helped but didn’t fully resolve. I got the more expensive good cap. Cheaper one didn’t help at all.

Front signal bulbs. Mechanics have tried replacing. New bulbs still don’t solve problem. Tachometer dial upper right end burnt out.

Estimate? Fix or trade? Good til this year.

The back up alarm on my 2007 Chevy uplander is not working
I have changed battery, reset key fob, checked wiring which ac is not connected back yet. Replaced it new but no fridgent added yet.
And it still heats up but the water is cold in the radiator so what could it be
Changed water pump and thermostat but still heats up
Will not open or close
Every time i fuel up
When I start the van dinging is constant the whole time the van is running
Van has a new therm sensor, new radiator, new thermostat and thermostat gasket. A coolant leak was just fixed as well. The thermostat needle is still going from the middle to close to cold then close to hot but doesnt actually hit hot before it goes back up. Heat goes in and out as well.
when I leave my driveway, van doesn't want to shift from 1 to 2. hits about 3000 rpm and its like it goes in neutral. I have to slow down enough for rpm to engage around 1500 rpm, tap gas pedal a couple of times and it will shift, then it's fine til I park it. 3rd, 4th and 5th do't seem to be affected, just 1st to 2nd and only the first time. when I come to a stop sign and then accelerate it shifts fine. Park it for 20 minutes and it doesn't want to shift again. It is leaking a little up near radiator but levels are ok. could it be a pressure bleed due to leak and will a flush, fill and filter solve my problem.
My 2005 Chevrolet uplander is overheating. I changed the thermostat, water pump and the cooling fans are working. It started right after the battery died during a very cold week. I changed the battery and the overheating started and has happened ever since.
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