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what does it mean when it says 'service past due B1
2012 i have had the 12v battery warrantied the dc dc converter so i had that replaced and the dealer is stumped because it keeps blowing a fuse supposedly...since the wires are warrantied i believe they r changing those next. What would your diagnosis schedule be. Its at a dealer. So i want to stay informed because they have tried to make me pay wvwry step of the way. Thankfully ive done my research
Had a new dc dc converter put in....for free from honda charged me for a new 12v n is saying it isnt ima battery. They say they need to contact honda anerica for diagnosis wondering what else it cud be because i habe a copy of the federal emissions warranty sheet n i live in MA so im good
I changed oil in my Honda cr-z. Drove the car for a day then tried to reset oil reminder. now the car will not start. I was able to reset oil life to 100% but then the display said " check airbag" check something else but I was unable to do that.
twice now car won’t start. First time day after I bought it, they said battery from sitting replaced and running until yesterday. I drove it, parked it, tried to start it couple hours later - nothing but a beep sound. Dealer ran tests today they say nothing found. Help. o sounds heard. Doesn’t turn over. 6 months ago was the first incident and battery was replaced. Nothing since then.
What does this running lean signal mean?? How do I go about repairing it?

I'm trying to get my car to past smog
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