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I replaced my battery and my starter in a matter of 2 days apart. Since then my gauges [ecept oil & Water pressure] none work. No speed clock, no fuel gauge and no radio or AC blower .are working. It all came up deffective the day I put the battery on. What went wrong? Thanks.
This is on my 92 Safari, not a 91 Safari! I have flushed my coolant system as well as flushed the heater core. I disconnected the hose from the "Y" connector on top of the water pump and found that there is no water flowing out of the water pump.
on safari 95
I've had this knocking sound on the underside of my van for a long time. I took it to Les Schwab Tires & Brake. They couldn't pinpoint the noise, but they thought it was something else causing the noise to the tune of around $800. Paying that amount didn't cure the problem. The same noise is not too soft nor too loud, just in between. My van still drives okay. Once in awhile I hear a clunk noise when shifting from Park to "D".
I replaced the battery and started my GMC van, started right up, sounded good. I had a broken line on my brakes so I disconnected the battery and had the vehicle towed to the shop. When they reconnected the battery it was extremely difficult to start and barely ran at all. What happened?
I dont have the fuse box cover and need to know what fuse is for tge headlights and rear lights
mounted new starter . went to reconnect battery, touched red to terminal and the van cranked without key in! What is wrong? Is ECU involved?
aalso shake bad over 40 miles per hour
Had replaced the battery,starter, and alternator. Ran good for about a day. Then the battery drained and died while running. What's the problem now?
checked obvious stuff like fuses.
im thinking that the odometer is responding to the speedometer.
should i start my search for the cause at the speed sensor or some place else?
The old one rumbled for awhile. Then started to make a high pitch noise. Eventually stopped working at all. I put a new blower fan in. There's power to the unit but still doesn't work!
Excluding obviously poor quality mfg, like China, there is still a range from Delphi at at$70 to Ac Delco at $300. What is the reason for this. Im i getting more if I pay more?Last week I got a new fuel pump assembly priced at $280 locally, for $48 on line. It was perfect. I understan the brick and mortat mark up but that does not address why the vast price range on line. Am I missing something here?

Question 2. as long as I am at it should I change out plugs and wires as well?
a cracked distributor housing makes me want to replace it. what do you think?
Can jump the negative wire and compressor starts. But can't leave the jump as it would drain power when off..
I've heard there has been problems with wiring harness corroding and wires breaking. Do I need whole harness replaced? CPU?
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