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Auxiliary condenser fan doesn't run. High pressure on refrigerant. Compressor clutch engages. Low pressure pipe not cold. Fuse #44 ok. Replaced actuator motor.
Any suggestion, please?
Broke the door where I fill up with gas, gas cap is day have dead battery. Just wondering if related at all...
the smog tech told me the readiness codes needed to be reset and that I should lookup the drive cycle and perform it.
Hi I currently don’t have my manual to get the code for my radio . My radio just got reset and I don’t know the code by heart .
There is a popping sound from the speaker just before the radio goes off. I am wondering if it is something other than a speaker problem since no stations come up in a Scan when this occurs?
I cannot to move gear lever
which valves must rock when camshaft is on mark both sides please on v8
Car turns over as if it wants to start then wont start battery sounds strong
What seems to make the problem better or worse? Unknow
How long have you had this problem? 3 months
When I drive have a heavy smell of gas, only leaks when car is on, and can I drive it until I fix it?
All I needed was fluid. Due to Vandelism, the fluids were drained. No Garlyn and Sheldon in Temple are saying the cost is 5213.00.

Requested Service: Front End Differential and Replacement/ Repair

Estimated Cost: 2500- 3500

Why am I being over charged?
What do I need to do to fix this problem
show me where the transmission stick is at
It is not listed in Manual, even though it is shown.
I had my battery changed and followed instructions for resetting signal code. I put in the code, but when I key in last number and hit ok, it goes back to first number and flashes. When I insert a cd, it either says "cd error, check cd" or "blank cd"". What is going on? I use good cd's. Even tried with brand new cd...same thing.
It happened on my way home from town last night, about 1o miles from home.
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