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What’s a fair price to replace my struts? Also a wheel alignment.
I ordered a cv-axel on line and it came with an abs ring. The main question I have is how I repair my car so I can get back on the road quickly.
1996 mazda protege engine turns and it wants to start but no starting, no engine light
1996 mazda protege engine turns and it wants to start but no starting, no engine light
So I've had my car about 6 months. 3 months ago I had gotten new plugs, those "wires" for the plugs (I want to call them 'cables' but are not sure that is correct and do not want to mislead you, thinking I'm referring to some other part) and an oil change. Car was very peppy and fun to drive after that. But about 2 weeks ago, I noticed my acceleration was kind of sluggish and it felt like my rpms would run higher before switching gears. I checked trans fluid and added some (probably should have just drained and started fresh, but did not have the time or resources at the time) which seemed to temporarily help the issue. I noticed that it was only happening after work when my car had been sitting in the sun all day or at night when I had been driving it a bit. But in the morning to go to work when it had been sitting and cooled, it ran peppy again. But it struggles up hill, and even trying to accelerate further it would lose speed uphill. I do also notice that once it gets into 3rd gear, it seems to shift normally. I enjoy learning about my car and doing small repairs myself, I actually "fixed" my MAP sensor when the garage told me it needed replaced (CEL was on for months) when in fact it was a disconnected vacuum hose! So i really hope this is something I am capable of remedying on my own. I am in no way a mechanic and looking up similar problems on the internet has left me confused because I don't understand much car lingo but I am very eager to learn and fix this problem. If I missed any other important info, please ask! Thanks in advance!
CHECK ENGINE LIGHT ON. Have checked map/Iat , evap canister vent solenoid,evap solenoid valve, replaced fuel cap, reset light and will be off for a day
QUESTION IS SIMPLE ENOUGH...Where is the fuel tank pressure sensor located . THAT IS WHAT I WANT TO KNOW....PERIOD !!!!!!!!!
I have a 2001 Mazda protege and I'm trying to figure out to set it off

What seems to make the problem better or worse? low speeds or idle make it worse
How long have you had this problem? one week
I talked to auto parts guy about the issue and he said he would run Sea Foam through the vacuum hoses. I am not clear on what to do exactly. Instead, I unplugged the green passenger side plug and sprayed the connector and the plug with electric parts cleaner and reconnected. I reset my car battery. My check engine light came back on that same evening. I thought about replacing the VCTS solenoid, but I can't find the VCTS solenoid for my car online. The plug looks fine. I'll have to measure voltage. Any thoughts you may have on how to resolve this issue is very much appreciated.
I was driving on the highway and my tire blew out and now my car won't start!!! The radio lights and every work but won't turn on I have a full tank of gas too.
I have Spark going int the coil but no spark coming out of coil. So obviously got a new coil and still did not fix problem. Distributor is turning. Has new cap and rotor. I did notice that when you turn the key on the engine light is not coming on. ECU maybe? Or Ignition control module? It will crank over fine but will not start. Please help! If anyone has had this problem and knows a solution please let me know. thanks.
It cuts off...could it be my slave and master cylinders?
Today we Caught a flat, jacked the car up, and took the front right tire off. Suddenly, the jack fails. Then, the car comes down on the front right rotor brake. We put the spare tire on and started the car but when i attempted to accelerate the car didn't move, it just hesitated and made a noise. But if I would have pressed the issue for the car to go with rapid speed something would've crack/broke.
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