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My engine light came back on a month after I fixed the last time which was almost a year ago
Running light stopped working, changed it, after putting the left brake light back on the car, no lights worked on the back left of the car. Ive never had wiring issues before.
new tires i need 3 need price
My 2003 mazda protege lx has a hesitation issue only while my foot is on brake?
03 Protege. Locked brakes up yesterday to avoid hitting someone & stopped a few blocks later at a store but it wouldn't start 15 minutes later when I got back in it. I had noticed the muffler sounded louder than usual that morning before I hit the brakes & my steering seemed harder than normal. It tries turning over just won't start.
2002 Mazdaspeed protege
I've recently had an issue with my afr's being way off. At idle it fluctuates from 10-17afr and averaging in the 15 zone. While cruising I can feel the car going lean and rich while afr's will drop to 10 and go as high as 17.
A boost leak test has been done.
There are no vacuum leaks.
02 sensor has been replaced.
EGR has been tested and cleaned.
Fuel injectors have been replaced with new ones as well as gaskets/o-rings.
New intake gasket and manifold gasket.

The only trouble codes I'm getting are for bank 1 too rich and EGR insufficient.
Vehilce: Mazda Protege 2003 Engine No. ZM658669

What is the seal size for the front crankshaft for
light bulbs good
1999 protege
the part is out of manufacture
i want to know if there is a work-around, or other compatible parts
My 03 Mazda protege has a dual shift transmission. Recently it started having trouble down shifting. When I get to about 60 it won't go any faster no matter how much the pedal is down. I had it coded and it said the O2 sensor? But my check engine light is not on. My AT light is. If I go into each gear slowly and stay under 60 it's good though. Thoughts?? I've never had a dual shift before
The code reader could not find any trouble codes on my 2000 mazda protege. Rough idle, stalling, timing misses, accelerated jumps. Cel lights up. but codes do not appear.
I washed my Mazda 2000 protege 1.6 liter yesterday and I sprayed the motor a lil with the pressure washer. Now the car is somewhat jerking or sputtering when I'm at a light or stop sign. The check engine light has also started to blink on and off after I drive about twenty minutes straight. I pulled over last time and took the room fuse in and out and the check engine light went off. What do you guys think both problems are?
Runs good check engine light still on
What’s a fair price to replace my struts? Also a wheel alignment.
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