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I have Spark going int the coil but no spark coming out of coil. So obviously got a new coil and still did not fix problem. Distributor is turning. Has new cap and rotor. I did notice that when you turn the key on the engine light is not coming on. ECU maybe? Or Ignition control module? It will crank over fine but will not start. Please help! If anyone has had this problem and knows a solution please let me know. thanks.

It cuts off...could it be my slave and master cylinders?

Today we Caught a flat, jacked the car up, and took the front right tire off. Suddenly, the jack fails. Then, the car comes down on the front right rotor brake. We put the spare tire on and started the car but when i attempted to accelerate the car didn't move, it just hesitated and made a noise. But if I would have pressed the issue for the car to go with rapid speed something would've crack/broke.

What could be wrong with my 2001 Mazda Protege? The car cranks nicely it's just once I try to go from park to anything other it shuts off. Please help

I just replaced to alternator and now the car is having power serge when I accelerate yo a speed of over 40. The power bogs down and the air conditioner blows real hard, the rpms are going high and staying high and the battery light is coming on. When i slow down the light goes off. The battery has acid coming out from the power serge. Please help. Thanks.

The parking lights on one side do not work and it is not the bulb the front turn signals don't work and the dash lights get lower and darker intermittently

Within the last 4 years about 5 times I've had the O/D (transmission) light come on while driving and the car wouldn't get out of second gear. NO check engine light. Pulled over, shut if off restarted - light goes out, transmission works. Any idea what I should be looking at to fix this? Local mechanic and transmission shop are clueless.

When closing the window and turning the lights on, A buzzing started around the dash area.

When I start my car it will run fine but as soon as I gas it it's acts like it wants to die. Like it's getting no gas or bad GSA it sounds like it has water in it. Clean fuel filter it was really dirty. Then dropped gas tank and cleaned it out what do I do now

What size is the drivers side window?

I was driving and stop at the store and when I tried to get on the road again it made a pop kinda sound and would not go anywhere?.


How do I know the right ecm for my car.? Is there certain numbers that have to match or something.?

I changed the bulb over licenseplate and still novt working

The key did not break in igination. Its the key it self broke in my pant pocket. Can i get another key and were and about how much

when the engine warm up and I press clutch pedal the engine decelerate

No pwer to fuel pump. Relays seem to check out. Have spark. fuel pump not kicking on when go t sat art car resulting in a crank no start problem. All of this after I hit a bump in road and car died

I was going 60mph on the freeway and heard a loud revving sound, I then noticed as I pressed the accelerator, my car wouldn't go any faster. I got off the freeway and got onto the street, my car would keep making that same sound every time I would hit 40 almost as if it wouldn't change to the next gear or something... My car only has 106k miles on it.

I would also need to warm up my car for like 30 min. to an hour in order for it to actually move. Now my overdrive light is blinking continuously even when I push the button on the shifter and my check engine light stays on. Please, I need to know what's wrong koz it's the only transportation I have. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

My husband just replaced the clutch on my car. We have no manual and he does not know how much of the trans. fluid to put back into it. He does not know how much and he has put in it out of the 3 quart jug I bought. PLEASE get back to me soon!!!

We checked a few things but are not sure. It hesitate to stop sometimes and jerks when you put it in gear to drive. The muffler noise it makes is lowered when driving and it accelerate but does not go pass 30-40 mph. The more stops it makes while driving it slowly gets worse and it smokes in the back of the engine.

vehicle goes into fail safe , and hen I would have to switch off and restart inorder to reset the PCM

I downshift but it still gets slower & slower. I had to drive in 2nd at about 20 mph on a 6 to 7% uphill grade. Doesn't use oil, runs great in the city.

Already did the timing on it more then ones all I fixed was the water pump on it..

if the water pump, front engine seals, drive belts,idlers, and tensioner along with the belt are in good shape and still good do I have to still pay to get it fixed?

The drivers side of the motor. Now a week later I'm driving down the road as I slow down to a yield sign the car dies!! It will turn over but not crank! Please help me ???

The air conditioner doesn't work due to an electrical problem. The compressor and relay work fine.

I've tried different crank position sensors but cannot locate the cam position sensor which sounds like the proble. Im lost