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Was driving when I gave it gas it would make a low clicking like noise then it shut off and wouldn't crank. Smoke was coming from the wire under fuel injection. Any idea what the wire is and how to replace it. Please help!

Explorer has been running hot in the past few weeks maybe twice in a 3 month period.

It stopped working all the sudden. First I replace my radiator and pump. Which they gave me a radiator for an automatic. I have a stick. By had it installed anyway. My A/C worked great but my heater never got very hot just warm. Then my A/C just stopped working about a 6 months after. Then my blower stopped blowing. I turn the knob to high I hoy air but it only works if I am driving more than 25 mph. I can shut it off so it won't blow at all. And when I turn it off it sounds like a suction cup door is closing. I checked fuse box under steering wheel. I read things to check but I'm a little hesitant since I need a video or help to do it. I am a single female, I can not afford to go to a mechanic. I can barely keep my gas filled. Please some one help me. Where I live the whether has been from 99 up to 110 degrees. It hotter in my explore. Plus it feels like heat is coming out of the floors too.

But when it goes n drive it changes good and it don't slip what could itb

Took off all the covers, two, put light bulb in pushed switch, and even turned on vehicle but it didn't turn on.

I need to know what are the repairs on a tubo charger... my engine light is on and the code is po299

I need to know if turbo charger under code po299 can be done

It just started doing this today

When the a/c is turned off it stops

I was told that the vent for the gas tank might be the cause of slow filling.

How to check the vent for the gas tank

Followed directions o program new remote without results.

It shuts off continuly.

I know I might start and lube the trans often, but still want to make sure it is ok to do so ?

When I step on the gas it fires right up

with what force must a car ram into a stopped ford explorer to break its rear bumper

Never activated alarm system but factory light stays on when car shuts off and it is draining my battery. Can that be deactivated?

It sounds like the actuater clicling but mine is clicking from far rear driver side panel where unlock button is... Please help only clicks when car is running.

The large bumper is less than double the rubber of the small one.

The washer pump on my 2002 Explorer doesn't work. I have replaced the motor and the switch. Where is the fuse and/or relay located?

Replaced fuel filter. Replaced fuel pressure sensor to clear code. Only code now is p0463 for fuel gage sensor in tank. Gage hasn't worked in a few years and never had this problem before. Shutter \ stalling happens between 45-60 mph.

Monitors always take over a month to clear

car showing a po320 code cr is sputtering especially on take off or up hill i have been told the coil pack is probably bad its a 4.0 sohc engine

No foward or reverse

gauge goes from past full then back to what may be the right level

I put a new oil pump. Spark plugs, crank and cam sensor and oil pressure sensor. Still won't start.

I used an air compressor to clean the dirt and debris from the engine now my truck makes a loud clicking/banging noise underneath the truck in the rear by the exhaust.

if the coil packs are bad......, will it cause the engine to turn over slow

only seems to surge when going on slight uphills

I have looked on line and have been lied to by 2 Ford dealership(they don't have info). And charge $400 for job
I'm on limited income. This is a safety issue. I have inch and pound torque wrenches, just need a number. If I break glass it's over $800 to replace.