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It has a burning smell after running. Im unsure if it's the wiring or alternator.
Seen like it just hitting the flywheel on starter.took out starter bench test good n replace solnoind on fire wall
Ive looked all up and down the fuel rail around my intake.. I just can't seem to find it, if it even has one?
I just bought a 2003 Ford Explorer Sport XLT, 4.0L engine, 136,000 miles. Vehicle won’t go over 30mph and ABS light is on. Is this a tranny issue or brake system partially locked? Getting it looked at next week. Please any ideas might help.
I was trying to find the purge valve on my 2014 ford explorer sport. In every you tube. Video it seems simple and location is no problem on other models but on the sport I can't even locate the part. Can you offer some tips please?
Started about 2 weeks ago
sat for 6 months. New tires now. Rides smooth on nice roads hit a bump and bang hits hard.
have the tool needed and it will not come out what can I do ?
The car was parked outside under the harsh winter and some snow entered under the bonnet. We wanted to start it and used a battery booster to start it, it came on once, but when we removed the booster, the car went off. We reconnected the booster and it started again, but we noticed it displayed - "charging system service now". The car is almost new. what could be the problem?
drove through water on road. no problem. 5 miles later, no gauges in dash, radio, windows no work, door locks no work. .. outside lights, dome light , air conditioning, heater works. .. new batt. installed day before this. turn off, and back on computer says test, start and says check charging system. then all goes blank again. ???????
I own a 2005 Explorer and it has an engine heating problem. Temperature reaches nearly H and sound of boiling water in radiator can be heard clearly. I changed the radiator , water pump , and the coolant thermostat as well and there are no water leaks but the engine still heats up. Hope I can get a solution here.
I recently bought a 2004 Ford Explorer, V6 4.0 w/ 257k miles. The car started running hot and when I went to check the t-stat I noticed the oem aluminum housing was bent and I couldn't remove the upper part of the housing. I purchased a new housing (plastic one) with new t-stat and sensor. It ran fine at first but then started running hot again. I purchased a new t-stat o-ring and a wide, round gasket that inserts into the bottom of the housing. Once I replaced them the issue seemed to be fixed, and driving around town the temp gauge read just under the halfway mark. Then, during a drive on the interstate the temp gauge crept up to 3/4 but then went back down. Shortly after, traffic became heavy and I was moving at about 5 mph and the temp gauge went to red (hot). I turned the heat on and it went down to 3/4. Once I picked back up to normal speeds (55mph), it went back to just below the half-way mark and stayed there. I don't see any leaks and the fan works. What do I check next?
Nothing is felt at the vents on any speed
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