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I have a 2002
Ford Explorer sport trac 4.0l
While driving home the check engine light started flashing and felt the truck acting sluggish, then it shut off in the middle of a hill (going up).
I tried to restart and it was unsuccessful. Pulled a P0301 for a #1cylinder miss fire. Only code in system. Cranks over, has spark - no start
I am checking the fuel pressure. With the key on engine off the pressures goes up to 80 psi and in a second it looses all pressure. My question is the pressure shouldn't drop that fast should it?

how many hours does it call for

I am working on a 1999 Ford Exploder with a charging problem. The alternator is good, the battery is good, the light comes on, the fuses are all good. I wonder if someone can tell me what the resistance is across the voltmeter on the dash. The only other thong in the circuit is the wire that goes to the PCM. Does the PCM have anything to do with the charging system?? Thank you in advance.

Overdrive is not working at 60 mph in doing 3000rpms overdrive button light turns on off but will not shift into od reason it got low on fluid I've change the wiring inside and the input sensor inside trany, replaced converter, trany was rebuit 6months ago cant afford to rebuild it again is there some advise that might help me thank codes are shown

It still did not work. Checked all fuses and relays and were good.What could the problem?

I hear a clicking noise and cold air blows out when i turn the heat on.

They were unable to program new fob. Had a locksmith open car. Alarm went off. They told us they were locked out of system and that we needed a new BMc module. Expensive. Is this normal or did they do something wrong

Trying to determine if it needs a new fuel pump or a fuel relay what is the best way to go about diagnosing that

I have dual zone heating/cooling. Driver's side blows hot air, but passenger side, just cold. Car has about 105,000. What could be issue & how much labor involved to fix?

When light switch is turned on no light will come on.

the 4x4 high light comes on flashes 3 to 8 times also. I have flushed the transfer case and rear end and trany. replaced all new fluid and grease.

I got this explorer a few weeks ago and I replaced the battery and alternater and battery cables and the check charging system is dinging like crazy but the battery stays charged the lights dont dim and the gauge stays right where it should be I can't figure out why I took it to the dealership and it all tests normal I have no idea whats going on

the dome light, windows, and wipers work at times and do not work at times.

It began 03/09/2017

If I drive it every day for awhile it will start the next morning but if sits for about 12hours it's got to be jump start I've been unhooking my battery post but it is Waring my terminals out its been a issue I'd like to get fix thanks.

My 2003 explorer, 4 wd, 6 cyl, stalled and will not crank at all. The battery seems to have power. The headlights, cluster lights and radio come on. When i try and start it...nothing. the mileage lights go out. No clicking...just nothing. I tried to clean and tighten the battery cables. Even tried to replace the ground cable. Any advice?

Does it in all types of weather doesn't matter what the temperature is

Looking to buy used. Owner says engine solid but transmission skips in higher gear range. Is that a maintenance service or a bad tranny about to die?

Can't get it back right it will crank up and run but not right

Put oil in gage light don't flutter no more but comes on for minute now driver side windshield wiper don't work there a short in plug leading to battery

When I go to take off, the rpms go to the 3000 and If I take my foot off accelerator it'll kick into 2nd gear, the other gears change normal. And when the cars warmed up, the o/d off light comes on and message saying "check transmission!" Would that trigger my check engine light to come on? The code that came up is p0775. We changed transmission filter and fluid but that didn't make it better. Whats the next step that I can do without taking it to shop! Can't afford to take it to shop , any suggestions would help. Thank you

Jumped time

My fuse panel dnt tell me which fuse goes were and I ain't got power to my radio

I need to know what the problem is then I can try to fix it.

Tried 3 different oil filter wrenchs with no results then tried the screwdriver thing with no results. please help

My 2002 Ford Explorer won't go in Park. I have to turn the car off to get it to stop. Only goes in reverse. The gear shift is on the steering wheel. This happens every time I crank it up

Lite bulb out, how to change it?

I'm on here just looking to make sure there's no stupid other reasons for what seems like a alternator failure but aren't b4 I go grab one and put it in. The reason I have a small concern is it is intermittently working and when it does work it works perfectly. Goes from flat line on dash voltage meter to above half way instantly. Saturday night when leaving gas station I noticed the voltage notification and voltage meter dropping. I killed everything I could but my headlights and hopped on the highway and kept the RPM's as high as I could and made it home no problem with a few intermittent charges out of the alternator. Last night (Mon.)I went out for a short drive honestly I had forgotten about it. Hardly made it back home headlights super dim and as I pulled into my apartment complex the alternator kicked back on headlights dash lights got instantly bright and the gauge was right back where it's supposed to be. So I sat in the truck for about 10 minutes warming up because I didn't have the heat on prior to that and wanted to see what it would end up doing also I was trying to scan for codes but I was not getting any. Then all the sudden it stopped working and Battery started dying immediately. I shut the truck off and new the battery would come back to life overnight. I just went for another short drive probably even shorter within minutes the Volt meter on dash was bottomed out. But once again right before I pulled in my apartment it went on and stayed on for about five minutes so I took advantage and let it charge the battery as soon as it just stopped working I shut the truck down. I saw someone say this is a $300 alternator ? Find that hard to believe but if that's true I definitely want to rule out any other possibilities. It's definitely not the wire that is telling the voltage meter what to say because it's very obvious it's reading correctly. I have a pretty good understanding of basic mechanics like this. But with these new hours you could tell I'm older. It could be some stupid Center or something telling it to kick off possibly I don't know? But yes if you do have a alternator problem. Your driving distance is going to be very limited before the truck dies. Like other said power down everything possible. Like just now I had strictly basic headlights on no driving lights and that was it. That will get you farther and possibly home or to a safe place then if you kept driving lights on radio on heater air conditioner every little part helps. So if anybody has had a similar situation replace the alternator just to find out it wasn't the alternator please respond. My battery is new and these are Monster batteries I know it's not that.

Today, 3 weeks later Oil pressure gauge is at zero, and message center says "low oil pressure". Car seems to be running fine.

Crank. It does not have milky oil and it has oil in it and also has water in the radiator and the roads War the battery is fine and so is the starter so what could be the problem please help