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97 Ford Explorer XLT, 4.0 sohc. Blend door seems to operate fine but only cold air blows, unless you rev motor. So, heat is there at highway speed, but you freeze at red lights, driving around town.

I suspect a weak water pump or plugged core (maybe both). Any other ideas? Thanks!
I put a new clutch in my Ford Explorer and the only way you're going to hear is if the car is turned off
Replaced blend door actuator and thermostat. At idle there is cool air blowing but after warm up will make hand blistering heat from 2000 RPM up with truck sitting in park. If I let RPM drop back to idle heat goes cool again. No coolant leak anywhere. HELP!!!
my check engine light came on on my 2008 Ford Exployer and the code is P0442
when I looked up it said to replace gas cap, but mine doesn't have a gas cap
Sometimes the car will start sometimes it doesn’t I have taking it everywhere and I am being told there is nothing wrong with the car I have replace the battery the starter spot plugged everything I can possibly think of and it’s still doing the same thing when the car doesn’t crank but don’t start every sensor and light in the car come on engine tune up gas windshield tune up batteries every single thing light up I don’t know what is wrong with the car and no one can tell me what’s wrong with it
When my car is locked and I try to get into it the alarm won't sound as a theft , but it goes off from the remote. What do I need to do to make the alarm sound if someone was trying to break in?
The chip in the windshield was repaired by a reputable auto glass repair shop. No cracking or spider cracks were noticed in the chip area after the repair for over 2 years. 3 days ago I was rear ended by another vehicle and now the windshield is cracked out approx. 2 inches. Is this new crack a direct cause of the collision?
On Startup and when idling
It started every day until today. I moved battery cable around. Then a clicking in drivers well whell began around fuse area.
check engine light is on obd 1 card reader excludes my ford explorer what do I do to diagnose my problem?
the lights turn on , but truck wont start
Was running fine ater I jumped it. Died this morning. Battery terminals were corroded. Cleaned them. Drove to Advance Auto and tested battery which was 3yrs old.
In the USA there was a recall on this GEM for a "lock up" condition, where the wipers/windows/interior lights and 4x4 functions would become, at the same time intermittent.
The recall says Ford would fit a resistor in the GEM.
This recall never occurred in the UK. I recently had this problem. Currently I have resolved fitting another GEM from a scrapped 1999 Explorer. However, being an electronics engineer I would like to fix the original.

I guess as the problem seems to be caused by "cold and damp conditions" then Fords GEM designers left off a pull up or pull down resistor in the digital circuitry on an unused "node". But that damp high humidity conditions cause the node to change state due to very small current leaks. A resistor would of course overcome this issue by holding the node in the correct state. The GEM has no identifiable ICs, all just Ford numbers, can anyone tell me where which pins/track on the PCB the resistor is fitted and its value.


I’ve had the blend door actuator, blower motor, and thermostat changed. Then, one hose was cold and other hot. Had hose unclogged and had Luke warm heat for about 2 weeks. Hoses checked and again, one cold and one hot. So I had radiator flushed, New heater core installed. Had heat for a day. Now blowing cold air again. Suggestions?
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