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As soon as the engine gets warm, it shoots all the water and antifreeze out the back of the engine near the firewall where the engine goes into the cabin/cockpit. It smells like it is overheating but it is just the liquid hitting the heated engine. It hisses and steams comes from engine and in all appearance resembles overheating. I opened the hood and noticed the steam was from the back of the engine and the radiator not too hot nor did the lid leak.

The temp gauge shows cold and the water gauge is high and the heater does not blow hot. I was driving along when the heater stopped working and the temp dropped. After nursing it home, I checked water, it was ok but I topped it off. I started it later to warm it up and by the time it was warm, the steam came billowing out of the hood where I opened it up to find the problem.

I live in a remote town and mechanics are hard to find, an answer from you would let me know if it were worth towing to another town for repair.
Thank you

Was working yesterday but not today. Has almost full tank of gas.
no pattern to failure. intermittently does not operate
One day the windows wouldn't work, then gas gauge went, and interior lights. Had use of car during day and was fine apart from the latter, that night the car wouldn't start, (clicks over, but doesn't fire up) lights come on dash when key is turned.
Not hearing nothing but just want to know where to locate the dipstick for a 2008 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer ? Have not checked it since I got my truck
I just got my truck repaired. Before I took it in my ABS, advance traction lights were displayed on the dash, also the 4x4 light was randomly blinking. The repair shop replaced my rear hub assembly, my brakes and rotors, as well as the knuckle. When I picked up my car two days ago the dash lights were still on. how do i turn them off?
Sometimes I start it and it'll turn right if. It may start right up then I'll put it in drive boom turn off. Or I'll be in drive at a light boom turn off. It smells like gas out the exhaust pipe and white smoke comes out. It leaks oil from the engine.
Problem occurs every other day
Low speed has quit working
Hi. I have a 2003 ford explorer limited edition. I was driving it a couple weeks ago when the "service engine soon", the battery light and the "hi temp low oil" lights went on. The truck turned off. I gave it a min and turned it on. Turned on like normal. I checked enigine oil and transmisson oil. Both are at the level they should .. did it me again today.... same thing. But now on the message board it say "check charging system" and "low oil pressure". I dont want to takeit to ford they are so expensive. I took it to a local mechanic they cant find whats wrong with it. Help.
again, only runs rough if outside air temp is above 40 deg. , &only rough for 5-10 sec.
The hood seems to be an inch or two recessed to the rear and will not join into the Locking bar/mechanism
No radio dome lights heater or gauges
transmission will not shift out of first gear and won't move when in reverse.
Any ideas anyone
It started after I changed the plugs and wires. Now it idles very rough and seems to lose power going up hill. Going up hills the check engine light flashes. I have to take my foot off the gas pedal in order for the light to stop flashing. Lately the light has been flashing more frequently and is taking longer than normal to stop. Also I have a coolant leak on the right side under the bumper. Had a diagnostic check and it said it was a vacuum leak. Could this be true? How can I fix the problem myself? Do I need to take my Explorer to a mechanic?
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