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when i put the cluch in the car will not ture over
dash lights work ,and door warningbuzz works, stereo lights up, everything still works. It cranks engine sounds like its going to start but does not. took to mechanic said keeps blowing the ig. coil fuse under dash ? when attempting to start. I cant find the fuse? they dont do electrical and couldnt help me.
where your gauges and your gas light come on there are these other signal lights like check engine etc. well i had one light up and have no clue what it meant. if i could get a way to know what these mean i can better care for my car Is there somewhere other than my owners manual i can look?
when car sit for a while it wll crank but will not run until I spray starter fluid into the carburetor
than it runs good until it sit for a while thin I will have to repeat what I did before.
1992 Geo Metro Convertible had transmission replaced with rebuilt automatic transmission but did not fix third gear still popping out of gear. Does EGR valve factor in? No noise or leak detected.
Car starts up fine idles good but after I get to half throttle it bogs out what can I do?
91 geo metro lsi igntition coil replaced, spark plugs and wires replaced but it still wont start it cranks over but wont start it was spitting and sputtering before it wouldnt run period and ive also check the fuel pump and it kicks on also so any ideas
relay buzzes when it is going out, doesn't effect bright lights, does control battery charging, heater fan
Red light on dash is on blinking
Engine runs fine, however when you take off there is no power and the speed creeps slowly then will take off like a rocket. If you have to slow down, it does it all over again.
Prior to this, we had difficulties with it climbing hills.
How long have you had this problem? Weeks
These things all happened at around the same time. Im wondering if they are related? How do i fix? Also the air bag light flashes 5 or 6 times when i turn the key. Im frustrated with all these little issues and am hoping someone can help.
Idle surges up and down when headlights and/or heater is on.
how do you repair window assembly?
Every time I stop and shut off the car it won't start back up again unless I hold the gas down to the floor. I've replaced the fuel injector, distributor cap and rotor, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires. I've taken it in to multiple places to get it looked at and nobody can help me figure it out.
2 week old battery after 15 minutes it started stopped at store left it running got into car then died , won't start
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