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Red light on dash is on blinking
Engine runs fine, however when you take off there is no power and the speed creeps slowly then will take off like a rocket. If you have to slow down, it does it all over again.
Prior to this, we had difficulties with it climbing hills.
How long have you had this problem? Weeks
These things all happened at around the same time. Im wondering if they are related? How do i fix? Also the air bag light flashes 5 or 6 times when i turn the key. Im frustrated with all these little issues and am hoping someone can help.
Idle surges up and down when headlights and/or heater is on.
how do you repair window assembly?
Every time I stop and shut off the car it won't start back up again unless I hold the gas down to the floor. I've replaced the fuel injector, distributor cap and rotor, fuel pump, spark plugs and wires. I've taken it in to multiple places to get it looked at and nobody can help me figure it out.
2 week old battery after 15 minutes it started stopped at store left it running got into car then died , won't start
came on when i washed the car,then went back off,jst bought today
Shifts great between 3rd and 4th
has a good battery but when i turn ignition it has no power to anything
wondering if I need to do anything when I change this part. What do I set it at.
One of the back lights not turning on
I bought the car, as a project. before i drove and test the car. the steering wheel its easy to turn using one hand.. but suddenly its like a rock, both hands heavy to stiffed
it can run good for days and then it feels like it cuts off a few seconds numerous times after a while it runs good again ,when it does this it gets hard to start and keep running no pattern to it at all
Happens every time it gets below 1/2 tank.
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