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My kia can't shifted into 2nd it ran's about 15 miles a minutes

I was told while draining & Filling trans oil that my timing chain cover was seeping oil and needs to be re-sealed. No gasket to replace-they use a silicone goo. I am looking for video and other instructions on how to do it myself. I have not noticed an oil level problem but I am told it is leaking none-the-less. Can't afford $2K right now so I am going to watch my oil levels until I learn how to do it myself. (There are no codes)

Car ran 3 days no problem with air on.

While driving either on highway or in town. It will jump out of overdrive then feels like it's stuck in high gear. Untill Kia is turned off and then restartee

The overheating happened once and I had it towed to my house.However the AC has been blowing from cold to hot for a few weeks

The car has no power steering and the engine cuts off, almost crashed, but when I turned off my defroster the power steering works and the engine picks up immediately. Has anyone One experienced this, if so, what's the solution?

When I accelerate, my steering wheel shakes, and the car is shimmying.

changed fuel pump, no help

Van ran good before installing new timing set. All marks and colored links lined up correctly. Now will not start. Turns over strong but sounds like there's no fuel, fire or both. Any suggestions?

I have had on ongoing issue with my 2005 Kia Sedona. It starts intermittently when cold and runs fine if it starts. Once I shut it off, chances are it will not restart. It will crank time after time and if I'm lucky it will "catch" before the battery runs out of life. It's getting gas, has spark. I changed the fuel pump, plugs, ignition sensor etc... I am out of ideas. Please, any suggestions?

Brake & battery light went on first. mechanic checked & said they're good. Now went on again along with ABS, ESC, ESC OFF, TPMS & Radio light blinked. They're off now except for yellow Check Engine. What's happening?

Is there a quick fix to this problem or do i take it to a dealer?

changed fuel pump, no help

Lots of stop-and-go traffic driving

When I open my gas cap it sounds like I've opened a bottle of soda, and when pumping gas it takes abput 5 gallons then the pump stops as if it is full. I've tried pushing past it, and it continues to happen over and over. The tank isn't even 1/2 full, even when the pump stops.

I replaced the spark plugs but the car still won't start what should I try next?

No A.C. Light and can't control the air flow!! .?

No control of air flow and ac light does not come on

Engine runs fine and there is No lights on indicating that something is wrong

The fuel pressure regulator and it's still not working it still misfiring

Slow loss of oil from around gasket

I picked my car up from a mechanic today. All was well.
I decided to replace two tires with new ones on the way home from the car repair shop. After the tires were replaced from NTB, my speedometer no longer moved from zero.

After reading many q and A's I would like to know what should be my next step. I know that tune up, fuel pump, anti-theft system, and possibly transmission change. I mainly feel a hesitation when taking off into first and second gear. Also the engine feels tight possibly a belt. I do know that it is time to change the timing belt as well. Should I just do all of them where should I start. We have taken it to have the check engine light codes tested.

I put a new starter on it and it still clicking every time i turn the ignition and i bought it around 10:00a.m. and stop working after 1:00p.m., it just be clicking, people say it might be the engine may be lock, or the timing belt , the starter is new just bought the starter

hr and it will start and run another abt twenty mins and stop. HELP

I went on holidays for 3 weeks and when i came back my battery was dead. . I boosted the battery and it was running, but when i took it for a drive, it would not go over 20KM's

please help!!!

Check engine light comes on it go have it checked said my oil control valve on both banks was bad so I fixed this problem took on test drive about 20 miles ran good oil light still on and then got off exit and van just lost all power and no acceleration pedal so I guess it's in limp mode I had it towed to a shop where they are saying it's needs a moter but it still starts up just sounds like it's running on 2 cylinders they took off valve cover and it has some oil gunk but it's not knocking or smoking. I don't think. Motor is gone in it could it be anything else some people have told me TPS but don't want to replace a lot of parts if I still going to have to get a motor 4,000

Very cold outside and can't open the door to get in. I don't have a garage to put it in . Can I spray something up into the door handle?

My van will not go in reverse at all and it takes off in 3rd gear. I quit driving it afraid I might make the issue worse. Has anyone else had this issue? If so what was the cause of it?

I go to turn the heat on in my van ,When I turn the switch you can heat it click but I have no heat