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' how many labor hours to replace a CV axle
Front vent are blowing cold but can't get cold air in back vents they blow hot air 2006 kia sedona
Since replacing my engine, air conditioner, timing belt among other things when the temperature gets above 85 degrees and the car in sitting out in the sun the car cranks but takes multiple attempts to start. The mechanics take it inside the cool bay and they can't replicate it. The codes are clear except for a temperature transmission sensor. When they park the car back out in the heat, the car will not turn over until it has been cranked for 5-10 minutes. It reminds me of growing up and trying to started a manual car with a pull out choke. In the morning when I go to work it starts up just fine in the cool air.
No noise... once in drive will performs fine. 179 k miles on it.
Both sides are set on the coldest setting but driver's side blows warmer and takes longer to cool than the passenger side. Why and how do I fix it. 2008 Kia Sedona
This is the problem with my ac... I need to know where it is, everything else 8 got handled. I have a 2010 sedona.

I was told that it was the low pressure switch and that I needed to reset it, but I don't know where its located
Took to shop and was told it was my expansion orifice valve. A.c. is not blowing cold in either from or back of van. Cools better while driving but when stopped starts to get warmer. Just bought car a few days ago. Dealership is now willing to fix but I'm afraid they will try just once since it is used. Should I ask them to replace both front and rear expansion valves? Compressor and fans work fine and coolant. Was not low. Just air not very cold. No strange noise or smells and no leaks were found.
How often should I change oil in my 2012 Kia Sedona?
what should be the correct voltage to my ac compressor?
Windows lights radio all work but won't start
Heard I would need a special gauge. Can I use the one that comes with the can?
My Kia Sedona door ajar keeps buzzing. If we open the window a couple of inches it stops. The doors are shut. How do I fix the problem at a low $$$
For a 2006 kia sedona 3.8L
Most of the time it starts right up.. Sometimes it is completely dead, but if I wait a few hours or more, it will start!
Front wipers stay on even if the key is off I have to pull the fuse to get them to go off
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