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Is overheating, leaking oil, leaking antifreeze or water, blowing cold air instead of hot air, accelerates without me pushing the gas. Could it be the heater core or something else
It beeps 5 times 3 cycles when driving. After driving for about 45 minutes it does it again.
No noise. Merchanic looked over it abd found no fault.
I own a 2017 Mazda CX-3 and sometimes I have some rattling noise on the dash on the driver side what could it be? It comes and go

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4 cylendor
whenever i release the break after i stop getting a clink sound when release break
Within the last month during very cold month when I needed my heat the most, I have noticed that my front blowers and defrosters have not been blowing. I thought I was doing something wrong. Oddly enough the heat does blow in the back row. When cut off the rear there is no sound at all that to indicate that heat is blowing in the front and no heat is felt from the vents. I have adjusted the temperature and still nothing. I have to physically wipes my foggy windows to drive. I searched online and I am not the only one with this issues. Why has there not been a recall?!
My 2001 mazda tribute lx v6 wont start.There is no clicking or scratching like if it the alternator or starter lights radio everything comes on it has a half a tank but when you try to start it it wont catch and it acts like its out of gas meaning like when your fluding the engine
Put in new thermostat . coolant level good let it run to normal tempature still blows cold air
The navigation display has gone to half its original brightness , very hard to see display. Happened while I was driving two days ago and checked brightness setting and reset to original default no change.
Car runs fine. Only notice this after driving more than 20-30 minutes.
My 1.6L over heats really fast when I do just normal driving as well as just sitting, it's also started to make a new squeak just before this happend it leaks coolant as well but very slowly and I had just filled it about a month ago, I haven't had the time to really look into it cause of work, any suggestions on what to check? to make my life a little easier, thanks
I went to go get my 2000 Mazda B 2500 smog it failed because check engine light didn't come on I replace the bulb it still does not come on can anyone help me out
No heat but air and blower work
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