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Just purchased vehicle and it drives perfectly. Wondering what preventative maintenance should be performed now? No record of timing belt having been changed.

When starting the car in Park or Neutral, the starter will not disengage until car is put in Reverse or Drive

I replaced all plugs because it was running sluggish put on computer said #4 misfire how can I fix and what should it cost

Within the last 4 years about 5 times I've had the O/D (transmission) light come on while driving and the car wouldn't get out of second gear. NO check engine light. Pulled over, shut if off restarted - light goes out, transmission works. Any idea what I should be looking at to fix this? Local mechanic and transmission shop are clueless.

A meter on the new battery says FAULT.
I assume there is a short

left whole side of the door damaged

Was advised to replace head gasket do to issues with them

There is a cigarette lighter and two 12v accessory sockets all fed by purple/blk wire with no power at any time, regardless of ignition switch position. Wiring diagram in Chilton and Haynes has no reference to fuse 17 (fuse tests good on ohmmeter).

The exterior door handle is not unlocking. With my remote I can unlock the door, but it is not until I open it from the inside that the exterior handle will work. Once unlocked I can open and close the door without issue.

02 Mazda tribute has a fan problem or overheating problem.Tested the relays and the thermostat also the CTS and pig tail going to it ,they seem to be in working order .When I unplug my CTS fans come on also when defrost or air they come on low speed,high speed when I unplug CTS .Also I was checking the pig tail going to the CTS and when I touched the hot side fans went off.Also my temp gauge never goes above half way.need lil help.thanks

code po763 shift so`lenoid c electrical pending

When closing the window and turning the lights on, A buzzing started around the dash area.

I am getting the code po340, it looks like the cams have jumped time, i have no spark. I have possible bent valves. I have blue booked the car and I am unsure that it's going to be worth the cost it'll take to fix it.

it was running fine I did clean under hood a few days earlier but it ran fine after for two day then this happened

Brakes have been a problem and Mazda technician found the left rear caliper to be badly worn and leaking. Right side is in better shape. They do not rebuild. Should I replace both rear calipers at once?

When I play songs through the auxiliary cord the music will intermittently stop playing for a duration of 20 seconds then resume playing(later in the song). It happens about every minute. It just started doing this. What would cause this? Possibly low baterry? I've tried different aux cords and phones.


When I start my car it will run fine but as soon as I gas it it's acts like it wants to die. Like it's getting no gas or bad GSA it sounds like it has water in it. Clean fuel filter it was really dirty. Then dropped gas tank and cleaned it out what do I do now

How expensive is it to paint a 2007 CX9 Mazda?

check engine light on given 2 different codes p0171 and p0174

Anti theft

Air bag deployed, and I need to send the module in for reset

Automatic transmission. Won't exceed 45 MPH. Felt trans slipping, but Non I do not feel it slipping. Seems to be running ok? But, still don't want to go over 45! Is it possible the trans could have "fixed" itself? I start in 1st, go to 20mph and put in 2nd, then around 30 mph go to Drive. Seems like it is ok now?

It's stay on

no light is on, electrical system is new, give a little gas and its ok, when i press on the gas it gets worse. happened two days ago and is consistent.

Today I was washing my 92 mx3 and left her running I suddenly popped the hood and sprayed the engine at the car wash after I washed everything I hopped on and went and clean the inside of my car and went to back out after starting it up again and noticed it was idling strange and sounded different after getting on the road and trying to give gas it doesn't have the same amount power sound and it doesn't get going very well at all now and it also dies and first gear is hard to get going with out it dying did I get water in my distributor, spark plug wells, maybe the air filter? or did I really mess something up? I'm a beginner with cars it's my first car. Please give me any good advice or tips to help this problem.

Now the truck will not start. Makes a sound I have never heard before. Kind of like a vehicle with no compression which it does. 15 lbs. scratching my head

I now have to decide whether to fix the timing belt in order to see if the engine is viable. Advice?

What size is the drivers side window?

I was on my way to the gas station