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Car is vibrating in idle, not too harshly but when I turn on my ac it stops completely for a second then vibrates again
My father who is not a huge fan of high tech vehicles, happened to drive my CX-7 the other day. Without knowing that you could manually shift gears on an automatic transmission, he had it on manual and thought the car was just running rough, and was going to stop at the gas station near by to check what the problem was... Well, he didn’t go to far, maybe 1.5 mile and the car died on him, he turned it on one mere time and drove about 30 feet before it died again, and never came on after that. The battery and starter are both 6 months old. All the dash lights come on but no crank or anything at all when you try to start. What could it be?
((( HELP )))
My engine light came back on a month after I fixed the last time which was almost a year ago
Once it is warm and running it hesitates like it's getting no gas and when going up hill the engine light comes on until I let off the gas. Was told it's either the fuel filter or the ground to the ecm has come loose.
Running light stopped working, changed it, after putting the left brake light back on the car, no lights worked on the back left of the car. Ive never had wiring issues before.
It wont go all the way in Park position.
The coolant fluid gets pushed back into radiator tank. Causes pressure to build in radiator tank. Which leads to overheating of engine.
rough idle, low power at low rpms. Code reads Random Misfire. I have been told the lost compression in 2 cylinders is the culprit and a valve job is needed.
93 miata flooded during hurricane. now cranks fine, but immediately chokes down once you get it the gas to go. computer gives no indication of any problem. Mechanic has run out of options. Any help would be appreciated.
I started the car in my driveway, moved it to the street and shut it off. 2 hours later I tried to start it and it wont start.
it runs very good,,but went off last week when I was driving to work,,the engine was over heating because of a broken coolent container,, and the engine had a little bit of engine knock,, Now it cranks normal but wont start
I have replaced battery, starter, 1 coil, spark plugs and a mid pipe which took out converter. Also replaced intake. It just turns over but won’t start
Having no problems,would just like to know what the little box is for
I have mazda 3 2005, I have a problem of locking the power door. All 4 doors won't lock when I press the botton on the door or on the remote but I can hear the relay click on module under glove compartment. To unlock is working fine.
i recently changed the intake and bought a new mass airflow sensor and after that was installed it just starts but dies right away the lights still turn on and the battery isnt dead, i need help please.
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