I just had all fluids replaced, new serpentine belt and tensioner installed. Engine idles rougher when AC is on or defroster. Now makes a ticking/tapping noise at idle. Does it after car is completely warm. Oil pressure and temp both ok. Could this be lifters needing repair?

if my timing belt just slid over to the side because of power steering fluid leakage, and the battery goes completely dead, can be boosted off and will turn over but not crank. does it sound like my valves are damaged?

Man i bought used car from said i need new lock for wheel to change rear brake pads

mechanic replaced the pcm and "said" it was flashed to vehicle and ready to go.i picked it up and drove it a little while and lights came on on dash. took it to another mechanic, he hooked it up to his diagnostic computer and it kept comming up with mismatched vin #'s the pcm tells the transmission when to shift and it wasnt comunicating with any of the other systems. please help. i NEED answers.

last service i was told it looks 'muddy'. It's 100$ service, trying to understand how necessary it is


model not listed in your list

Where is the valve location to see if it is functioning properly. I have looked for one and can't find anything. I also don't know what it would look like....PLease help

stays running after shut off

it didnt have power going up hill then we took off fuel pump off and we replaced it. i already pushed reset button.

The drivers side, right, vent blows cold but the left side blows lukewarm and the floor vent is cold.

relaced carb,has no catalitic coverter,coil had rust sanded most away

vehicle is a SUV 2008 mazda CX-9

It cranks fine in the morning and then a long crank after I kill it for about 10-15 minutes but starts. Normally it won't start after I kill it for about 45 minutes. It eventually starts after waiting a random amount of time like 30 minutes to an hour. Would a leaking catalytic convertor or bad coil pack cause? Its not the starter relay, battery or alternator. They are all new. I'm at a loss.


I lock the hubs into 4x4 push the Clutch and Brake and shift to neutral and push the buttons nothing lights up nothing happens

How do I know the right ecm for my car.? Is there certain numbers that have to match or something.?

At cold start rpm starts at 2000 rpm drops to 1000 rpm. A few minutes pass then rpms jump rapidly up and down between 2000 rpm and 1000 rpm over several minutes and then settles to 1000 rpm then runs/start as normal until next day cold start.

It has good get up and go lots of power- but when you shift it rakes a little when you change gears.

My car has had transmission problems since about 90,000 miles. Had it worked on twice and have had the engine rebuilt and STILL have problems. Right now, my AT light and check engine light are on, before it was just slipping, now it wont shift out of second. Happened about a year ago but had the codes reset and didn't have this issue until now. Tried to reset them again but it didn't work. Is this a tranny problem or an engine problem? And what's the best way to go about getting it fixed?

I changed the bulb over licenseplate and still novt working

The key did not break in igination. Its the key it self broke in my pant pocket. Can i get another key and were and about how much

Have changed plugs leads coil pack crank sensor and cam sensor as well as air sensor connected to.air filter

Changed air filter and mass air flow sensor and it still idles too high

The LH tail light does not work, the tail light assy is good, I swapped with a known good part to verify. The RH tail light does work. Fuses were checked and they are good.

It has a bad miss the piston isn't firing

Hello, I have a 2007 Mazda CX-7, 2.3L engine. How can I resolve an error C1168? Thanks!

Put it into gear before I start engine then it will drive like a champ

Put truck in gear before I start engine then in will take off like nothing wrong

The alternator needs replaced.. I can only. Find an alternator from a Mazda 323.. Will it work?

have not had car very long, no instructions in owners manual