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Stop chasing me around in circles!

It's really a Mazda 3 2.5 Touring but you don't give me that option.

When i start truck up and drive 20 and over and let off the gas or put on brake i hear a slapping or nocking sound in the rear of the truck what is it

I just bought it a month ago from a small lot that says it's a one owner vehicle...but they have no other history...I bought it as is...doesn't seem to have any other problems, except for cracks in front windshield which I intend to replace when funds allow.

It worked fine up until this event

I can pump it but it wont stay for long. No leaks on master or slave cylinder

This started after I heard a loud pop noise and the fuel indicator moved past the full mark..and has not moved since. Also a clear but oily substance is leaking from the front of the motor..hope you can help..Thank you for your time

Does it have an adjustable clutch quadrant. When changing gears it doesnt engage till very last bit when letting the clutch out.

replace leaking fuel tank

I bought a turbo charger kit for my 2006 Mazda Miata MX-5 touring I needto know the cost to have it installed

Where is the fuel filter located on a Mazda 2006 Tribute V6 3.0

After 4-8 attempts the car will start. On occasion it stays right away. After 4+ attempts on successful start up some smoke comes out of the exhaust then settles and vast drives normally. Grinding on startup. If the car starts can the starter still be faulty? Or is it more likely the fuel pump? Crank position sensors were changed last week. Thanks

every time i start it

I have Spark going int the coil but no spark coming out of coil. So obviously got a new coil and still did not fix problem. Distributor is turning. Has new cap and rotor. I did notice that when you turn the key on the engine light is not coming on. ECU maybe? Or Ignition control module? It will crank over fine but will not start. Please help! If anyone has had this problem and knows a solution please let me know. thanks.

When i crank the car it dies not start and there is ni sound at all

1994 Mazda 929

my car won't go into gear. AAA told me the arm is broken and needs to be replaced

my car wont go into gear. the arm that goes from the transmission to the gear shift is broken

The engine also sounds louder than usual and the gas mileage is not good at all. And it hesitates almost every time that I take off or step on the gas while I'm driving. it's usually at around 55 miles an hour when I let up off the gas a little bit or give it more gas

Removed tank to replace/repair fuel pump sending unit assembly as the fuel line had rusted thru. Repaired this assembly and pressure tested it before reinstalling. Noticed that the rubber mount piece on the back flange of the tank had distorted and shrunk such that I had to elongate its holes in order to fit it over the tank mounting bolts. Filled tank full and noticed back lower half of tank was dripping gas. (Top of tank is dry)
I suspect that tank rear flange bolt holes are leaking. Can this be repaired by clamping with copper washers --- this will bypass the rubber mount feature of the original installation?

Replaced clutch, master, and slave cylinders but no pressure at pedal. Everything has been bled out multiple times. Breaks are great. I drove it about 2 miles and the clutch worked great shifted smooth no issues. Got back in it to leave the pedal hit the floor, not the slightest pressure on the pedal.

4x4 extended cab v6

Noise is only in reverse and stops as soon as I hit brakes going forward. Also I think I can hear it when I hit bumps/holes on road. Maybe something is loose??

The car will not drive when drive gear is selected. However, when I start with the first gear and gradually move to the "D" at forty miles, it will continue moving until I get to a stop sign.
The only other time it will move is when the "OD" is off. This is a daily problem.
What could possibly be the problem.

Where is the transmission dip stick

Both fans stopped working and contacts from relay shows shorting,no power goes to the ngine fans

Light stays on

The AC stopped working after a short road trip a couple nights ago while we were sitting in a drive-thru. The next morning, it was working for a little while, but it stopped again while we were driving. It hasn't come back on since. Is this a coolant problem or an electrical problem? Thanks.

and runs until it randomly does it again , now I put new oem distributer in and now still no spark , where di I check next , I know auto electic pretty good , I was going to check grounds and plug connections ,, any suggestions

is the wheel pattern the same as a 94 ford ranger as it is on my 1992 mazda b2200