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difficult to go showing AT light on dash board and showing power steering light
Beams simply seem too low. There is an annoying shadow line about 4 feet off the ground at about 25 - 30 feet on low setting and highs only seem to illuminate well out to about 40 - 50 yards.
My 2001 Mazda Tribute manual 4 cylinder has an intermittent faulty speedometer. Occasionally the speedo will fluctuate or drop to zero with a slight power loss (enough to stall sometimes if we stop at lights). On 2 occasions now the odometer has gone blank also and has come back with the speedometer and power. Only happens under 80km.
I am replaceing 5 spd. transmission on mazda b 4000 4x4 truck. Will the transfer case + extension box of 4x4 fit onto same 5 spd. transmission from a 2 wheel dr. vehicle by exchanging one to the other only or are other adapting components required
The car wont move untill the clutch pedal is completly released
light bulbs good
when I start my car the 4wd light comes on and does not go out. This started a month ago. I was driving slowly on clear dry pavement and pulled over to the side of the road into an area that was covered with an inch of snow. After a brief stop I pulled back onto the road and the light came on and has remained on.
How much is repair cost?
Hi, I am Ady my car is Mazda5 2006 the car got a problem can't start I changed the buttery I put new one but if still like the same problems if I do one day no put the car on the problems comes again I need jump click. Please tell me what is going wrong with my car.
you can put it into gear but will not move feels like no clutch and there is fluid after a couple of hours like after it cools down it will work again
It has power in the switch and lights up in the dash but will not change over to four wheel drive
there is one wire hanging in front by the starter but isnt long enough to reach the starter not sure where it goes please help me. the engine is the same as my old one its a 2.0L
runs fine just need to know if it needs to be replaced
Car sputters or acts like it isn't getting fuel even if you put foot on the gas pedal more, but car still runs, just takes a little bit to get going and turns on check engine light
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