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I cant locate it.

I cant find it

Happens more in the summer months. If I have to stop quickly and take my foot off the accelerator fast and press the clutch at the same time, the motor shuts down. Any ideas?

The auto open/lock ability was lost after a battery jump.

how would I repair the p1506 code?

The parking lights on one side do not work and it is not the bulb the front turn signals don't work and the dash lights get lower and darker intermittently

I have replaced the coil in the dizzy and the crank sensor,there is no check engine light at all so i can,t extract codes

I have gotten my fuse box checked.

periodically, like once a day, when I take off from a stop light, the car will not come out of 1st gear, and also the speedometer just lays on zero. I can stop and manually place the gear shift on low and then change gears manually until I reach normal speed. But then it will react normally the rest of the day. This has happened three times now in the past week. I checked the transmission fluid and oil and they are okay. what would cause this?

the airbag light on the dash started blinking and continues to blink off and on while driving

My car is throwing the code that this O2 sensor needs replacement.

There are 5 wires that come out of the fuel pump and go into a plug to your wire harness. The wires pulled out of the half of the plug on the fuel pump. Need to know which wire's go where in the plug

The oil pressure light did not come on nor did the engine light. Cleaned up oil with paper towels the best that I could. Added more oil as dipstick read low.

Is the sensor located under the hood around the motor area or around the fuel tank area?

Smelled burning electrical. Windows stopped working, wipers stopped working, speedometer stopped working. Still starts, hesitating, and lights work

Car was making a rattling/knocking noise and smoke was coming from car on highway.
After turning off ignition car wont start. Just makes a whirring noise.

it is using oil but no leaks and it surges are launges out when going slow are at stop sign

To be able to see I have to use my brights. Don't want to do this. Also, they keep going out frequently; about every 3-4 months. Very expensive to have one side replaced.

Truck will not start. Changed filet and no fuel to engine.

I checked what i belive to be the stick for for the transmission fluid. It looks brown . Not red. The van feels like the gears are slipping.

Just purchased vehicle and it drives perfectly. Wondering what preventative maintenance should be performed now? No record of timing belt having been changed.

When starting the car in Park or Neutral, the starter will not disengage until car is put in Reverse or Drive

I replaced all plugs because it was running sluggish put on computer said #4 misfire how can I fix and what should it cost

Within the last 4 years about 5 times I've had the O/D (transmission) light come on while driving and the car wouldn't get out of second gear. NO check engine light. Pulled over, shut if off restarted - light goes out, transmission works. Any idea what I should be looking at to fix this? Local mechanic and transmission shop are clueless.

A meter on the new battery says FAULT.
I assume there is a short

left whole side of the door damaged

Was advised to replace head gasket do to issues with them

There is a cigarette lighter and two 12v accessory sockets all fed by purple/blk wire with no power at any time, regardless of ignition switch position. Wiring diagram in Chilton and Haynes has no reference to fuse 17 (fuse tests good on ohmmeter).

The exterior door handle is not unlocking. With my remote I can unlock the door, but it is not until I open it from the inside that the exterior handle will work. Once unlocked I can open and close the door without issue.

02 Mazda tribute has a fan problem or overheating problem.Tested the relays and the thermostat also the CTS and pig tail going to it ,they seem to be in working order .When I unplug my CTS fans come on also when defrost or air they come on low speed,high speed when I unplug CTS .Also I was checking the pig tail going to the CTS and when I touched the hot side fans went off.Also my temp gauge never goes above half way.need lil help.thanks