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Barely starts , & that light is on , 2004 yukon ,but not all the time !
My truck just keep stop but start right back up when it cools off!
Air condition blows home notice online this is a common problem
i have a 2011 gmc yukon . the rear hatch will not open. the glass open atomatcally like it should . i have checked the fuses they are good. i have the interior plastic removed what do to open so i can work on it
I had the rear main seal replaced and it's still going through a quart of oil every two days.
How long have you had this problem? Three weeks
it has a short
All lights on my selector switch are lit, and my "Service 4WD" light came on after I replaced the belt tensioner assembly in my engine. I can't believe those things are linked, so something else must be wrong. The problem is I've only seen posts where NONE of the lights are lit on the selector switch, but on my truck ALL of them are lit.

I did confirm it happens every time it starts now, and I am able to drive it normally with no strange sounds or movements. I didn't want to drive it a long distance, though. About a year and some change ago my transfer case froze up, stopping my truck dead in its tracks in the middle of the street. It got replaced with a junkyard part, but I didn't have any lights or warnings whatsoever when that happened. I'm afraid to drive it now just in case a similar thing happens.
Purchased wireless headphones that are compatible with my 2017 yukon denali and headphones won't sync. Tried everything. Dealerships were absolutely useless.
I get codes po 171 and 174. Changed mass air filter but engine light came back on.
I had a mechanic replaced all new AC parts on my 2002 GMC Yukon. New compressor, condenser, accumulator, orfic tube and expansion valve. It's blowing warm air through the front vents and blowing cold air in the rear. Tech said the actuator and blend door are working properly. Can you please help? Thanks.
Truck died out on my buddy's truck he thought it was because of the distributor changed it out but did not mark it or anything and just dropped it in however it fell timing was obviously off so I set engine on tdc and fixed distributor pointed it to #1 cylinder now truck starts but runs super rough/rich with codes p0108 p0101 and of course p1345 ccannot seem to figure out why? Help!
What could be going on? She is revving by herself, sometimes stalls or won't start and she is running really rough, eating gas. Help
when turning on defrost, heat, or ac with the 1 or 2 air speed on dial it makes a very loud noise and does not blow any air out. what do i need to have repaired?
It was driving fine then it wouldn't go please help me
I have replaced head gaskets, checked valves and lifters and they are good. Replaced spark plugs, distributor cap and still get the code P0300 and no check engine light
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