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Whenever I open or close the lift gate the rear glass also pops open. Is there a solution for this. The wife doesn't understand to close the glass afterward.
Inner latch is stuck and will not latch when the door is closed.
headlights not working replaced bulbs, and relay still not working what could be the proplem
When using the air in my 2005 Yukon after about 30 min it would make a loud noise and lose acceleration and the steering would be tight . I stopped using the air and today as I was driving the truck begin to shake in front and when I stopped and started again it had no power and the steering was hard
replaced caliber on front drivers side 4 times now in 6 months replaced hose to caliber 3rd time still keeps going bad burning up....i also have brand new rotors and brakes...please help
Bought the truck used. Has no manual. Can’t figure out how to open the back glass
I hear a clicking and the security lights flashes than it goes off and within a few minutes the brakes flash and stay on for a few minutes than flashes
I just put a new transfer case on my Yukon but it's not the right one. Know Im getting the message that the stability system is disabled and the traction control is off.
It’s in shop now can’t seem to find problem
Fuel pump relay burnt out and I put a new one but it has no power so car won’t start but if I run a hot wire over to the relay it works. What could the problem be or where should I start looking?
After driving and putting the car in park. When ready to drive again the car will not start. The battery is charged lights, radio everything works. When turning on key it makes no sound at all. After it sits for about 30 mins it will crank.
I changed spark plugs, wires, fuel pump and filter, air filter. I also have more than enough fuel in it. Check engine light comes on but intermittent this truck has an OBD1 in it. Brought truck to shop and had them check for vacuum leaks. Also truck shakes at around 35mph and stops shaking at around 70mph can anyone please help with this problem?
I was ok then went back out to car and doesn’t work now
I can't figure out why I have no heat ...heater core is new and blower motor works but still no heat
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